The Beatles: A Royal Medal for the Beatles: the Beatles visited Buckingham Palace to receive their MBE medals from the Queen 1965 09:14

The Beatles were the most influential popular music group of the rock era, and the most successful, with global sales exceeding 1.1 billion records. Few artists of any sort have achieved a combination of popular success, critical acclaim and broad cultural influence that rivals that of The Beatles. The Beatles were John Lennon (rhythm guitar), Paul McCartney (bass), George Harrison (lead guitar), and Ringo Starr (drums), all from Liverpool, Merseyside, in England. Lennon and McCartney were the principal songwriters. For most of their career, their records were produced by George Martin. The Beatles were among the first non-establishment artists to be awarded honors at Buckingham Palace. In October, 1965, at Buckingham Palace, The Beatles were named Members of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. Beatle fans stormed the gates of the Palace in a hysterical effort to see the Queen honor their idols. Elizabeth decorated some 182 persons at the investiture, which was one of the ten that take place throughout the year. Ringo cut his hair; they all wore lounge suits instead of the more formal morning coats Inside the ballroom, waiting for the Queen to arrive, some 50 other recipients of royal honors asked the Beatles for autographs. One old man said, "I want it for my daughter. I can"t see what she sees in you." They later confessed to smoking cannabis in the palace lavatories with their luxurious fittings, although several members of the band have since dismissed this story as a fabrication. First concert from the Beatles: 17-08-1960

Recorded: 1999 Event time: 16-10-1965 Location: United Kingdom Number of clips: 24