Children: The children's home Cighid, 1990 09:40


In 1966, the regime of Nicolae Ceau┼čescu decreed a ban on contraception and abortion with the aim of increasing Romania: The children's home Cighid, 1990's population. At the age of three years the children were medically examined. Disabled and orphaned children were in huge numbers brought into homes like Cighid or psychiatric hospitals, where they lived under inhumane conditions.Many children died within a few weeks because of hunger, frostbite or diseases. The children's home Cighid, near the Hungarian border, was discovered in spring 1990 by western reporters. The pictures of sick and malnourished children were published in many newspapers and were shown on many TV stations around the world. Observers described the sight of Cighid with terms like "Child Gulags" or "the Romanian Euthanasia Program". Charities from America and Western Europe contributed massively to an aid programme which saw Cighid improved. Many of the children being held at Cighid were adopted by Western European families.

Recorded: 1990 Event time: 1990 Location: Romania Number of clips: 15