Ludwig III of Bavaria: King's wife, Marie Therese von Österreich-Este funeral (00:01:02)
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Ludwig III of Bavaria: King's wife, Marie Therese von Österreich-Este funeral

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Germany, Bavaria, 05-11-1921


Ludwig III (January 7, 1845 – October 18, 1921) was the last King of Bavaria, reigning from 1913 to 1918. Ludwig was born in Munich, the eldest son of Prince Luitpold of Bavaria and of his wife, Archduchess Augusta of Austria (daughter of Grand Duke Leopold II of Tuscany). Hailing from Florence, Augusta always spoke in Italian to her four children. Ludwig was named for his grandfather, King Ludwig I of Bavaria. Ludwig spent his first years living in the Electoral rooms of the Munich Residenz and in the Wittelsbacher Palace. When he was ten years old, the family moved to the Leuchtenberg Palace. In 1861 at the age of sixteen, Ludwig began his military career when his uncle, King Maximilian II of Bavaria, gave him a commission as a lieutenant in the 6th Jägerbattalion. A year later he entered the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich where he studied law and economics. When he was eighteen, he automatically became a member of the Senate of the Bavarian Legislature as a prince of the royal house. In 1866, Bavaria was allied with the Austrian Empire in the Austro-Prussian War. Ludwig held the rank of Oberleutnant; he was wounded at the Battle of Helmstedt, taking a bullet in his thigh. He received the Knight's Cross 1st Class of the Bavarian Military Merit Order

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Bulgarian :

Лудвиг III, Бавария, портрет, 1921, немски, империя, последният цар, Мюнхен, син на принц Luitpold, избирателния стаи, Боарне дворец, Лудвиг Максимилиян университет, Сенатът на баварската законодателя, Роял Хаус, роялти, погребение, смърт, мъртъв, войник, свещеник, папа, маса, ковчег, жена, Германия, Мари Therese фон Österreich-Есте, царската съпруга, ceremonie, съпруги, церемония, теглени от коне вагони, ковчези, ,

Catalan :

Lluís III, Baviera, retrat, Imperi alemany, 1921, últim rei, Munic, fill del príncep Luitpold, Electoral habitacions, Palau de Leuchtenberg, Universitat Ludwig Maximilians, Senat de la legislatura bavaresa, Casa Reial, regalies, funeral, mort, mort, soldat, sacerdot, Papa, massa, taüt, dona, Alemanya, Marie Therese von Österreich-Este, del rei esposa, ceremonie, esposes, cerimònia, carruatges tirats per cavalls, taüts, ,

Chinese Simplified :

III, Bavaria, portrait, 1921, german, empire, last 国王, 慕尼黑, 王子 Luitpold 的长子, 选举室, Leuchtenberg 宫殿, Ludwig 路德维希马克西米利安大学, 巴法力亚立法机关的参议院, 皇家议院, 皇族, 葬礼, 死亡, , 士兵, 牧师, 教皇, 弥撒, 棺材, 妻子, 德国, 玛丽苔Österreich-埃斯特, 国王的妻子, ceremonie, 妻子, 仪式, 马拉马车, 棺材, ,

Danish :

Ludwig III, Bayern, portræt, 1921, tyske, empire, sidste konge, München, ældste søn af prins Luitpold, Electoral værelser, Leuchtenberg Palace, Ludwig Maximilians Universitet, Senatet i den bayerske lovgiver, kongehus, royalty, begravelse, død, døde, soldat, præst, paven, masse, kiste, kone, Tyskland, Marie Therese von Österreich-Este, Kings kone, ceremonie, koner, ceremoni, hestevogne, Ligkister, ,

Estonian :

Ludwig III, Baieri, portree, 1921, saksa impeeriumi Viimane kuningas, München, vanim poeg prints Luitpold, valijate toad, Leuchtenberg palee, Ludwig-Maximilians Ülikooli, senati Baieri seadusandja royal house, litsentsitasu, matuseid, surma, surnud, sõdur, preester, paavst, mass, kirst, naine, Saksamaa, Marie Therese von Österreich-Este, kuninga naine, ceremonie, naised, tseremoonia, hobuste vagunid, kirstud, ,

Latvian :

Ludwig III, Bavārijā, portrets, 1921. gadā, vācu impērijas pēdējā karaļa, Minhene, vecākais dēls princis Luitpolda, vēlēšanu numuri, Leuchtenberg pils, Ludwig Maximilians universitāte, Bavārijas likumdevējs, Senāts Karaliskā nama, honorāru, bēres, nāve, miris, karavīrs, priesteris, pāvests, masu, zārku, sieva, Vācija, Marie Therese von Österreich-Este, karaļa sievu, ceremonie, sievas, ceremonija, zirgu novilkta vagoni, zārki, ,




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