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How do I order video clips, still photo images, audio or text, and what does your License Agreement look like?
At onlinefootage.tv, we have designed our interface with the user in mind.   Everything on our site has been created with media professionals in mind.  Using onlinefootage.tv, you can find, order, and receive video footage, photo images, audio, or simply text with ease.

We offer an experience that beats that of typical stock footage providers.  We allow the user to pay only for the material chosen, and to use all clips by the second.  No longer will users have to pay for a 30-second clip when only five are needed.

We also offer users the chance to acquire video footage, photographic images captured from the footage, and only audio from footage (for radio programming), as well as the transcripts delivered as text files.

Use the Search or Browse feature to find the footage you are looking for.  Every clip in our own collection has its own web page.   The footage can be searched using a variety of criteria, including date, title, the place an event took place, license type and category.

You can select the format and quality that you want on the right side of each page.  This can be broadcast-quality footage, video for the web, only the sound from the video, or just still images.  Selecting the format a user wants is as easy as checking the relevant box.

View the video and its still photo images. If searching for video, the user can mark 'in points' and 'out points' on the video in question.  The pricing for the clip is visible on the right hand side of the video player window.   The pricing will update automatically depending on the length, and quality, of the clip.  Once the user has found the right footage and marked the in and out points, the next step is to click on the green "Save" button just below.  This moves the clip to your cart, ready for checkout.

Now all the user needs to do is checkout securely to complete the order.  We accept most major credit cards, as well as PayPal.  Click on "view cart" at the top of the page to access your shopping cart.

In what forms do you offer still photo images, and how are they priced?

To judge the subjective quality of any still image, click on the thumbnail of the image.  All images that are screen captures are in the TIFF format at 720 x 576 pixels.  If the quality of the still image does not meet your standards when you view it by clicking on it, do not expect the quality to be markedly better when it is downloaded.

In what forms do you offer video clips, and how are they priced?
Our video footage is available in different formats, depending on the quality that the user needs.

For professionals needing broadcast-quality footage, the formats are the following.

SD  PAL      720 x 576   4.000 Kbit/s    25 fps.
SD  NTSC  720 x 486    4.000 Kbit/s    29.97 fps

HD              1920x1080 pixel   15.000 Kbit/sec

Web quality: 640x360 pixels, 800 Kbit/second.

How do I search the collection?
You may browse or search the collection:

Use the menu on the left-hand side of the home page to choose the general category you are interested in.  By moving the mouse over the small blue triangle, a sub-menu for the category will appear.  For example, moving the mouse over the category "Eastern Europe" will bring up a sub-menu with a listing of Eastern European countries.  Clicking on "Poland" will bring up videos from that country.

Enter your search term(s) in the search input field and click the "Search" button.  After your search results are displayed, you may further narrow the results by clicking one or more "Refine Your Search" parameters, located to the left of your search results.
You may access Advanced Search features by clicking on the "Advanced Search" link, located to the right of the main "Search" button.  To close the Advanced Search panel, click the "Advanced Search" link again.

What is the difference in quality between clips I view on the website and clips I order?
Broadcast-quality footage that you order from onlinefootage.tv will always look better than the same clips viewed on our website, because our "online" clips are optimized for quick and easy playback at a variety of connection speeds.

Do purchased video clips and still images contain watermarks?

How long will it take me to download a full resolution video clip?

Your download speed is highly dependent on the speed of your internet connection. With an average DSL or cable modem connection, a 1 GB video file (approximately 4 minutes running time) might take 30 minutes to an hour to download.  Customers in Europe and parts of Asia, where the prevailing bandwidth is higher, may experience faster speeds.

Are any still images available other than the ones seen under each video clip?
The still images shown on the website were pre-rendered, with a capture being made for every second of footage.  No other still images are available at this time.

 What are your cancellation and return policies?
Our systems begin processing your order automatically, as soon as it is received.  Items for download are typically delivered in minutes. We cannot cancel your order if it contains downloadable items that have already been fulfilled

Due to the nature of our product, all sales must be final except in the case of defective media such as a corrupt file. 

Archival content varies widely in subjective quality, so always choose carefully.  If the visual quality of a particular still image does not meet your needs when you preview it, do not expect the video or photo image to be markedly improved when delivered to you.

See also:  What is the difference in quality between clips I view on the website and clips I order?
Please make sure you have requested the correct clip or still image when ordering. The exact media file name is displayed whenever you select your shopping cart.

What happens after I place an order for a download?
For Downloaded Media:
If you have ordered items for download, you will receive two e-mails at the e-mail address you specified during Checkout.  The first e-mail is your Order Confirmation.  The second email will include Download Instructions, and will be sent as soon as your items are ready for download.  Most items are ready for download in less than 20 minutes after you complete your order. 

Do I own the rights to the video clips and images that I order?
For most of our clips, when you place an order, the video clips and images provided by onlinefootage.tv are licensed to you, royalty-free, in perpetuity.  The License Agreement is made available to you for review during the Checkout process (before your order is submitted), and it remains available to you after you complete your order, as long as you are a registered user. Unlike most stock footage providers, onlinefootage.tv welcomes professionals and non-professionals alike to search our site and license our media.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Our Terms and Conditions agreement can be seen here:  Terms & Conditions

What is your Privacy Policy?
Our Privacy Policy can be seen here:  Privacy Policy


What does your License Agreement look like?
A printable License Agreement is presented to you for review during the Checkout process, and is emailed with your order.  It is customized with your transaction details.