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You can upload images to the onlinefootage.tv, if you own the contents copyright..

The content uploaded will be realized by onlinefootage.tv

Any income realized will be shared between the uploader and  onlinefootage.tv in the ratio of 50% - 50%.






Photos can be uploaded in the following formats:

jpg, png


Please, add the metadatas use only english characters, english language.

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You do not own a digital, professional quality archive?
You do not even want to build your own archive system, to use and run your own server?
However, do you still want quickly searchable broadcast and print quality videos and photos, and to be able to edit for broacast?

Onlinefootage.tv offers a fast, simple and cheap solution for you.
In under half an hour you can have your own digital online archives, which can be expanded according to your needs.

What do you need to do for this ?

- Sign up
- Create your own PROFILE
- Fill up your content (video, photo, text)
- Create data for your contents
- Identify the employees who can have access and download the content

Onlinefootage.tv will organize the uploaded contents, so you and your work mates can search videos and photos, and download the desired parts at any time.
Indeed, while you are uploading, you can decide if you wish to make certain video footage available to the general public. If so, then anyone can see and purchase it through the onlinefootage.tv system. We will share 50-50 percent of the net revenue of such sales.

So in this way, you can bring back to life those films that are only taking up space, video tapes, photos: you can use them for your own purpose or you can make money with them.
The ONLINE ARCHIVE-STORAGE - solves your archiving problems, and can even provide income for you.

Stored Quality:


PAL SD 4:3 and 16:9
720x576pixel      4.000 Kbits / sec
Audio: 192Kbit/sec 48 KHz Stereo

HD Broadcast
1280x720pixel       15.000 Kbit / sec

Full HD
1920x1080pixel    15.000 Kbit / sec

The system generates other formats from the uploaded contents - NTSC, web quality, handling of still images, sound – so you and the customers are also able to upload different formats from the stored contents.


Size is not limited!


Prices: on request    -    info@onlinefootage.tv

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