20th Century - 500 Person - 500 Interview

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Alic, Fikret

detainee in Omarska

Andreotti, Giulio

Former Minister President

Abe, Zenji

Fighter pilot in the Pearl Harbor

Adams, Eddie

photographer in 1968

Agca, Ali

the assassin in 1981

Aharoni, Zvi

Israeli secret service, Mosad

Al-Fayed, Mohamed

Dodi Al-Fayed’s father

Al-Jammal, Mohammed

Imam of the Al Aksa Mosque, sheik

Amir, Geula

Mother of Assassin

Andreotti, Giulio

Former Minister President

Annan, Lord Noel

Member of British Supreme Comand

Antonov-Ovsejenko, Anton

Son of one of Lenin’s fellow

Apitz, Joachim

inhabitant of Leipzig

Arndt, Holger

Press photographer in the catastrophe of Gladbeck

Arnett, Peter

CNN reporter

Arvan, Solomon

Clock-maker in St. Petersburg

Asgharzadeh, Ibrahim

Undergraduate leader


Boscariol, Paul

Mussolini’s Officer

Brand, Christo

Nelson Mandela prison guard

Bahr, Egon

former speaker of the Berlin Senate

Baker, Jean-Claude

Josephine Baker's stepson her

Bales, Stephen

NASA control center, Apollo 11 flight controller

Band, George

participant at the ascent of Mount Everest

Barris, Georg

Marilyn Monroe's photographer

Barschel, Uwe

german president on September 18, 1987

Bartoszewski, Wladyslav

publicist in 1939 about Hitler attacks Poland

Baumann, Michael

student or ex-terrorist

Behm, Ernst

theologian at the night of broken glass, 1938

Bennet, Jack O.

civilian pilot, Raisin Bombers

Bentele, Eugen

Operator of Hindenburg

Berardi, Tony

Photographer in the USA, 1920

Berg, Scott A.

Lindbergh biographer

Bernstein, Carl

Journalist of the Washington Post

Bethe, Hans

Nuclear researcher in 1945, Hiroshima

Beyl, Christel

BRAVO, accompanied the Beatles on their Bravo Blitz tour

Bissinger, Manfred

former Stern editor in 1983

Boeselager, Philipp von

officer in Barbarossa, 1941

Bogumolov, Alexei

Khrushchev’s interpreter

Boisjoly, Roger

engineer when the challenger tragedy happened, 1986

Boldin, Oleg

Former leader of the President's Office

Boock, Peter Jurgen

Then member of RAF

Borgelt, Hans

journalist in 1936, Olympic games

Borton, Orestes

the son of Mario Borton

Boscariol, Paul

Mussolini’s Officer

Bourgeois, Maurice

born in 1895

Bowker, Lady Elsa

Friend of Diana

Brandenstein-Zeppelin, Albrecht von

great-grandson of earl Zeppelin

Brandt, Matthias

Brandt‘s son

Brandt, Willy

german politic

Brewer, Philip

Casualty expert Lady Diana death

Brown, John

The first test tube baby's father

Brown, Leslie

The first test tube baby's mother

Brown, Louise

„test-tube baby“

Brundage, Andrew

witness when attack on Israeli sportsman in Munich

Bryan, Robert

Lawyer of the Hauptmann family

Buranow, Juri

historian of the Russian October revolution

Büsch, Wolfgang

Berliner innensenator


Cannon, Chris

Republican in 1998

Carlebach, Emil

ex-communist when Mussolini appeared, 1922

Carletti, Giuseppe

witness in 1922, saw Mussolini

Carrington, Lord Peter

1982 British Minister of Foreign Affairs

Castle, Barbara

Labour Party, former member of the House of Parliament

Chabrinovic, Ranka

The niece of the first assassin, Gavrilo Princip

Chaldei, Yevgeni

Photographer in the capitulation, 1945

Chamberlain Neville, Arthur

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Chaplin, Eugene

Charlie Chaplin’s son

Chaplin, Sydney

Charlie Chaplin’s son

Cheney, Richard

Former American Minister for Defence

Churchill jr., Winston

grandchild of Winston Churchill

Churchill, Winston

British politician

Clay, Cassius

world champion boxer

Clinton, Bill

42nd U.S. President

Collins, Darell

leader of the Kitty Hawk National Park

Connick, Denzil

Warrior in the Falkland war

Corrigan, Grace

mother of Christa McAuliffe

Cowen, Marion

survivor of the earthquake in San francisco

Crouch, Tom

working with the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC

Csernjajev, Anatoly

Gorbachev's former advisor

Curtis, Hyacinth

Arstist, he saw live J. Baker in Paris


Davis, Lanny

consultant of Clinton

Darrow, Bill

Commissionar that time to hunt up the 0th patient

Daud, Abu

leader of the attackers

Daugherty, James

Monroe's first husband

Dave, Banushankar

a participant of the march

Davis, Dr. James

politologist about Somalia, 1993

Davis, Hunter S.

reporter, interviews with the Beatles

Davis, Lanny

consultant of Clinton

Dean, Millvina

survivor of the Titanic

Dehaven, Gloria

Chaplin film partner

Deutschkron, Inge

German Jew

Devorik, Roveto

Close friend of Diana

Dieckmann, Edith

former passenger, 1937

Diehl, Gunter

German delegation in 1955

Dietze, Kurt

West German police officer

Dombrovskij, Timofej

soldier when was the operation Barbarossa, 1941

Dudayev, Dzhokhar

President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria

Dundee, Angelo

Cassius Clay's trainer


Edelmann, Marek

a survivor of the ghetto in Warsaw

Edwards, Dr. Robert

Gene-researcher (The first test tube baby)

Ehmke, Horst

Head of the chancellor‘s office

Eichmann, Adolf

member of National socialist Labor party

Eitan, Rafi

leader of the Eichmann operation

Emmons, Dixie

Elvis's first girlfriend

Engholm, Björn

german federal minister, 1987

Eppelmann, Rainer

Civil rights activist at the end of the cold war

Eschenburg, Theodor

witness when the german revolution was, 1918


Fernandez, Alina

Castro’s daughter

Floyd, Dawid W.

United States - sea forces

Francis, Don

the Atlanta Center for Disease Control

Falin, Valentin

European Expert in the Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Falk, Ines

hostage in the catastrophe of Gladbeck

Falkenhayn, Jürgen von

General in the Battle of Verdun

Feary, Robert

1941 USA embassy in Tokyo

Felder, Josef

Reichstag - representative

Feldmann, Ernst

soldier in the german revolution, 1918

Fernandez, Alina

Castro’s daughter

Fischer, Fritz

student at the time 1919, the Treaty of Versailles

Florin, Peter

former German Communist at the capitulation

Floyd, Dawid W.

United States - sea forces

Földes, Péter

employee of the Hungarian Radio at the time

Fomin, Vitalij

chief of Soviet political troops in Hungary

Fontana, DJ

Elvis’ drummer

Francis, Don

the Atlanta Center for Disease Control

Franke, Gertrud

Sudeten German at the Munich conference

Franz, Werner

staff member of Hindenburg

Fuming, Chong

follower of Mao

Füss, Karl

witness in 1923


Galbraith, John Kenneth

Economy historian

Gast, Leon

Cassius Clay's producer

Gehlert, Edith

Red Cross - nurse in Stalingrad

Genrich, Oleg

Operator in block nr 4. in the nuclear disaster: Chernobyl

Genscher, Hans Dietrich

then Minister of Foreign Affairs

Gertz, Elmer

lawyer in the USA, 1920

Gockel, Franz

german soldier in 1944, The liberation of Europa

Godse, Gopad

Brother of the Gandhi's killer

Goertz, Gerhard

soldier in the Barbarossa operation

Gogova, Emilia

daughter of Emil Gallo, the man in front of the tank

Gokani, Usha

Gandhi's grandchild

Goldstein, Kurt Julius

the member of national brigade

Goldstücker, Eduard

Czech diplomat

Goodman, Melvin

CIA Agent at time of assassination attempt

Göring, Hermann

soldier in Germany and the Soviet Union

Gottlieb, Michael

Aids-researcher in the USA, 1985

Granitzka, Winrich

Police of Cologne at the catastrophe of Gladbeck

Grassman, Günther

witness in 1923

Grätz, Walter

resident of West Berlin

Gray, Martin

prisoner of Auschwitz

Grewe, Wilhelm

Adenauer's advisor

Gritschneder, Otto

lawyer in 1923

Grosser, Alfred

He was at Paris in 1919

Guillaume, Günter

Chancery-spy in 1974

Gutmann, Israel

survivor in Warsaw, 1943


Habenicht, Hans-Jurgen

former Hitlerjugend, 1940

Habsburg, Otto von

The grandchild of the Emperor Franz Josef, former pretender to the Austro-Hungarian throne

Hadian, Yasser

Professor, University of Tehran

Hahn, Waltraud

resident of Berlin

Hähnel, Bruno

NSDAP member of those times

Halem, Gustav von

born in 1899

Halverson, Gail

US Air Force pilot

Hamm-Brücher, Hildegard

City Councilor in Munich

Handke, Gertrud

witness, born in 1905

Hanfstaengl, Egon

son of Hitler’s press chief

Hannusch, Willi

soldier in the operation Barbarossa, 1941

Hansen, Gladys

historian, expert about the earthquake in San Francisco

Harel, Isser

Chief of Mossad

Harel, Yossi

captain of the Exodus

Harpprecht, Klaus

Consultant of the chancellor

Hart, Harry

Al Capone’s nephew

Hasenclever, Delmira Esther

Mother of an Argentinean soldier

Hausmann, Friederike

german student in 1967

Heatley, Norman

Penicillin researcher

Heidemann, Gerd

Stern reporter, 1983

Hein, Willi

soldier in the operation Barbarossa, 1941

Helpen, Kathleen

suffragette, the women battle for equal rights

Herberger, Josef

german ex-trainer, he told about the goal of Wembley

Herden, Tippi

Chaplin film-partner

Herold, Ted

the "German Elvis"

Heroldova, Vera

radio speaker

Herwarth, Hans von

german diplomat

Heubl, Franz

founding member of CSU

Hicks, Lady Pamela

Lady of the Court

Hillary, Edmund Sir

At first climbed Mount Everest

Hitler, Adolf

german conductor

Hod, Mordechai

Former Chief of Air force

Höffling, Heinz

student in Versailles, 1919

Horn, Douglas

Kennedy's doctor, 1963

Hurst, Jeff

Forward of the English team

Hutchinson, Asa

Republican, Member of Congress


Ilsemann, Von Wilhelm

the emperor’s godson

Iskander, Nazri

Museum of Egypt, Cairo

Itzhak, Ifat

paratrooper in the six-day-war

Izzikoff, Michael

Reporter - "Newsweek"


Jackson, William

son of the main judge

Jacobsen, Anne-Christine

Amundsen’s cousin

Jaruselsky, Wojciech

former member of the Political Committee, Prime Minister in 1981

Jenkins, Ron

Radio speaker and eyewitness

Jinti, Chen

Mao’s photographer

John, Antonius

Journalist in Bonn

John, Robert St.

journalist, editor of the Chicago Cicero Tribune

Johnson, George E. Q.

son of Capone’s enforcer

Jones, Paula

ex-lover of Clinton

Jordan, Paul

soldier in 1943

Junge, Traudl

Hitler’s secretary


Kielmannsegg, Earl Johann von

chief of the general staff

Kollek, Teddy

For Mayor of Jerusalem

Korsakov, Alexander

Jelcin's former bodyguard

Kuczynski, Waldemar

Member of the opposition, Advisor to the Prime Minister

Kulpok, Alexander

eyewitness, at the time 9 years old

Kantarija, Militon

soldier at the capitulation

Karns, Ed

witness in the Zeppelin catastrophe

Kay, Richard

Reporter, interviews Lady Diana

Kean, James

American marine

Keil, Rolf Dietrich

Adenauer interpreter

Kelley, Kitty

Queen’s Biographer

Kempski, Hans-Ulrich

Adenauer escort

Kennedy, John F.

former President of the United States

Kielmannsegg, Earl Johann von

chief of the general staff

Kirchherr, Astrid

Photographer of the Beatles

Kirk, Dutch van

Navigator of „Enola Gay“

Kissinger, Henry

diplomat in Vietnam, 1975

Klein, George

Elvis's schoolmate

Kleist, Ewald von

Soldier, later resistance

Klerk, F.W. de

Former president of South-Africa

Kohl, Helmut

Federal Chancellor

König, Franz

Cardinal of Vienna

Kopácsi, Sándor

Chief of Police in Budapest

Krenz, Egon

President of the state commission of Eastern-Germany

Kretschmar, Ernst

teacher in Gorlitz

Krjutskov, Vladimir

ex KGB chief

Krushchev, Sergej

Nikita Khrushchev’s son

Krustsov, Vladimir

head of the KGB in 1991

Krzizek, Wolfgang

Seven years old in 1966

Kuhnt, Werner

witness in 1938

Kujau, Konrad

Counterfeiter in 1983

Kulpok, Alexander

eyewitness, at the time 9 years old

Kürten, Dieter

reporter at the world championships

Kuzmin, Igor

Physics professor at Kurtchatov Institute


Lamont, Edward

Banker when the stock market crash, 1929

Leavelle, James

Dallas Police

Lee, Nguyen

She was in South-Vietnam, 1975

Leinemann, Anneliese

former German Communist

Leonhard, Wolfgang

university student in Moscow

Leonhardy, Terrance

employee of US Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Leonov, Alekszej

Soviet cosmonaut, 1969

Liddy, G.Gordon

Watergate-burglar in 1974

Lindbergh, Reeve

Lindbergh's daughter

Lloyd, Norman

Chaplin’s film partner

Lochner, Robert

American interpreter of the Olympic Games

Loewe, Lothar

Hitlerjunge in Berlin

Lofy, Reinhold

soldier in the operation Barbarossa, 1941

Lönnendonker, Siegward

SDS-member or student

Lop, Nguyen Thi

Widow of Vietcong

Lorenz, Marita

Fidel Castro’s ex-lover

Loringhoven, Bernd Freytag von

French soldier in 1940

Lucetti, Cora

survived the earthquake in San Francisco


Maiziere, Lothar De

CDU (East Germany)

Majorov, General Aleksandr

commander of the invasion troops

Malta, Joseph

executioner, Nurnberg

Mandela, Nelson

South Africa's first president

Mao Ce-tung

The grand vizier

Marcuse, Hans

Supporter of the German Communist Party

Marion Dönhoff

student in a german school, 1932

Marseilles, Gill

witness, saw young Elizabeth

Martin, Joe Jr.

Son of the policeman

Martinez, Ricardo

Revolutionist, founder of Radio Rebelde

Marx, Arthur

Son of the comedian, 1929

Matabathe, Lekgali

Director of the school in Africa, 1976

Matayoshi, Almira

Born on Bikini

Matthes, Adam

soldier in the operation Barbarossa, 1941

May, Lore

witness, Frankfurt

Mayer, Hans

German Jew

Mayowiecki, Tadeus

Member of the opposition, Head of the government in 1989

Mbeki, Govan

Friend and cell neighbour of Mandela

Mcillmoyle, Gerald

U2 pilot in 1962

McNamara, Robert

ex-defensive minister

Meckel, Markus

SPD (East Germany)

Medic/Cikota, Zlata

detainee in Omarska

Mehren, Maria

witness, saw the last german kaiser, 1913

Meidinger, Heinrich

neat at Stalingrad

Merk, Bruno

Bajor Minister of Internal Affairs

Messner, Reinhold

Extreme mountaineer, South Pole

Metrinko, Michael

Political officer, American embassy

Michlina, Galina A.

Belarussian Jewish woman

Mildenberger, Karl

opponent in 1964

Miles, Ed

Vietnam veteran

Monroe, Marilyn

American actress, singer and model, cultural icon

Montanelli, Indro

antifascist in 1922 when Mussolini appeared

Mosse, Claude

inhabitant of Paris

Moszkowicz, Imo

witness in 1938

Mouckova, Kamila

Staffer in the office of the president of Czechoslovakian TV Jiri Pelikan

Müll, Diana

hostage in the plane, 1977

Münch, Hans

Doctor in Auschwitz

Munoz, Manuel Boronat

Soldier of the revolution

Murillo, José

Guerrilla fighter

Murville, Maurice Couve de

Former Prime Minister

Mussolini, Romano

son of Benito Mussolini


Nagy, Erzsébet

Daughter of Imre Nagy

Neubert, Frank

He lived Dresden in 1990

Niedermeier, Lorenz

Munich police sergeant at the June 24th 1966 Beatles concert in Munich

Nixon, Richard

The prime minister of the USA

Noricof, Marianne von

resident of East Berlin

Normann, Robert

American naval officer on board Battleship Nevada

Nussbaum, Tvsi

doctor and survivor, who recognizes himself in the photo

Nzyma, Sam

Maker of the photo


Oakley, Robert

Special commissioner at the American embassy in Somalia

O´Brian, Sean Strub

Publisher of the „POZ“ homosexual magazine

Oakley, Robert

Special commissioner at the American embassy in Somalia

Ohnesorg, Peter

Older brother of Ohnesorg

Owens Prather, Beverly

Jesse Owens's daughter

Owens, Ruth

Wife of Jesse Owens

Owerstreet, Warren

soldier on Bikini


Paul II, Pope John

Head of the Catholic Church

Palm, Kurt

soldier at Stalingrad

Papen, Isabelle von

Franz von Papen daughter

Pate, Sam

witness in 1963

Peck, Fred

American marine-Somalia

Perez, Simon

former Haganah Leader, Former Prime Minister

Pfeiffer, Reiner

german journalist in Genf, 1987

Philipson, Walter

Jewish eyewitness

Phillips, Sam

founder of the Sun Studio

Phuc, Kim

Napalm victim

Picher, Maria Segura

Signora de Borrell, the sister-in-law of the dead

Pietersen, Gladys

Hector Pietersen’s mother

Plummer, John

Captain of the US-Army

Pongrácz, Gergely

leader of insurgents in Corvin Alley

Portugalov, Nikolai

Gorbachev advisor

Poselski, Michail

Front cameraman

Prestin, Holger

Lawyer of Rösner

Priore, Rosario

detective in Italy, 1981

Puerta, Gervasio

At the age of 15 he was the soldier of the Republic, Today he is the president of the alliance of the Franco Victims

Puttkamer, Jesco von

NASA employees, 1986


Rabin, Leah

Rabin's wife

Reichhardt, Anna Louise

former German Communist

Richter, Herbert

soldier in the I. World war

Radsinskij, Edvard

Rasputin researcher in Russia

Raksin, David

Chaplin’s composer

Rasch, Herbert

The member of condor's legion

Rasul, Nubi Abd el

grandchild of a helper

Reich-Ranicki, Marcel

survivor in Warsaw 1943, literature critic

Reichhardt, Anna Louise

former German Communist

Reklajtis, Wladzimiers

witness when Hitler attacks Poland, 1939

Renner, Walter

sergeant when attack on Israeli sportsman in Munich, 1972

Reuter, Edzard

The son of the major

Reuter, Ernst

the German mayor of West Berlin during the time of the Cold War

Richardson, Peter

English soldier, 1930

Riefenstahl, Leni

director of the Olympic games, 1936

Roberts, Sir Frank

British Foreign Ministry

Rocque, Gene La

Admiral of the US-Navy

Romanov, Nikolai

Russian Prince and head of the Romanov Family, nephew to the Czar and cousin of Wilhelm II.

Rommel, Erwin

marshal in the second world war

Rommel, Manfred

Erwin Rommel’s son

Rosen, Barry

media spokesman, American embassy in Tehran

Rosenblum, Jehoshua

Member of the “special unit"

Rösner, Hans-Jürgen

bank robber in 1988, Gladbeck

Roussel, Stéphane

Journalist in Berlin

Rühl, Lothar

employed by the Parliamentary Committee

Rukawischnikowa, Maria

daughter of the doctor

Rykowa, Natalja

daughter of a Lenin follower


Sarno, Chris

former US sailor who attended Marilyn’s Korean performance

Schulgina, Klawdija

Lenin's neighbor

Said, Habiba

Palestinian inhabitant

Saleh, Mohamed

director of Museum of Egypt, Cairo

Sales, Bob

american soldier in 1944

Salinger, Pierre

Kennedy's Press Secretary

Samojlenko, Juri

First engineer of the restoring works

Samson, Erich

Barschel’s legal advisor

Sandys, Celia

Churchill’ grandchild

Sarno, Chris

former US sailor who attended Marilyn’s Korean performance

Schaaf, Josef

neat at Stalingrad in the cold war, 1943

Schabowski, Günter

Central Committee at the end of the cold war

Schadewaldt, Hans

Medicine Historian, penicillin

Scheel, Walter

Secretary of state at that time

Schenk, Fritz

East German defector

Schlesinger, Arthur

Presidential advisor and historian

Schleyer, Hanns-Eberhard

son of Schleyer

Schmid, Walter

The Ministry's of Foreign Affairs colleague

Schmidt, Helmut

Successor of Brandt

Schmidt, Paul

witness when Hitler attacks Poland, 1939

Schmitt, Ferdinand

Police Commissioner

Schmückle, Gerd

officer when the operation Barbarossa was

Schöning, Wolfgang

Director of the bank and mediator

Schroeder, Günther

witness when the end of the Weimar republic was

Schulenburg, Tisa von der

sculptress in 1933

Schüler, Heidi

German athlete when was the olympic attack, 1972

Schumacher-Hellmold, Otto

journalist in Bonn

Schumann, Konrad

East German border guard

Schwarzer, Alice

feminist, chief editor of the newspaper "Emma"

Scobie-Rogers, June

Widow of the commandant

Scott, Lady Philipa

Scott's daughter-in-law, 1911

Sears, Amie

born 1891, personally saw the Queen

Seeler, Uwe

Captain of the German team

Seibel, Claus

ZDF reporter

Sejmov, Victor

ex KGB agent

Sensenbrenner, James

american republican, 1998

Serény, Gitta

observer and Speer biographer

Sfiri, Xenia

Grandchild of Rasputin's murderer

Shapovalova, Claudia

resident of Stalingrad

Shufro, Salwyn

Broker in 1929

Slaughter, Bob

american soldier in 1944

Slezak, Rudolf

assistant cameraman

Smith, Howard

observer on trials in Nünberg, 1946

Snepp, Frank

CIA, American embassy

Sorensen, Ted

advisor of president Kennedy

Spencer, Earl

Brother of Diana

Spiegel, Magda

captive, Auschwitz prisoner

Spilmann, Wladyslav

pianist in 1939 when Hitler attacks Poland

Spitzer, Ankie

Andre Spitzer‘s widow

Spitzy, Reinhard

Hitler’s rapporteur

Sprinzak, Ehud

Talmud scholar

Stange, Giesela

eyewitness in Berlin

Starkey, Dr. David


Startsev, Arkadij

historian of the Russian October revolution

Stefanchuk, Ivan

soldier at Stalingrad

Steinberg, Nikolai

Head of the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl after the disaster

Stott, Anna

suffragette, the women battle for equal rights

Strassberg, Susan

actress, friend of Marilyn

Strese, Hans

witness in the german revolution

Sufi, Basi Mohamed

Former employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sullivan, Paul

Veteran in the Gulf war, 1991

Summers, Harry

diplomat in the Vietnam war


Teller, Edward

The inventor of the H-bomb

Tamayose, Chiyoko

Born on Bikini

Taylor, Ostrander

Member of US Supreme Command

Teggert, Wendy

Lives in Falkland

Teller, Edward

The inventor of the H-bomb

Thatcher, Margaret

Former Prime Minister

Thimm, Werner

Polish soldier when Hitler attacks Poland, 1939

Thomas, Ursula

was born in 1897, Berlin

Thomas, Verna

witness in the Zeppelin catastrophe

Tolenado, Eduardo

Franco fighters association's president

Tollman, Hans

captive in Berlin, 1933

Tomasowa, Francis

survivor in Hiroshima

Totsithole, Antoinette

Sister of Hector Pietersen

Trevor, Prof. Hugh

1983 historian - Hitler's diary

Tröger, Walter

Mayor of the Olympic village

Troller, Georg Stefan

witness when the night of broken glass was, 1938

Tsernjajev, Anatoly

Gorbachev's former advisor

Turovets, Katya

resident in Chernobyl, 1986


Ussova, Sophia

Vladimir Ussov's mother

Ut, Nick

photographer in Vietnam


Vallejos, Arturo

Argentinean soldier

Vietor, Jürgen

Co-pilot of the Landshut

Vogel, Hans-Jochen

Vice President of the organising committee

Vosswinkel, Marie

born in 1896

Vulliamy, Ed

The Guardian war correspondent


Watson, Myrtle

nurse in Pearl Harbor

Wagenlehner, Gunther

returnee when Adenauer was in Moscow

Wagner, Raimund

Media consultant, saw Beatles at the Circus Krone concert in Munich

Walesa, Lech

Leader of the Solidarity Movement

Wallis, Shani

Chaplin film-partner

Warburg, Justus

Barschel family lawyer

Watson, Myrtle

nurse in Pearl Harbor

Weber, Wolfgang

National team player

Wegener, Ulrich

officer when the attack on Israeli sportsman in Munich was

Weizsäcker, Carl Friedrich von

university student in Germany, 1990s

Wetterholm, Claes-Göran

Titanic Forscher

Wiesenthal, Simon

Eichmann's chaser

Wild, Mercedes

inhabitant of Berlin, then 6 years old

Wille, Heinrich

District Attorney

Wolf, Markus

Guillaume‘s supervisor

Wolff, Günter

pilot in the cold battle, 1943

Woors, John

English soldier in 1930 when Gandhi appeared

Wright, Wilkinson

Nephew from Orwille Wright


Yazdi, Ibrahim

Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Iranian revolutionary government

Yazdi, Ibrahim

Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Iranian revolutionary government

Yoram, Kaniuk

volunteer in the War, Writer

York, Herbert

Nuclear scientist

Yu-Chien, Kuan

expert on China


Zahn, Peter von

cryptographer at Wolfsschanze

Zilm, Franz-Rudolf

officer when the operation Barbarossa was

Zinczuk, Pawel

shipyard worker

Zysek, Richard

Polish soldier when Hitler attacks Poland, 1939