Violette et Dieudonné: sculpture in the garden

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Violette et Dieudonné
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Violette et Dieudonné: sculpture in the garden


Violette et Dieudonné: self-portrait in metal of Dieudonné in the garden

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They employ 450 workers and have built a school for their families. There is a factory out-let shop built into the main house which is a huge folly visible from the road, tourists and locals are bought there via taxis. They prefer to be independent from any government sponsorship for fear of being compromised by them. Once the workers have money they build their homes on land purchased by the company.The raw material used for the products is tons of disused steel cylinders which are sliced up and beaten into shape becoming plates, mirrors, boxes and ornamental Baobab trees to name a few. Their elegant work was evident in many of rooms we stayed in during our travels. We will propose new designs for their product range.


László Liszkai


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