Herrenchiemsee Palace: New Palace of King Ludwig II

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Herrenchiemsee Palace
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Herrenchiemsee Palace: New Palace of King Ludwig II


Herrenchiemsee Palace: New Palace of King Ludwig II - external shots

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The unfinished New Palace was designed by Christian Jank, Franz Seitz, and Georg von Dollmann and built between 1878 and 1885. Between 1863 and 1886 a total of 16,579,674 Marks[1] was spent constructing Herrenchiemsee. An 1890 '20 Mark' gold coin contained 0.2304 troy ounce (7.171 g) of gold. Therefore, 16,579,674 Marks would equate to 190,998 oz of gold, which at March 2007 gold prices was worth approximately £70,500,000 Sterling or (August 2007) US$125,400,000.

Ludwig only had the opportunity to stay within the Palace for a few days in September 1885. After his death in the following year, all construction work discontinued and the building was opened for the public. In 1923 Crown Prince Rupprecht gave the palace to the State of Bavaria.


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Schloss Herrenchiemsee

The palace of Herrenchiemsee built by Ludwig II of Bavaria.



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