1961 - Adolf Eichmann: Israeli agents track down the Nazi Criminal (00:07:56)
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1961 - Adolf Eichmann: Israeli agents track down the Nazi Criminal

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Location and time:

Argentina, Buenos Aires, 11-05-1960


Adolf Eichmann was captured by a team of Mossad and Shin Bet agents in a suburb of Buenos Aires on May 11, 1960.

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Estonian :

1960, Adolf Eichmann, Mossad, genotsiidi, natsismi, sõjakuritegude, Buenos Aires, kohtuprotsess Jeruusalemma juudi Geicht, SS mees enne Eichmann korraldatud juutide, Villa Wannsee rulli deporteerimisel, massimõrvade ajakava väljasaatmise, 1944 Eichmann's death rongide jätkuvalt küüditatud 450 000 juute Ungari, 1950 Argentina, uue kodu Eichmann, Ricardo on nüüdsest Klement , elu seal nagu tehase töötaja, Pesumaja omanik ja küülik, Iisrael saatis agendid, Eichmann mõisteti surma, holokaust, holokausti videomaterjali, juudid videomaterjali, natsi, Riyadh Aharoni, Simon Wiesenthali, Isser Harel, Rafi Eitan,

Finnish :

1960, Adolf Eichmann, Mossad, kansanmurha, natsismi ja sotarikosten, Buenos Aires, karsintakilpailu Jerusalemissa ennen juutalaisten Geicht SS-man Eichmann järjestää juutalaisten Villan Roll Wannsee karkotuksia juutalaisten joukkomurha aikataulussa karkottamista 1944 Eichmannin kuoleman junat jatkossakin karkotettiin 450 000 juutalaisia Unkari, 1950-Argentiina, uusi koti Eichmann, Ricardo on nyt nimeltään Klement , asuu siellä tehtaan työntekijä, pyykin omistaja ja kani, Israel lähetti agentteja, Eichmann tuomittiin kuolemaan, Holocaust, Holokaustin videomateriaalia, juutalaiset videomateriaalia, natsi, Simon Wiesenthal, Zvi Aharoni, Rafi Eitan, Isser Harel,

German :

1960, Adolf Eichmann, Mossad, Völkermord, Kriegsverbrechen, Nationalsozialismus, Buenos Aires, Testversion in Jerusalem, vor einer jüdischen Geicht, SS-Mann, Eichmann organisiert die Vertreibung der Juden, Villa am Roll Wannsee, Deportationen von Juden, Massenmord termingerecht, 1944 Eichmanns Todes Züge weiterhin deportiert 450 000 Juden aus Ungarn, 1950 Argentinien, neue Heimat für Eichmann, Ricardo heißt jetzt Klement , dort leben als Fabrikarbeiter, Wäscheservice Besitzer und Kaninchen, Israel sandte Agenten, Eichmann ist zum Tode verurteilt, Holocaust, Holocaust-Videomaterial, Juden Videomaterial, Nazi, Zvi Aharoni, Simon Wiesenthal, Isser Harel, Rafi Eitan, ,

Hebrew :

1960, אדולף אייכמן, המוסד למודיעין ולתפקידים מיוחדים, רצח עם, נאציזם, פשעי מלחמה, בואנוס איירס, משפט בירושלים, לפני Geicht היהודי, איש אס. אס, אייכמן מאורגן על גירוש היהודים, וילה בואנזה לגלגל, גירוש של יהודים, רצח המוני בלוח הזמנים, 1944 מוות של אייכמן הרכבות ממשיכות להיות מגורשים יהודים 450 000 הונגריה, 1950 ארגנטינה, הבית החדש של אייכמן, Ricardo נקרא כעת קלמנט , גר שם עובד במפעל, כביסה הבעלים, ארנב, ישראל שלח סוכנים, אייכמן הוא נידון למוות, השואה, השואה קטעי וידאו, קטעי וידאו היהודים, הנאצים, צבי אהרוני, Simon ויזנטל, איסר הראל, רפי איתן, ,

Indonesian :

1960, Adolf Eichmann, Mossad, genosida, Nazisme, kejahatan perang, Buenos Aires, percobaan di Yerusalem, sebelum Geicht Yahudi, laki-laki SS, Eichmann diselenggarakan pengusiran orang Yahudi, Villa di Roll Wannsee, pengusiran Yahudi, pembunuhan massal pada jadwal, 1944 kematian Eichmann di kereta api terus dideportasi 450 000 Yahudi dari Hongaria, 1950 Argentina, rumah baru untuk Eichmann, Ricardo sekarang disebut Klement , tinggal di sana sebagai pekerja pabrik, pemilik Binatu dan kelinci, Israel mengirim agen, Eichmann dijatuhi hukuman mati, Holocaust, cuplikan-cuplikan video Holocaust, rekaman video orang Yahudi, nazi, Zvi Aharoni, Simon Wiesenthal, Isser Harel Rafi Eitan, ,

Italian :

1960, Adolf Eichmann, Mossad, genocidio, crimini di guerra, nazismo, Buenos Aires, prova a Gerusalemme, prima di un Geicht ebreo, uomo delle SS, Eichmann organizzato l'espulsione degli ebrei, Villa Roll Wannsee, le deportazioni degli ebrei, omicidio di massa su pianificazione, 1944 morte di Eichmann treni continuano ad essere deportati 450 000 ebrei dall'Ungheria, Argentina 1950, nuova casa per Eichmann, Ricardo è ora chiamato Klement , vive lì come un operaio di fabbrica, il servizio lavanderia proprietario e il coniglio, Israele mandò agenti, Eichmann viene condannato a morte, Olocausto, riprese video dell'Olocausto, ebrei dei video footage, nazista, Zvi Aharoni, Simon Wiesenthal, Isser Harel, Rafi Eitan, ,

Norwegian :

1960 Adolf Eichmann, Mossad, folkemord, nazismen, krigsforbrytelser, Buenos Aires, prøve i Jerusalem, før en jødisk Geicht, SS mann, Eichmann organisert utvisning av jødene, Villa på Roll Wannsee, deportasjonene av jødene, massemord på timeplanen, 1944 Eichmanns død tog fortsette å bli deportert 450 000 jøder fra Ungarn, 1950 Argentina, nytt hjem for Eichmann, Ricardo heter nå Klement , bor der som fabrikkarbeider, Skau og kanin, Israel sendte agenter, Eichmann er dømt til døden, Holocaust, Holocaust videoopptak, jødene videoopptak, nazi, Zvi Aharoni, Simon Wiesenthal, Isser Harel, Rafi Eitan, ,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Eitan, Rafi

(leader of the Eichmann operation) , speaking English:
-  "Before he had to go, he looked ad me and said a few words in German. The deputy commander of the prison translated: „I hope that soon you will all follow me.“ He stepped very, very calmly into the execution room. "

Eichmann, Adolf

(member of National socialist Labor party ) , speaking German:
-  "Had I been a chief of a concentration camp, I would have acted the same way. Or, if I had received an order to kill Jews by gas, or shoot them, I would have fulfilled the order as well. "

Eichmann, Adolf

(member of National socialist Labor party ) , speaking German:
-  "I was unlucky to have been involved in these awful things. But these dreadful things did not happen of my free will. I didn’t want to kill people. "

Eitan, Rafi

(leader of the Eichmann operation) , speaking English:
-  "He was shouting – somehow like:"

Aharoni, Zvi

(Israeli secret service, Mosad) , speaking German:
-  "Than I screamed to Rafi, who was still sitting in the back seat. I told him: Go, help him! He doesn’t have to hide any more. He jumped out of the car, so the three of them clinched Eichmann and put him into the car. "

Aharoni, Zvi

(Israeli secret service, Mosad) , speaking German:
-  "As he walked beside the car, Zwika stopped him. We wanted to speak to him somehow before we caught him. Zwika went after him, jumped on him and they started to fight about three or four meters from the car. Eichmann was shouting. "

Aharoni, Zvi

(Israeli secret service, Mosad) , speaking German:
-  "Twenty minutes before eight I was in the side-street where he used to come home every evening. I parked the car on the side. The bus, just like very evening, arrived, but did not stop – for the first time. For seven days, he had always arrived with the same bus, but on that evening not. "

Harel, Isser

(Chief of Mossad) , speaking Arabic:
-  "From the very beginning our intention was not to kill him, but to capture him and take him to Israel for his trial. "

Wiesenthal, Simon

(Eichmann's chaser) , speaking German:
-  "He didn’t allow photographs. He burst into anger and took the camera away from "delinquents" to tear the negative out of it. He was even ready to pay for the broken camera He knew that he would be hunted. "

Eichmann, Adolf

(member of National socialist Labor party ) , speaking German:
-  "I disapprove of and regret the program of the German government against the Jewish people of those times. "

Aharoni, Zvi

(Israeli secret service, Mosad) , speaking German:
-  "Suddenly he said very calmly, as if he were talking to himself: I have already given in to fate. Of course this was something very special for me. As he was German, he knew what it was about. This could only be Eichmann. "




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