1963 - Assassination of John F. Kennedy: the thirty-fifth President of the United States was assassinated in Dallas (00:08:17)
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1963 - Assassination of John F. Kennedy: the thirty-fifth President of the United States was assassinated in Dallas

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Location and time:

United States, Dallas, 22-11-1963


John Fitzgerald Kennedy often referred to as Jack Kennedy or JFK, was the 35th (1961–1963) President of the United States. He was the youngest ever to be elected president (not to be confused with the youngest person ever to serve as president, a record held by Teddy Roosevelt), the first U.S. President born in the 20th century, and the youngest president to die. As of 2005, he was also the only Roman Catholic ever to be elected president, the last Democratic Party candidate from the North to be elected president, and the last President to die in office. Following Kennedy’s assassination on November 22nd, 1963, the world mourned his death. Presidents, prime ministers, and members of royalty walked behind the casket at his funeral. Many Americans view Kennedy as a "martyr." In a survey conducted by C-SPAN that ranked American presidents, a panel of historians rated him eighth overall and the general populace rated him twelfth of the forty-two presidents who have served. His agenda, however, was actually rather incomplete at his death—most of his civil rights policies came to fruition through his successor, Lyndon Johnson.

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Czech :

1963, John F. Kennedy, atentát, Dallas, Lee Harvey Oswald, prezident USA, vražda, Ron Jenkins, James R. Leavell, Arthur Schlesinger, stejné Kmotr, Pierre Salinger, Douglas Horne, limuzína odvrátili od Main Street, panika na Daley Plaza, JFK a Jackie Kennedy přijel v Dallasu, člověk je pod Konfoederiertenflagge, Wanted, policie a panika, našli zbraň, CBS news kotva Walter Kronkite oznámil smrt prezidenta, příjezd do rakve ve Washingtonu, JF Kennedy v Dallas, Spojené státy americké, Main Street, prezident Spojených států byl zavražděn v Dallasu, třicátá pátá Slavní lidé, slavné osobnosti, politika, zločin, ,

Dutch :

1963, John F. Kennedy, moord, Dallas, Lee Harvey Oswald, Voorzitter USA, moord, Ron Jenkins, James R. Leavell, Arthur Schlesinger, dezelfde peetvader, Pierre Salinger, Douglas Horne, Limosine draai van Main Street, paniek in Daley Plaza, arriveerden JFK en Jackie Kennedy in Dallas, man is onder Konfoederiertenflagge, Wanted, politie en paniek, pistool is gevonden, CBS nieuwsanker Walter Kronkite heeft aangekondigd de dood van de President, aankomst van de kist in Washington, JF Kennedy in Dallas, Verenigde Staten, Main Street, 35e President van de Verenigde Staten werd vermoord in Dallas, beroemde mensen, beroemde persoonlijkheid, politiek, criminaliteit, ,

German :

1963, Kennedy Ermordung, Oswald, Präsident USA, Mord, Ron Jenkins, Dallas, James R. Leavell, Arthur Schlesinger, gleichen Pate, Pierre Salinger, Douglas Horne, Limousinen biegen Sie von der Main Street, Panik auf dem Daley Plaza JFK und Jackie Kennedy in Dallas angekommen, Mann ist unter Konfoederiertenflagge, Wanted, Polizei und Panik, Waffe findet, CBS Nachrichten Anker Walter Kronkite hat angekündigt, den Tod des Präsidenten, Ankunft des Sarges in Washington, JF Kennedy in Dallas im US-Bundesstaat Main Street, fünfunddreissigsten Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten wurde in Dallas ermordet Berühmte Personen, berühmte Persönlichkeit, Politik, Kriminalität, ,

Hindi :

1963, जॉन एफ कैनेडी, हत्या, डलास, ली हार्वे Oswald, राष्ट्रपति संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका, हत्या, रॉन Jenkins, James आर Leavell, Arthur Schlesinger, वही गॉडफादर, Pierre Salinger, डगलस Horne, Limosine मेन स्ट्रीट, दहशत से बारी Daley प्लाजा में, JFK और जैकी कैनेडी डलास में आ गया, मैन Konfoederiertenflagge, तलाश, पुलिस और दहशत के अंतर्गत है, बंदूक में पाया गया है, सीबीएस समाचार लंगर Walter Kronkite राष्ट्रपति की मृत्यु की घोषणा की है, वॉशिंगटन, JF कैनेडी डलास, संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका, मेन स्ट्रीट, तीस-पांचवें राष्ट्रपति संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका के डलास में हत्या कर दी थी में ताबूत का आगमन प्रसिद्ध लोग, प्रसिद्ध व्यक्तित्व, राजनीति, अपराध, ,

Spanish :

1963, Kennedy, asesinato, Dallas, Oswald, los E.e.u.u. Presidente, asesinato, Ron Jenkins, James r. Leavell, Arthur Schlesinger, gire el mismo Padrino, Pierre Salinger, Douglas Horne, Limosine del Main Street, pánico en la Plaza Daley, JFK y Jackie Kennedy llegaron a Dallas, hombre está bajo Konfoederiertenflagge, Wanted, policía y pánico, arma se encuentra, presentadora de noticias de CBS Walter Kronkite ha anunciado la muerte del Presidente, llegada del ataúd en Washington, JF Kennedy en Dallas, Estados Unidos, Main Street, trigésimo quinto Presidente de los Estados Unidos fue asesinado en Dallas, gente famosa, famosa personalidad, política, delincuencia, ,

Turkish :

1963, John F. Kennedy suikastı, Dallas, Lee Harvey Oswald, Cumhurbaşkanı ABD, cinayet, Ron Jenkins, James R. Leavell, Arthur Schlesinger, aynı baba, Pierre Salinger, Douglas Horne, Limosine açmak Main Street, panik Daley Plaza'da JFK ve Jackie Kennedy Dallas'ta geldi, biri Konfoederiertenflagge, aranıyor, polis ve panik, silah bulunursa, Walter Kronkite CBS news çapa başkanın ölümü duyurdu, Washington, Dallas, Amerika Birleşik Devletleri, Main Street, Birleşik Devletler Başkanı, Dallas'ta suikaste kurban otuz beşinci yılında JF Kennedy tabuta varış Ünlüler, ünlü Kişilik, siyaset, suç, ,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Jenkins, Ron

(Radio speaker and eyewitness) , speaking English:
-  "The people were sad and silent and could not believe that something like this could happen in Dallas, in the United States."

Schlesinger, Arthur

(Presidential advisor and historian) , speaking English:
-  "Kennedy was very unpopular among the white people in the South, especially because of the support of equal rights of black Americans."

Salinger, Pierre

(Kennedy's Press Secretary) , speaking English:
-  "There was a letter that said: Kennedy shouldn’t travel to Dallas because strange things would happen to him and he could be murdered. I showed it to the security advisor, but not to Kennedy. They said they had taken serious safety measures. We knew that there were problems in Dallas, but everything would be all right. "

Leavelle, James

(Dallas Police) , speaking English:
-  "He wanted to travel in an open car. On the way from Fort Worth to Dallas the sky cleared up and sun was shining. It seemed that God was smiling on him."

Pate, Sam

(witness in 1963) , speaking English:
-  "Shots were heard from several sides of the Daley Plaza. Not all of them had come from the School Book Depository."

Jenkins, Ron

(Radio speaker and eyewitness) , speaking English:
-  "I arrived when the President was placed in his coffin. Mrs. Kennedy was standing next to him, she leaned over the President, touched his chest and his head. It was as if she were whispering or talking to him."

Jenkins, Ron

(Radio speaker and eyewitness) , speaking English:
-  "I think it was conspiracy. I was an American soldier and a very good shot. It is impossible for someone to fire like that from that point."

Jenkins, Ron

(Radio speaker and eyewitness) , speaking English:
-  "He stuck to the point that he did not kill anyone and he did not know about the attempt. He said that he was not allowed to talk to his lawyer. …and that they did not arrest the assassin. He did not hurt anyone, he did not do anything.."

Horn, Douglas

(Kennedy's doctor, 1963) , speaking English:
-  "It seems that a lot of information was missing. A lot of questions that had not been answered yet. None of the evidence showed any wound and we know that a lot of photos are missing from the prosecutor’s report. The pictures were manipulated and are put together in way that prove the statement that the assassin fired from behind."

Leavelle, James

(Dallas Police) , speaking English:
-  "As we arrived with the elevator to the basement we were exposed to spotlights. We were blinded for a moment."

Leavelle, James

(Dallas Police) , speaking English:
-  "He took two steps and fired twice at Oswald. I was standing close to him my hand was handcuffed to his. I tried to pull him back, to pull him behind me, but I was too close to him."

Jenkins, Ron

(Radio speaker and eyewitness) , speaking English:
-  "I do not think that the questions of the assassination were answered. I do not think that the case is closed."




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