1992 - Omarska: The Bosnian war (00:08:09)
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1992 - Omarska: The Bosnian war

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Location and time:

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Omarska, 10-07-1992


Omarska is a town near Prijedor in northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina. It includes an old iron mine and ore processing plant. Omarska gained worldwide infamy as the location for a detention or concentration camp set up by the authorities of the Republika Srpska during the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia. It was officially termed investigation centre and the detainees were Bosnian Muslim and Croatian men that the Serbs accused of paramilitary activities. Persons indicted at the ICTY regarding the mistreatment of prisoners at Omarska have included Momčilo Gruban, Duško Knežević and Željko Meakić.

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Finnish :

tuonpuoleisessa, armeija, Ateismi, Auschwitz, Balkanin, kasarmi, bodie, Bosnia, Bosnia ja Hertsegovina, silta, Cikota, papisto, keskitysleiri, keskitysleirejä, maa, Kroatia, cross, kuollut, roskia, kurinalaisuus, Jumaluuden, Ed Vulliamy, Eurooppa, tuhoaminen, usko, taistelu Illywhacker Osku, kukkia, kansanmurha, Jumala, vakava, vartija, Hamed Osku, Hans Koschnik, Hedwig Samanek, Hertsegovina, Hitler Adolf, Holocaust, kansainvälisen tuomioistuimen Haagissa, juutalainen, juutalaisia, Konzentrationslager, Kozarac Tadicin, Lewis Mackenzie , sotilas, sotilaallinen konflikti, Mirsad Tokaca, Mostar, murha, muslimi, natsi, natsismi, virkamies, Omarskan keskitysleiri, poliittisten vankien rukoilla, pappi, vanki, sijoitus, pakolaisia, uskonto, Serbia, sotilas, teologia, village, Vukovarin, sota, ase, toinen maailmansota, Jugoslaviassa, Jugoslavian sodan Zlata Medic,

Italian :

aldilà, esercito, ateismo, Auschwitz, dei Balcani, baracca, bodie, Bosnia, Bosnia-Erzegovina, ponte, Cikota, clero, campo di concentramento, campi di concentramento, paese, Croazia, Croce, morto, detriti, disciplina, divinità, Ed Vulliamy, campi di sterminio, Europa, fede, combattere, Fikret Alic, fiori, genocidio, Dio, tomba, guardia, Hamed Alic, Hans Koschnik, Hedwig Samanek, Herzegovina, Adolf Hitler, Olocausto, International corte dell'Aia, ebrei, ebrei, Konzentrationslager, Kozarac Tadic, Lewis Mackenzie , militari, militari in conflitto, Mirsad Tokaca, Mostar, omicidio, musulmano, nazista, nazismo, ufficiale, Omarska, prigionieri politici, pregare, sacerdote, prigioniero, rango, rifugiati, religione, soldato, teologia, Serbia, villaggio, Vukovar, guerra, arma, guerra jugoslavo della seconda guerra mondiale, Iugoslavia, Zlata Medic,

Lithuanian :

pomirtiniu gyvenimu, armijos, Ateizmas, Aušvico, Balkanų, kareivinių, korpusas, Bosnijoje, Bosnija ir Hercegovina, tilto, Cikota, dvasininkų, koncentracijos stovyklos, koncentracijos stovyklose, šalies, Kroatija, kirsti, miręs, šiukšles, drausmės, dieviškumas, Ed Vulliamy, Europa, naikinimo stovyklos, tikėjimą, kovoti, Fikret Alic, gėlės, genocido, Dievas, kapo, apsauga, Hamed Alic, Hans Koschnik, Hedwig Samanek, Hercegovina, Adolfas Hitleris, holokausto, Tarptautinis teismas, esantis Hagos, žydų, žydų, pavogtų, Kozarac Tadic, Lewis Mackenzie , kariuomenė, karinis konfliktas, Mirsad Tokaca, Mostar, žmogžudystė, musulmonų, nacių, nacizmas, pareigūnas, Omarska, politiniai kaliniai, girdi, kunigas, kalinys, rangas, pabėgėlių, religija, Serbija, karys, teologija, kaimas, Vukovar, karo, ginklų, II pasaulinio karo, Jugoslavijoje, Jugoslavijos karo, Zlata medikas,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Vulliamy, Ed

(The Guardian war correspondent) , speaking English:
-  "Tadic was unlucky, let the police catch him. The big war criminals like Karadzic and Mladic disappeared for ever. The court in Dan Hague is to less and arrived too late."

Koschnik, Hans

(EU commissioner in Mostar) , speaking German:
-  "Those who wanted a Greater Serbia can say that they achieved more than anybody before them. But at what price...who paid the price? The Serbs themselves and the Bosnians and Croatians paid the price. No-one should believe that anyone won this war and there are still no answers to the questions. They still have to live side-by-side in the Balkan in the future."

Koschnik, Hans

(EU commissioner in Mostar) , speaking German:
-  "These pictures haunt me even today. I still hear the conversations with the refugees, those expelled from their homes in Srebrenica. In Bosnia, I experienced things that changed my view of life even till today. I had the feeling that something unbelievable was happening again."

Medic/Cikota, Zlata

(detainee in Omarska) , speaking Serbian:
-  "The only thing that kept me alive was the possibility to inform everybody what happened here. They just came, took me to torment, to beat and to rape me and that in the heart of Europe. Indescribable things happened, these cannot be forgotten."

Vulliamy, Ed

(The Guardian war correspondent) , speaking English:
-  "The camp looked like a concentration camp. It recalled the holocaust. Yes, we were actually talking about pogrom against the Muslims in Bosnia. They wanted to destroy their history and the nation itself. Even from the memories they wanted to delete them. "

MacKenzie, Major Lewis

(Un chief, Sarajevo 1992) , speaking English:
-  "Frightening, tortures, murder – these are the meanings of the ethnical purge. This was a real terror on both sides."

Vulliamy, Ed

(The Guardian war correspondent) , speaking English:
-  "The war was mainly against the children and woman. The command was: Kill children! If you kill a child, you make three people harmless: the child with the parents."




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