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Gagarin's last flight: A mystery unsolved 6/1

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Soviet Union, Moscow, 27-03-1968


The tot: A mystery unsolved 6/1al length of 6 parts 55 min


On 27 March 1968, while on a routine training flight from Chkalovsky Air Base, he and flight instructor Vladimir Seryogin died in a MiG-15UTI crash near the town of Kirzhach. The bodies of Gagarin: Celebration in Moscow and Seryogin were cremated and the ashes were buried in the walls of the Kremlin on Red Square.

Gagarin had become deputy training director of the Star City cosmonaut training base. At the same time, he began to re-qualify as a fighter pilot.

The cause of the crash that killed Gagarin is not entirely certain, and has been subject to speculation and conspiracy theories over the ensuing decades.

Russian documents declassified in March 2003 showed that the KGB had conducted their own investigation of the accident, in addition to one government and two military investigations. The KGB's report dismissed various conspiracy theories, instead indicating that the actions of air base personnel contributed to the crash. The report states that an air traffic controller provided Gagarin with outdated weather information, and that by the time of his flight, conditions had deteriorated significantly. Ground crew also left external fuel tanks attached to the aircraft. Gagarin's planned flight activities needed clear weather and no outboard tanks. The investigation concluded that Gagarin's aircraft entered a spin, either due to a bird strike or because of a sudden move to avoid another aircraft. Because of the out-of-date weather report, the crew believed their altitude to be higher than it actually was, and could not properly react to bring the MiG-15 out of its spin.

In his 2004 book Two Sides of the Moon, Alexey Leonov recounts that he was flying a helicopter in the same area that day when he heard "two loud booms in the distance." Corroborating other theories, his conclusion is that a Sukhoi jet (which he identifies as a Su-15 'Flagon') was flying below its minimum allowed altitude, and "without realizing it because of the terrible weather conditions, he passed within 10 or 20 meters of Yuri and Seregin's plane while breaking the sound barrier." The resulting turbulence would have sent the MiG into an uncontrolled spin. Leonov believes the first boom he heard was that of the jet breaking the sound barrier, and the second was Gagarin's plane crashing.

Another theory, advanced by the original crash investigator in 2005, hypothesizes that a cabin air vent was accidentally left open by the crew or the previous pilot, leading to oxygen deprivation and leaving the crew incapable of controlling the aircraft. A similar theory, published in Air & Space magazine, is that the crew detected the open vent and followed procedure by executing a rapid dive to a lower altitude. This dive caused them to lose consciousness and crash.

On 12 April 2007, the Kremlin vetoed a new investigation into the death of Gagarin. Government officials said that they saw no reason to begin a new investigation.

In April 2011, documents from a 1968 commission setup by the Central Committee of the Communist Party to investigate the accident were declassified. Those documents revealed that the commission's original conclsuion was that either Gagarin or Seryogin had manoeuvred sharply, likely to avoid a weather balloon, leading the jet into a "supercritical flight regime and to its stalling in complex meteorological conditions". The report also suggested the jet may have been manoeuvring sharply to avoid "entry into the upper limit of the first layer of cloud cover"

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Arabic :

جاجارين Yuri، غاغارين، الاتحاد السوفياتي، واتحاد الجمهوريات الاشتراكية السوفياتية، اتحاد الجمهوريات الاشتراكية السوفياتية، ااحد، الفضاء، الفضاء الخارجي، الكون، الكون، الطيران، الطائرات، والطيران، مناطيد، الطائرة، الطائرة، أيروكارير، أسلخ، العلوم، رائد الفضاء، أول رائد فضاء صيني، والمركبات الفضائية، الشعب الشهيرة، الشهير، والتاريخ، والتاريخية، وشخصية، المعروفة، هام، أليكسي ليونوف، ميج-15UTI، Vladimir سيريجين، كيرجاتش، تشكالوفسكى القاعدة الجوية، وتحطم طائرة، الاحتفال في موسكو، آخر رحلة غاغارين، رحلة غاغارين Yuri الماضي، آخر رحلة غاغارين، 6/1، ولم تحل لغزا 6/1، موسكو، 2011، 1968،,

Bulgarian :

Yuri Гагарин, Гагарин, Съветски съюз, съюз на съветските социалистически републики, СССР, CCCP, пространство, космическото пространство, вселена, Космос, авиация, самолет, полет, дирижабли, самолет, самолет, aerocarrier, Флей наука, астронавт, първият космонавт, космически кораб, известни личности, Famous, история, исторически, личност, известни, важно, Алексей Леонов, миг-15UTI, Vladimir Seryogin, Kirzhach, Chkalovsky военновъздушната база, реактивни катастрофи, празник в Москва, последен полет на Гагарин, Yuri Гагарин последния полет, на Гагарин в последния полет, 6/1, мистерия нерешени 6/1, Москва, 2011, 1968, ,

Catalan :

Yuri Gagarin, Gagarin, Unió Soviètica, Unió de Repúbliques Socialistes Soviètiques, USSR, CCCP, espai, espai exterior, univers, cosmos, l'aviació, avions, vol, aeronaus, avió, avió, aerocarrier, tortura, ciència, astronauta, el primer astronauta, nau, personatges il·lustres Famosa, història, històrica, personalitat, coneguts, importants, Alexey Leonov, MiG-15UTI, Vladimir Seryogin, Kirzhach, Chkalovsky Air Base, accident d'avió, celebració a Moscou, últim vol de Gagarin, l'últim vol de Yuri Gagarin, l'últim vol de Gagarin, 6/1, un misteri sense resoldre 6/1, Moscou, 2011, 1968, ,

Chinese Simplified :

Yuri Gagarin、 加加林、 苏维埃联盟,联盟的苏维埃社会主义共和国,苏联,CCCP、 空间、 外层空间、 宇宙、 宇宙、 航空、 飞机、 飞行、 飞艇、 飞机、 飞机,aerocarrier,一气之下,科学,宇航员,第一位宇航员,宇宙飞船, 著名的人, 著名,历史,历史,个性,已知,重要,阿列克谢诺夫,米格-15UTI、 Vladimir Seryogin、 基尔扎奇、 Chkalovsky 空军基地,飞机坠毁事件,庆祝活动在莫斯科,最后一次飞行的加加林,Yuri Gagarin 最后一次飞行,加加林的最后一次飞行,6/1、 神秘解决 6/1,莫斯科,2011年,1968,,

Chinese Traditional :

Yuri Gagarin、 加加林、 蘇維埃聯盟,聯盟的蘇維埃社會主義共和國,蘇聯,CCCP、 空間、 外太空、 宇宙、 宇宙、 航空、 飛機、 飛行、 飛艇、 飛機、 飛機,aerocarrier,一氣之下,科學,宇航員,第一位宇航員,太空船, 著名的人, 著名,歷史,歷史,個性,已知,重要,阿列克謝諾夫,米格-15UTI、 Vladimir Seryogin、 基爾紮奇、 Chkalovsky 空軍基地,飛機墜毀事件,慶祝活動在莫斯科,最後一次飛行的加加林,Yuri Gagarin 最後一次飛行,加加林的最後一次飛行,6/1、 神秘解決 6/1,莫斯科,2011年,1968,,

Czech :

Yuri Gagarin, Gagarin, Sovětský svaz, svaz sovětských socialistických republik, SSSR, CCCP, prostor, vesmíru, vesmír, Kosmos, letectví, letadla, letu, vzducholodí, letadlo, letadlo, aerocarrier, strhat, věda, kosmonaut, první kosmonaut, kosmické lodi, Slavní lidé, Slavný, historie, historické, osobnosti, známý, důležité, Alexej Leonov, MiG-15UTI, Vladimir Seryogin, Kirzhach, Chkalovsky letecké základny, leteckém neštěstí, oslava v Moskvě, poslední let Gagarin, Yuri Gagarin poslední let, Gagarinova posledního letu, 6/1, záhady nevyřešeny 6/1, Moskva, 2011, 1968, ,

Danish :

Yuri Gagarin, Gagarin, Sovjetunionen, Unionen af Socialistiske Sovjetrepublikker, USSR, CCCP, plads, ydre rum, universet, kosmos, luftfart, fly, flyvning, luftskibe, fly, fly, aerocarrier, flå, videnskab, astronaut, første astronaut, rumfartøjer, berømte mennesker, Berømte, historie, historiske, personlighed, kendt, vigtig, Alexey Leonov, MiG-15UTI, Vladimir Seryogin, Kirzhach, Chkalovsky Air Base, jet crash, fest i Moskva, sidste flyvning af Gagarin, Yuri Gagarin sidste flyvning, Gagarins sidste flyvning, 6/1, et mysterium uløste 6/1, Moskva, 2011, 1968, ,

Dutch :

Yuri Gagarin, Gagarin, Sovjet-Unie, Unie van Socialistische Sovjetrepublieken, USSR, CCCP, ruimte, ruimte, heelal, kosmos, luchtvaart, vliegtuigen, vlucht, luchtschepen, vliegtuig, vliegtuig, aerocarrier, flay, wetenschap, astronaut, eerste astronaut, ruimtevaartuig, beroemde mensen, Famous, geschiedenis, historische, persoonlijkheid, bekend, belangrijke, Alexey Leonov, MiG-15UTI, Vladimir Seryogin, Kirzhach, Chkalovsky Air Base, jet crash, viering in Moskou, laatste vlucht van Gagarin, Yuri Gagarin de laatste vlucht, Gagarin de laatste vlucht, 6/1, een mysterie onopgeloste 6/1, Moskou, 2011, 1968, ,

German :

Yuri Gagarin, Gagarin, Soviet Union, Union der Sozialistischen Sowjetrepubliken, UdSSR, CCCP, Raum, Weltraum, Universum, Kosmos, Luftfahrt, Luftfahrzeug, Flug, Luftschiffe, Flugzeug, Flugzeug, Aerocarrier, schinden, Wissenschaft, Astronaut, erster Astronaut, Raumschiff, Berühmte Personen Famous, Geschichte, historische, Persönlichkeit, bekannte, wichtige, Alexey Leonov, MiG-15UTI, Vladimir Seryogin, Kirschatsch, Chkalovsky Air Base, Jet Absturz, Feier in Moskau, letzter Flug von Gagarin, Yuri Gagarins letzte Flug, letzte Gagarins Flug, 6/1, ein Rätsel ungelöst 6/1, Moskau, 2011, 1968, ,

Haitian Creole :

Yuri Gagarin, Gagarin, Inyon Sovyetik, inyon sosyalis Sovyet, -, CCCP, plas, lespas, Linivè, cosmos, avyasyon, avyon, met deyò, airships, avyon an, avyon, aerocarrier, koche, syans, aswonòt, premye aswonòt, machin lespas, gran moun, Célèbre, istwa, istorik, pèsonalite, le, enpòtan, Alexey Leonov, MiG de-15UTI, Vladimir Seryogin, Kirzhach, nan baz aeryen Chkalovsky, aksidan avyon an, selebrasyon nan Moskou, dire met deyò a Gagarin, Yuri Gagarin dènye vòl, Gagarin nan dènye vòl, 6/1, yon mistè non 6/1, Moscow, 2011, 1968, ,

Hebrew :

Yuri גגארין, גגארין, ברית המועצות, איחוד הסובייטיות הסוציאליסטית, ברית המועצות, CCCP, שטח, בחלל החיצון, היקום, קוסמוס, תעופה, מטוסים, טיסה, ספינות אוויר, מטוס, aerocarrier, יתלה, מדע, אסטרונאוט, האסטרונאוט הראשון, החללית, אנשים מפורסמים, המפורסמת, היסטוריה, היסטוריוגרפיה, אישיות, ידוע, חשוב, אלכסיי ליאונוב, מיג-15UTI, Vladimir Seryogin, Kirzhach, Chkalovsky הבסיס האווירי, התרסקות מטוס, חגיגה במוסקבה, האחרון טיסת גגארין, הטיסה האחרונה של Yuri גגארין, הטיסה האחרונה של גגרין, 6/1, תעלומות לא פתורות 6/1, מוסקבה, 2011, 1968.,

Norwegian :

Yuri Gagarin, Gagarin, Sovjetunionen, Unionen av sovjetiske sosialistiske republikker, USSR, CCCP, plass, verdensrommet, universet, kosmos, luftfart, fly, fly, luftskip, fly, fly, aerocarrier, flå, vitenskap, astronaut, første astronaut, romfartøy, kjente personer, Berømte, historie, historiske, personlighet, kjent, viktig, Alexey Leonov, MiG-15UTI, Vladimir Seryogin, Kirzhach, Chkalovsky Air Base, jet krasjer, feiring i Moskva, siste flyturen av Gagarin, Yuri Gagarins siste flytur, Gagarins siste flytur, 6/1, et mysterium uløste 6/1, Moskva, 2011, 1968, ,

Swedish :

Yuri Gagarin, Gagarin, Sovjetunionen, Union av sovjetiska socialistiska republikerna, USSR, CCCP, utrymme, yttre rymden, universum, kosmos, flyg, flygplan, flyg, airships, plan, flygplan, aerocarrier, flå, vetenskap, astronaut, första astronaut, rymdfarkoster, kända personer, Berömda, historia, historiska, personlighet, känd, viktigt, Alexey Leonov, MiG-15UTI, Vladimir Seryogin, rymden, Dobroljubova Air Base, jet krasch, fest i Moskva, sist flyg av Gagarin, Yuri Gagarin sista flygningen, Gagarins sista flyg, 6/1, en gåta olöst 6/1, Moskva, 2011, 1968, ,




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