Volcano: a volcanic eruption which began without warning just outside the town of Heimaey (00:00:34)
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Volcano: a volcanic eruption which began without warning just outside the town of Heimaey

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Iceland, Heimaey, 23-01-1973


Volcano: a volcanic eruption which began without warning just outside the town of Heimaey.

Mountain of Fire in Icelandic.

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Chinese Simplified :

火山,黑,1973 年,冰岛火山喷发, 自然, 自然灾难、 天然灾害、 灾害、 灾难,Eldfell,山的火在冰岛语、 疏散、 火山灰、 火山灰,熔岩流,火山,南部火山侧翼区 [,,

Chinese Traditional :

火山,黑,1973 年,冰島火山噴發, 自然, 自然災難、 天然災害、 災害、 災難,Eldfell,山的火在冰島文、 疏散、 火山灰、 火山灰,熔岩流,火山,南部火山側翼區 [,,

Czech :

Sopka, Heimaey, 1973, Island, sopečné erupce, příroda, přírodní katastrofa, živelnými, katastrofa, katastrofy, Eldfell, Mountain Fire v islandském, evakuace, sopečný popel, popel, láva toku, stratovulkán, Jižní sopečný křídlo zóna [, ,

Estonian :

Vulkaan, Heimaey, 1973, Islandi vulkaanipurse, laadi, loodusõnnetus, looduslike ohtude, õnnetus, katastroof, Eldfell, Fire Mountain Islandi, evakueerimine, vulkaaniline tuhk, tuha, lava voolu, kihtvulkaan kaguosas, vulkaaniline kubemetükk lõunaosa [, ,

Hebrew :

הר געש, Heimaey, 1973, איסלנד, התפרצות וולקנית, טבע, אסון טבע, סיכון טבעי, אסון, אסון, Eldfell, הר האש איסלנדית, פינוי, אפר געשי, אש, לבה זרימה, הר געש רדום, הדרומי הגעשי האגף אזור [, ,

Norwegian :

Vulkanen, Heimaey, 1973, Island, vulkanutbrudd, natur, naturkatastrofer, naturkatastrofer, katastrofe, katastrofe, Eldfell, fjell av brann i islandsk, evakuering, vulkansk aske, ash, lava flow, stratovulkan, sørlige vulkanske flanke sone [, ,

Romanian :

Vulcan, Heimaey, 1973, Islanda, eruptie vulcanica, natura, catastrofe naturale, naturale hazard, dezastru, catastrofă, Eldfell, Muntele de foc în islandeză, evacuare cenuşă vulcanică, frasin, lavă fluxul, Stratovolcano, sudul vulcanice flancul zona [, ,




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