Los Alfaques Disaster: road accident and tanker explosion (00:00:20)

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Los Alfaques Disaster: road accident and tanker explosion

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Spain, Alcanar, 11-07-1978


The disaster occurred at 14:35, while the truck was moving past the Los Alfaques campsite after travelling 102 km so far.

There are several different witness reports as to the events directly preceding the blast, all of which are more or less equally plausible. Some reported the tank was already leaking as it approached the site, or sprung a leak with a loud bang while passing the site, and was then stopped by the driver. Others reported the bang being caused by a blown tire which caused the truck to swerve out of control and strike the wall separating the campsite from the roadside, possibly overturning in the process.

In either case, the leaking tanker formed a cloud of gaseous propylene that partially entered the campsite and also drifted on the wind towards the discothèque to the northeast. The white cloud attracted the attention of campsite patrons, who approached the cloud with curiosity as it continued to spread. As the cloud began to permeate the crowded discothèque, it reached an ignition source and immediately flashed back into the tanker, causing a fire that nearly instantaneously ruptured the weakened tank and ignited the full load of gas in a massive BLEVE.

At that time the campsite to the south was crowded with nearly 1000 vacationers, mostly German and other foreign tourists, packed tightly in trailers and tents. The blast and fireball (which was estimated at over 1000°F and left a 65'x5' crater) destroyed everything — cars, trailers and buildings — within a 300-metre radius, gutting over 90% of the main camping area. The discothèque to the northeast, which contained almost 100 people and was later determined to be the likely source of the ignition, was also razed to the ground, killing all inside.

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Arabic :

الطريق، الخطر، حالة الطوارئ، المخاطر، إسبانيا، حادث الانفجار، كارثة ناقلة، ولوس الفاكويس الكوارث، الكانار، البروبيلين السائل، تاراجونا، الأزمة، شاحنة صهريج، المخيم لوس الفاكويس,

Bulgarian :

пътищата, опасност, опасност, риск, Испания, бедствие, авария, експлозия, цистерна, Лос Alfaques бедствие, Alcanar, течен пропилен Тарагона, криза, танкер камион, Лос Alfaques къмпинга,

Catalan :

carretera, riscos, d'emergència, risc, Espanya, desastres, accidents, explosió, cisterna, Los Alfaques desastre, Alcanar, líquid propilè, Tarragona, crisi, camió cisterna, càmping Los Alfaques,

Chinese Simplified :

道路, 危险, 紧急, 风险, 西班牙, 灾难, 事故, 爆炸, 坦克, 洛斯阿尔法克斯灾难, 阿尔卡纳, 液体丙烯, 塔拉戈纳, 危机, 油罐车, 洛斯阿尔法克斯露营地,

Chinese Traditional :

道路, 危險, 緊急, 風險, 西班牙, 災難, 事故, 爆炸, 坦克, 洛斯阿爾法克斯災難, 阿爾卡納, 液體丙烯, 塔拉戈納, 危機, 油罐車, 洛斯阿爾法克斯露營地,

Czech :

Road, nebezpečí, nebezpečí, riziko, Španělsko, katastrofy, havárie, exploze, Tanker, Los Alfaques katastrofa, Alcanar, tekuté propylenu, Tarragona, krize, cisterny, Los Alfaques kemp,

Danish :

Road, fare, nødsituation, risiko, Spanien, katastrofe, ulykke, eksplosion, tankskib, Los Alfaques katastrofe, Alcanar, flydende propylen, Tarragona, krise, tankbil, Los Alfaques campingplads,

Dutch :

Road, gevaar, noodsituatie, risico, Spanje, ongeval, ramp, explosie, tank, Alcanar, Los Alfaques ramp vloeibare propyleen, Tarragona, Crisis, tank vrachtwagen, Los Alfaques Camping,

Estonian :

Road, ohu, hädaolukorra risk, Hispaania, katastroofi, avarii, plahvatuse, Tanker, Los Alfaques katastroof, Alcanar, vedel propeeni, Tarragona, kriis, tanker veoauto, Los Alfaques laagri,

Finnish :

Road, uskaltaa, hätä, riski, Espanja, katastrofi, onnettomuus, räjähdys, Los Alfaques katastrofi, säiliöalus, nestemäinen propeenin Tarragona, kriisi, Alcanar säiliöautoilla, Los Alfaques leirintäalue,

French :

route, danger, urgence, risque, Espagne, accident, catastrophe, explosion, catastrophe de Los Alfaques, Alcanar, pétrolier, propylène liquide, Tarragone, crise, camion citerne, le camping de Los Alfaques,

German :

Straße, Gefahr, Notfall, Risiko, Spanien, Katastrophe, Unfall, Explosion, Tanker, Los Alfaques Katastrophe, Alcanar, flüssige Propylen, Tarragona, Krise, Tankwagen, Campingplatz Los Alfaques,

Greek :

δρόμο, επικινδυνότητας, έκτακτης ανάγκης, τον κίνδυνο, καταστροφή, ατύχημα, Ισπανία, έκρηξη, Los Alfaques καταστροφή, Alcanar, Tanker, υγρό προπυλένιο, Tarragona, κρίση, φορτηγό δεξαμενόπλοιο, Los Alfaques κάμπινγκ,

Haitian Creole :

wout, risque, ijans, risque, peyi Espay, yon dezas, aksidan, eksplozyon, Pétrolier, Los Alfaques dezas, Alcanar, likid le, Tarragone, kriz, pétrolier kamyon, camping Los Alfaques,

Hebrew :

road, הזארד, חירום, סיכון, ספרד, אסון, תאונה, התפוצצות, מיכלית, לוס Alfaques אסון, Alcanar, פרופילן נוזלי, טרגונה, משבר, ציסטרנות, לוס Alfaques המחנה,

Hindi :

सड़क, आपदा, आपातकालीन, जोखिम, स्पेन, आपदा, दुर्घटना, विस्फोट, टैंकर, लॉस अल्फाक आपदा, Alcanar, तरल प्रोपलीन, Tarragona, संकट, टैंकर ट्रक, लॉस अल्फाक कैम्पाइट,

Hungarian :

Road, veszély, sürgősségi, kockázat, Spanyolország, katasztrófa, baleset, robbanás, tartálykocsi, Los Alfaques katasztrófa, Alcanar, folyékony propilén, Tarragona, válság, tartálykocsik, Los Alfaques-kemping,

Indonesian :

Road, bahaya, darurat, risiko, Spanyol, bencana, kecelakaan, ledakan, Tanker, Los Alfaques bencana, Alcanar, cair propylene, Tarragona, krisis, truk, perkemahan Los Alfaques,

Italian :

strada, emergenza, di pericolo, rischio, Spagna, disastro, incidente, esplosione, petroliera, Los Alfaques Disaster, Alcanar, propilene liquido, Tarragona, crisi, camion cisterna, Campeggio Los Alfaques,

Japanese :

道路、災害、緊急、リスク、スペイン、災害、事故、爆発、タンカー、ロサンゼルス Alfaques 災害、ケープタウン、液体プロピレン、タラゴナ、危機、タンクローリー、ロサンゼルス Alfaques キャンプ場,

Korean :

, 위험, 긴급, 위험, 스페인, 재해, 사고, 폭발, 유조선, 로스 Alfaques 재해, Alcanar, 액체 프로필 렌, 타 라, 위기, 탱 커, 로스 Alfaques 야영지,

Latvian :

ceļa, bīstamības, avārijas, riskēt, Spānija, katastrofu, nelaimes gadījumu, eksplozijas, tankkuģis, Los Alfaques katastrofa, Alcanar, šķidrais propilēns, Tarragona, krīze, tankkuģa kravas, Los Alfaques kempings,

Lithuanian :

kelių, pavojaus, pavojus, rizikos, Ispanija, nelaimė, Avarija, sprogimas, tanklaivis, skystas propileno, Tarragona, krizės, Alcanar Los Alfaques nelaimių, tanklaivis sunkvežimių, Los Alfaques stovyklavietės,

Norwegian :

Road, fare, krise, risiko, Spania, katastrofe, ulykke, eksplosjon, Tanker, Los Alfaques katastrofe, Alcanar, flytende propylen, Tarragona, krise, Los Alfaques campingplass, tankbil,

Polish :

Road, zagrożeń, zagrożenia, ryzyko, Hiszpania, katastrofa, wypadek, wybuch, Cysterna, Los Alfaques katastrofy, Alcanar, płyn propylenu, Tarragona, kryzys, cysterny, Los Alfaques kempingu,

Portuguese :

estrada, de perigo, emergência, risco, Espanha, desastre, acidente, explosão, petroleiro, propileno líquido, Tarragona, crise, desastre de Los Alfaques, Alcanar caminhão-tanque, parque de campismo de Los Alfaques,

Romanian :

Road, pericol, de urgenţă, risc, Spania, dezastru, accident, explozie, tanc, Los Alfaques dezastru, Alcanar, propilen lichid, Tarragona, criza, camion cisternă, Camping Los Alfaques,

Russian :

дорога, опасности, чрезвычайные ситуации, риск, Испания, катастрофы, аварии, взрыв, танкер, Лос Alfaques катастрофы, Alcanar, жидкого пропилена, Таррагона, кризис, автоцистерны, Los Alfaques кемпинг,

Slovak :

Road, nebezpečenstva, nebezpečenstva, riskovať, Španielsko, katastrofy, nehody, výbuch, Cisterna, Los Alfaques katastrofy, Alcanar, tekuté propylénu, Tarragona, kríza, cisterny, Kemp Los Alfaques,

Slovenian :

cesti, nevarnosti, nujnih primerih, tveganje, Španija, nesreče, nesreče, eksplozije, Tanker, Los Alfaques nesreče, Alcanar, tekoči propilen, Tarragona, kriza, tovornjak cisterna, Los Alfaques kamp,

Spanish :

carretera, peligro, emergencia, riesgo, España, desastre, accidente, explosión, petrolero, desastre de Los Alfaques, Alcanar, propileno líquido, Tarragona, Crisis, carro de petrolero, camping de Los Alfaques,

Swedish :

Road, fara, nödsituation, risk, Spanien, katastrof, olyckshändelse, explosion, Tanker, Los Alfaques katastrof, Alcanar, flytande propen, Tarragona, kris, tankbil, Los Alfaques campingplats,

Thai :

ถนน อันตราย ฉุกเฉิน ความเสี่ยง สเปน ภัยพิบัติ อุบัติเหตุ การ ระเบิด เรือบรรทุก ภัยพิบัติ Los Alfaques, Alcanar ของเหลวโพรพิลี น ทาร์ราโกนา วิกฤต รถบรรทุก Los Alfaques แคมป์,

Turkish :

yol, tehlike, acil durum, risk, İspanya, afet, kaza, patlama, Tanker, Los Alfaques felaket, Alcanar, sıvı propilen, Tarragona, kriz, tanker kamyon, Los Alfaques kamp,

Ukrainian :

дороги, небезпеки, надзвичайних ситуацій, ризикувати, Іспанії, катастрофи, аварії, вибух, танкер, Los Alfaques катастрофи, Alcanar, рідке пропилен Таррагона, криза, вантажівку танкера, кемпінг Лос Alfaques,

Vietnamese :

Road, nguy hiểm, khẩn cấp, rủi ro, Tây Ban Nha, thảm họa, tai nạn, vụ nổ, tàu chở dầu, Los Alfaques tai, Alcanar, chất lỏng propylen, Tarragona, khủng hoảng, Xe sitéc, khu cắm trại Los Alfaques,




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