U.S. Air Force: Martin B-12 test flying (00:00:47)
Original video: U.S. Air Force: Air Power Advances, 1935-1937 (00:13:26)

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U.S. Air Force: Martin B-12 test flying

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Location and time:

United States, 1935


U.S. Air Force: Martin B-12 test flying

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Chinese Simplified :

军事、 军队、 士兵、 战争、 纪律、 干事、 等级、 警卫、 武器、 武器、 军事技术、 设备、 飞行员、 航空、 飞机、 飞行、 飞艇,plane, airplane, aerocarrier, flay, U.S.空军,美国,美国空军、 美国空军、 空中战争、 美国武装部队、 世界战争第二次世界大战 2,第二次世界大战,WW 2,第二次世界大战,美国陆军军事冲突、 士兵、 空气动力研究进展1935年-1937, 1935,马丁 B 12 测试飞行、 水上飞机、 海、、,

Italian :

militari, esercito, soldato, guerra, disciplina, ufficiale, rango, guardia, armi, arma, tecnologia militare, attrezzature, pilota, aviazione, aerei, volo, dirigibili, USAF di aeronautica, Stati Uniti, United States Air Force, plane, airplane, aerocarrier, flay, U.S., guerra aerea, forze munite degli Stati Uniti, gli Stati Uniti Esercito, seconda guerra mondiale, guerra mondiale 2, la seconda guerra mondiale, 2 WW, seconda guerra mondiale, conflitto militare, soldati, anticipi di alimentazione aria1935-1937, 1935, Martin B-12 prova volanti, aliscafo, mare, ,

Swedish :

militär, armén, soldat, krig, disciplin, officer, rank, vakt, vapen, vapen, militär teknik, utrustning, pilot, flyg, flygplan, flyg, airships, plane, airplane, aerocarrier, flay, U.S. flygvapnet, USA, United States Air Force, USAF, antenn krigföring, USA: S styrkor, USA: S armé, världen kriger II, världskriget 2, WW II, WW 2, andra världskriget, militär konflikt, soldater, Air Power förskott1935-1937, 1935, Martin B-12 test flygande, hydroplane, havet, , ,

Turkish :

askeri, ordu, asker, savaş, disiplin, memur, sırası, koruma, silah, silah, askeri teknoloji, ekipman, pilot, havacılık, uçak, uçak, airships, plane, airplane, aerocarrier, flay, U.S. Hava Kuvvetleri, Amerika Birleşik Devletleri, Birleşik Devletler Hava Kuvvetleri, USAF, Hava Harp, ABD Ordusu, ABD Ordusu, İkinci Dünya Savaşı'ndan 2, WW II, WW 2, İkinci Dünya Savaşı, Dünya Savaşı askeri çatışma, asker, hava gücü ilerler1935-1937, 1935, Martin B12 testi uçan, deniz uçağı, deniz, , ,




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Original video: U.S. Air Force: Air Power Advances, 1935-1937
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