Primasol Hane Family Resort, Side: Primasol-Hane-Family-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd (00:02:17)
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Primasol Hane Family Resort, Side: Primasol-Hane-Family-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd

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Location and time:

Turkey, Side, 20-07-2011


Primasol Hane Family Resort, Side: Primasol-Hane-Family-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd

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Arabic :

منتجع الأسرة هين Primasol، الجانب، Primasol-هين--الأسرة--Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd، وتركيا، 2011،,

Bulgarian :

Primasol Hane семеен курорт, страна, Primasol-Hane-семейство-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Турция, 2011 г.,

Catalan :

PrimaSol Hane Resort familiar, costat, Primasol-Hane-família-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Turquia, 2011, ,

Chinese Simplified :

Primasol 高空核爆家庭度假胜地,侧,Primasol-高空核爆-家庭-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd,土耳其,2011 年,,

Chinese Traditional :

Primasol 高空核爆家庭度假勝地,側,Primasol-高空核爆-家庭-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd,土耳其,2011 年,,

Czech :

PrimaSol Hane rodinné středisko, boční, Primasol-Hane rodiny Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Turecko, 2011, ,

Danish :

PrimaSol Hane Family Resort, Side, Primasol-Hane-familie-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Tyrkiet, 2011, ,

Dutch :

Primasol Hane familie Resort, Side, Primasol-Hane-familie-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Turkije, 2011,

Estonian :

PrimaSol Hane Family Resort, Side, Primasol-Hane-pere-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Türgi, 2011,

Finnish :

Primasol Hane Family Resort, Side, Primasol Hane perheen Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Turkki, 2011,

French :

Primasol Hane Family Resort, Side, Turquie, 2011, Primasol-Hane-famille-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd,

German :

Primasol Hane Family Resort, Side, Primasol-Hane-Familie-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Türkei, 2011, ,

Greek :

ΧΑΝΕ Primasol οικογενειακό θέρετρο, πλευρά, Primasol-Hane-οικογένεια-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Τουρκία, 2011, ,

Haitian Creole :

Resous fanmi Primasol Hane lan, , Primasol-Hane-fanmi-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Latiki, 2011, ,

Hebrew :

נופש משפחתי בפרימה סול האוס, צד, בפרימה סול-האוס-המשפחה-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, טורקיה, 2011, ,

Hindi :

Primasol Hane परिवार सहारा, पक्ष, Primasol-Hane-परिवार-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, टर्की, 2011, ,

Hungarian :

A PrimaSol Hane Family Resort, Side, Primasol-Hane-család-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Törökország, 2011, ,

Indonesian :

Primasol Hane resor keluarga, sisi, Primasol-Hane-keluarga-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Turki, 2011,

Italian :

Primasol Hane famiglia Resort, Primasol-Hane-famiglia-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Side, Turchia, 2011, ,

Japanese :

プリマソール羽根家族リゾート、側、プリマソール羽根家族 Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd、2011 年、トルコ,

Korean :

터키, 2011 년, Primasol-Hane-가족-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, 사이드, Primasol Hane 가족 리조트,

Latvian :

Primasol Hane ģimenes kūrorts, Side, Primasol Hane-ģimenes-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Turcija, 2011, ,

Lithuanian :

Primasol Hane šeimos Resort, Side, Primasol-Hane-šeima-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Turkija, 2011, ,

Norwegian :

Utgjør PrimaSol Hane familieferieanlegg, Side, utgjør Primasol-Hane-familie-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Tyrkia, 2011,

Polish :

Primasol Hane Family Resort, Primasol-Hane rodzina Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, po stronie Turcji, 2011, ,

Portuguese :

Família Resort Primasol Hane, Turquia, 2011, lado, Primasol-Hane-família-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd,

Romanian :

PrimaSol Hane familie Resort, Side, Primasol-frunza-familie-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Turcia, 2011, ,

Slovak :

Primasol Hane rodinný Resort, Side, Primasol-Hane-rodina-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Turecko, 2011, ,

Slovenian :

PrimaSol Hane družine Resort, Side, Primasol-Hane-družina-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Turčije, 2011, ,

Spanish :

PrimaSol Hane Family Resort, lado, Primasol-Hane-familia-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Turquía, 2011, ,

Swedish :

Primasol Hane Family Resort, Side, Primasol-Hane-familj-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Turkiet, 2011,

Thai :

พรีม่าโซล Hane แฟมิลี่รีสอร์ท ด้าน พรีม่าโซล-Hane-ครอบครัว-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd ตุรกี 2011,

Turkish :

PrimaSol Hane Family Resort, yan, Primasol-Hane-aile-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Türkiye, 2011, ,

Vietnamese :

PrimaSol Hane gia đình Resort, Side, Primasol-Hane-gia đình-Resort_Side_Turkey_zsd, Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ, 2011, ,




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