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Krizantem, Turkey: Krizantem_Alanya_Turkey_14234_GB_INT.mp4

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Location and time:

Turkey, Alanya, 24-09-2011


Krizantem, Turkey: Krizantem_Alanya_Turkey_14234_GB_INT.mp4

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Arabic :

عطلة، يوم، عطلة، إجازة سنوية، وليمة، السفر والسياحة، المسافر، والترفيه، والراكب، ، Krizantem، تركيا، Krizantem_Alanya_Turkey_14234_GB_INT.mp4، ألانيا، 2011،,

Bulgarian :

празник, ден, почивка, годишен отпуск, празник, пътуване, туризъм, пътешественик, отдих, пътнически, Турция, Krizantem_Alanya_Turkey_14234_GB_INT.mp4, Алания, 2011 г., ,

Catalan :

vacances, dia, Vacances, Permís anual, festivitat, viatges, turisme, viatger, recreació, passatger, , Krizantem, Turquia, Krizantem_Alanya_Turkey_14234_GB_INT.mp4, Alanya, 2011, ,

Chinese Simplified :

假期,天,假期,年假,盛宴, 旅游,旅游,旅游,娱乐,乘客, ,克里桑特姆,土耳其,Krizantem_Alanya_Turkey_14234_GB_INT.mp4,阿兰尼亚,2011年,,

Chinese Traditional :

假期,天,假期,年假,盛宴, 旅遊,旅遊,旅遊,娛樂,乘客, ,克里桑特姆,土耳其,Krizantem_Alanya_Turkey_14234_GB_INT.mp4,阿蘭尼亞,2011年,,

Czech :

svátek, den, Dovolená, Dovolená za kalendářní rok, hostina, cestování, cestovní ruch, cestovatel, rekreace, cestující, , Krizantem, Turecko, Krizantem_Alanya_Turkey_14234_GB_INT.mp4, Alanya, 2011, ,

Danish :

ferie, dag, ferie, årlig ferie, fest, rejser, turisme, rejsende, rekreation, passager, Krizantem, Tyrkiet, Krizantem_Alanya_Turkey_14234_GB_INT.mp4, Alanya, 2011, ,

Dutch :

vakantie, dag, Vakantie, Jaarlijks verlof, feest, reizen, toerisme, reiziger, recreatie, passagier, , Krizantem, Turkije, Krizantem_Alanya_Turkey_14234_GB_INT.mp4, Alanya, 2011, ,

Estonian :

puhkus, päev, Puhkus, Põhipuhkus, pidu, reisimine, turism, reisija, vaba aeg, reisija, , Krizantem, Türgi, Krizantem_Alanya_Turkey_14234_GB_INT.mp4, Alanya, 2011, ,

Finnish :

loma, päivä, Loma, Vuosiloma, juhla, matkailu, matkailu, matkustaja, vapaa-aika, matkustaja, , Krizantem, Turkki, Krizantem_Alanya_Turkey_14234_GB_INT.mp4, Alanya, 2011, ,

French :

vacances, jour, vacances, congé annuel, festin, voyage, tourisme, voyageur, récréation, passager, , Krizantem, Turquie, Krizantem_Alanya_Turkey_14234_GB_INT.mp4, Alanya, 2011, ,

German :

Urlaub, Tag, Urlaub, Jahresurlaub, Fest, Reisen, Tourismus, Reisender, Erholung, Passagier, , Krizantem, Türkei, Krizantem_Alanya_Turkey_14234_GB_INT.mp4, Alanya, 2011, ,

Greek :

διακοπές, ημέρα, διακοπές, ετήσια άδεια, γιορτή, ταξίδια, τουρισμός, ταξιδιώτης, αναψυχή, επιβάτης, , Κριζάντεμ, Τουρκία, Krizantem_Alanya_Turkey_14234_GB_INT.mp4, Αλάνια, 2011, ,

Haitian Creole :

jou fet, vakans, konje anyel, fet, vwayaj, touris, vwayaje, rekreyasyon, pasaje, Krizantem, Turkey, Krizantem_Alanya_Turkey_14234_GB_INT.mp4, Alanya, 2011, ,

Hebrew :

חג, יום, חופשה, חופשה שנתית, סעודה, נסיעות, תיירות, נוסע, בילוי, נוסע, קרייזנטם, טורקיה, Krizantem_Alanya_Turkey_14234_GB_INT.mp4, אלניה, 2011, ,




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