1917 - The Storming of the Winter Palace: The Russian October Revolution (00:08:38)
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1917 - The Storming of the Winter Palace: The Russian October Revolution

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Russia, St.Petersburg, 07-11-1917


The Russian Revolution of 1917 was a political movement in Russia that climaxed in 1917 with the overthrow of the provisional government that had replaced the Russian Czar system, and led to the establishment of the Soviet Union, which lasted until its collapse in 1991. The Revolution can be viewed in two distinct phases. The first was that of the February Revolution of 1917, which displaced the autocracy of Czar Nicholas II of Russia, the last Czar of Russia, and sought to establish in its place a liberal republic. The second phase was the October Revolution, in which the Soviets were inspired and increasingly controlled by Vladimir Lenin.

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Dutch :

1917, Oktoberrevolutie, Rusland, StPetersburg, Winterpaleis, Sint-Petersburg, Lenin, tsaar, bolsjewieken, wapens kwestie, gewapende groep, soldaat, koninklijke familie, balspelen, boeren, ambachtslieden, kanon, sneeuw, demonstraties, straatgevechten, eenheden, schokkerig, gevangenen, Doema, officieren, Trotski, Rode Garde, Fort, storm, Russische Oktoberrevolutie, militaire, leger, oorlog, discipline, uniformen, officer, rang, guard, wapens, militaire technologie, apparatuur, rode oktober, bolsjewistische revolutie, Russische Burgeroorlog, Lenin beeldmateriaal, revoluties, Arkadij Startsev, Solomon Arvan, Anton Antonov-Ovsejenko, ,

Portuguese :

Armados de 1917, a revolução de outubro, na Rússia, Dietikon, Palácio de inverno, Petrogrado, Lênin, czar, bolcheviques, questão de armas, grupo, soldado, família real, jogos de bola, camponeses, artesãos, canhão, neve, manifestações, rua lutando, prisioneiros choppy, unidades, Duma, oficiais, Trotsky, tempestade, revolução russa de outubro, a Guarda vermelha, fortaleza militar, exército, guerra, disciplina, uniformes, oficial, rank, guarda, tecnologia militar, armas, equipamentos, vermelho de outubro, a revolução bolchevique, a Guerra Civil Russa, Filmagens de Lenin, revoluções, Arkadij Startsev, Solomon Arvan, Anton Antonov-Ovsejenko, ,

Russian :

1917 г., Октябрьской революции, Россия, Санкт-Петербург, Зимний дворец, Петроград, Ленин, царь, большевики, выпуск оружия, вооруженные группы, солдат, королевской семьи, мяч игры, крестьяне, ремесленники, пушка, снег, демонстрации, уличные бои, единицы, порывистый, заключенных, думы, офицеры, Троцкий, красной гвардии, крепость, шторм, Российской Октябрьской революции, военные, армия, война, дисциплины, униформа, офицер, ранг, гвардии, оружие, военные технологии, оборудование, Красный Октябрь, Октябрьской революции, гражданской войны, Ленина кадры, революций, Аркадий старцев, Соломон Arvan, Антон Антонов-Ovsejenko, ,

Ukrainian :

1917 року, Жовтневої революції, Росія, StPetersburg, зимового палацу, Петрограді, Леніна, цар, більшовики, зброї питання, озброєна Група солдатів, королівської сім'ї, м'яч Ігри, селян, ремісників, гармати, сніг, демонстрацій, вуличні бої, одиниць, ривками, в'язнів, думи, офіцерів, Троцького, Червоної гвардії, фортеця, шторм, російський Жовтневої революції, військовий, армії, війни, дисципліни, Уніформа, офіцер, ранг, охоронець, зброї, військової техніки, обладнання, червоний Жовтень, Більшовицька революція, Громадянська війна в Росії, Ленін кадри, революцій, Arkadij старших, Соломон Arvan, Антон Антонов-Ovsejenko, ,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Startsev, Arkadij

(historian of the Russian October revolution ) , speaking Russian:
-  "„The Germans gave money so that the new government could stay in place. Both parties wanted to close the peace talks in the short term. The Germans wanted peace on the east front line.”"

Antonov-Ovsejenko, Anton

(Son of one of Lenin’s fellow) , speaking Russian:
-  "„My father said that nothing happened the way it was written in the Soviet history books. There was no siege, just several soldiers, and no real struggle.” "

Antonov-Ovsejenko, Anton

(Son of one of Lenin’s fellow) , speaking Russian:
-  "„It really happened that my father raised his gun and said: On behalf of the Revolution Committee I occupy these rooms, you are arrested. He ordered two guards for each minister for fear that the crowd would hurt them. The atmosphere was very anarchistic.” "

Startsev, Arkadij

(historian of the Russian October revolution ) , speaking Russian:
-  "„There were no protests or bigger movements in the streets. From commands given by phone or in writing, the military forces occupied the most important locations to avoid disturbances in the streets.”"

Antonov-Ovsejenko, Anton

(Son of one of Lenin’s fellow) , speaking Russian:
-  "„This revolution was spontaneous and chaotic, a real popular revolt. Neither Lenin, nor the Bolshevik party played any role in it.”"

Arvan, Solomon

(Clock-maker in St. Petersburg ) , speaking Russian:
-  "„Most of them were women, I remember well. With slogans and placards – bread, bread, they shouted. The starvation was serious, really. After that I saw two policemen who just threw a woman into the canal – just like that. That kind of thing was happening all the time during the February revolution.”"

Startsev, Arkadij

(historian of the Russian October revolution ) , speaking Russian:
-  "„Lenin was not only the leader of the Revolution. He was more than that. None of it could have happened without him. His influence on the Bolsheviks and his personality were overwhelming.” As a law student he had already read Marx and Engels. In his years of exile he became an agitator. The radical Bolsheviks saw him as their leader."




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