Salyut 7: Space station, run the spacecraft, Valentin Vitaljevich Lebedev (00:00:11)
Original video: Salyut 7: Space station, Svetlana Savitskaya, 1983 (00:09:18)

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Salyut 7: Space station, run the spacecraft, Valentin Vitaljevich Lebedev

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Location and time:

Soviet Union, 1983


Salyut 7 : Space station - 1983

On the space station "Salyut-7" work - a woman-cosmonaut Savitskaya S.E., the cosmonauts: Popov  L.I., Serebrov A.A., Berezovoy A.N., Lebedev V.V.

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Bulgarian :

совалка, Салют-7, жена-космонавт, Светлана Савицка, космонавти, Попов, Серебров, Berezovoy, Лебедев, Съветския съюз кадри, науката кадри, науката видео кадри, пространство кадри, пространство видео кадри, Космос видео кадри, космическа станция, run, космически кораб, Valentin Vitaljevich Лебедев, Съветския съюз, ,

Dutch :

ruimte, station, Saljoet 7, vrouw-kosmonaut, Svetlana Savitskaya, kosmonauten, Popov, Serebrov, Berezovoj, Lebedev, beeldmateriaal van de Sovjet-Unie, wetenschap beeldmateriaal, wetenschap videobeelden, ruimte beelden, videobeelden van de ruimte, kosmos videobeelden, ruimtestation, run, ruimtevaartuig, Valentin Vitaljevich Lebedev, Sovjet-Unie, ,

Finnish :

tilaa, station, Saljut 7 nainen kosmonautti Svetlana Savitskaja, kosmonautit, Popov, Serebrov, Berezovoy, Lebedev, Neuvostoliiton materiaalia, tiede materiaalia, tiede videomateriaalia, tilaa materiaalia, tilaa videomateriaalia, cosmos videomateriaalia, avaruusasema, ajelu, avaruusalus, Valentin Vitaljevich Lebedev, Neuvostoliitto, ,

Hungarian :

hely, állomás, Szaljut–7, nő-űrhajós, Svetlana Savitskaya, űrhajósok, Popov, Alekszandrovics Szerebrov, Nyikolajevics Berezovoj Lebedev, Szovjetunió felvételeket, tudomány felvételeket, tudományos videofelvétel, tér felvétel, hely videofelvétel, kozmosz videofelvétel, űrállomás, fuss, űrhajó, Valentin Vitaljevich Lebedev, Szovjetunió,

Norwegian :

mellomrom, stasjon, Saljut 7, kvinne-kosmonaut, Svetlana Savitskaya, kosmonauter, Popov, Serebrov, Berezovoy, Lebedev, Sovjetunionen opptakene, vitenskap opptakene, vitenskap videoopptak, plass opptakene, plass videoopptak, kosmos videoopptak, romstasjonen, løpe, romskipet, Valentin Vitaljevich Lebedev, Sovjetunionen, ,




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Original video: Salyut 7: Space station, Svetlana Savitskaya, 1983
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