40 Years of the GDR: Military Parade Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the GDR - Jaruzelski, Gorbachev, Willi Stoph, Erich Honecker, torch journey (00:01:00)

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40 Years of the GDR: Military Parade Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the GDR - Jaruzelski, Gorbachev, Willi Stoph, Erich Honecker, torch journey

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Location and time:

East-Germany, East-Berlin, 07-10-1989


As signs of the decline of the SED dictatorship became ever clearer over the spring and summer of 1989, SED leaders stubbornly adhered to distant, unrealistic slogans about a victorious socialism. They chose to ignore the growing political opposition, mass demonstrations, and demands for political reform and free elections. Peaceful demonstrators in East Berlin even dared to take to the streets during the regime's official celebration of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the GDR on October 6 and 7, 1989. These demonstrations were immediately suppressed and more than a thousand people were arrested. This photo shows the VIP-grandstand on Karl-Marx Allee during the official military parade in East Berlin on October 7, 1989. Soviet head of state and party leader Mikhail Gorbachev, East German head of state and SED general secretary Erich Honecker, Raisa Gorbacheva, and Willi Stoph, prime minister of the German Democratic Republic can be seen in the middle of the grandstand, among others. The banner in the background reads, "40 Years of the GDR." 

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Arabic :

اريش هونيكر، لقطات هونيكر، جمهورية ألمانيا الديمقراطية، لقطات GDR، لقطات التسريح وإعادة الإدماج، السياسة، وسياسي، عسكرية، لقطات عسكرية، لقطات الجيش، لقطات الجندي، 40 عاماً GDR، "العرض العسكري"، والذكرى الأربعين لجمهورية ألمانيا الديمقراطية، ياروزلسكي، وغورباتشوف، ويلي ستوف، اريش هونيكر، الشعلة رحلة، شرق ألمانيا، وبرلين الشرقية،,

Catalan :

Honecker Erich, Imatges de Honecker, RDA, Imatges de RDA, imatges DDR, política, polític, militar, viatge militar imatges, imatges de l'exèrcit, seqüències de soldat, 40 anys de la RDA, desfilada militar, 40è aniversari de la RDA, Jaruzelski, Gorbachev, Willi Stoph, Erich Honecker, torxa, Alemanya Oriental, Berlín Est, ,

Chinese Simplified :

埃里希 · 昂纳克, 昂纳克的镜头, GDR, GDR 画面,DDR 画面 政治、 政客, 军事, 军事素材,军队画面,士兵画面,40 年的 GDR、 阅兵、 40 周年 GDR,雅鲁泽斯基,戈尔巴乔夫,威利斯多夫、 埃里希 · 昂纳克,火炬旅程,德国东部,东柏林,,

Chinese Traditional :

埃裡希 · 昂納克, 昂納克的鏡頭, GDR, GDR 畫面,DDR 畫面 政治、 政客, 軍事, 軍事素材,軍隊畫面,士兵畫面,40 年的 GDR、 閱兵、 40 周年 GDR,雅魯澤斯基,戈巴契夫,威利斯多夫、 埃裡希 · 昂納克,火炬旅程,德國東部,東柏林,,

Danish :

Honecker Erich, Honecker optagelser, GDR, GDR optagelser, DDR optagelser, politik, politiker, militæret, militære optagelser, hær optagelser, soldat optagelser, 40 års DDR, militærparade, 40-årsdagen for GDR, Jaruzelski, Gorbatjov, Willi Stoph, Erich Honecker, faklen rejse, Øst-Tyskland, øst-Berlin, ,

Dutch :

Honecker Erich, Honecker beeldmateriaal, GDR, GDR beelden, beelden van de DDR, politiek, politicus militaire, militaire beelden, beelden van het leger, soldaat beeldmateriaal, 40 jaar van de DDR, de militaire Parade, de 40ste verjaardag van de DDR Jaruzelski, Gorbatsjov, Willi Stoph, Erich Honecker, toorts reis, Oost-Duitsland, Oost-Berlijn, ,

Estonian :

Honecker Erich, Honecker kaadrid, GDR, GDR footage, DDR kaadrid, poliitika, poliitik, sõjavägi, sõjalise footage, armee footage, sõdur footage, 40 aastat GDR, sõjaväe paraad, SDV, Jaruzelski, Gorbatšov, Willi Stoph, Erich Honecker, tõrvik 40 aastapäeva reis, Ida-Saksamaa, Ida-Berliin, ,

Finnish :

Honecker Erich Honecker materiaalia, DDR, DDR: N materiaalia, DDR materiaalia, politiikka, poliitikko sotilas, sotilaallista materiaalia, armeijan materiaalia, sotilas materiaalia, 40 vuotta 40-vuotispäivää DDR, Jaruzelski, Gorbatšov, Willi Stoph, Erich Honecker, soihtu, DDR, sotilaallinen paraati matkaa, Itä-Saksa, Berliini, ,

German :

Honecker Erich, Honecker Filmmaterial, DDR, DDR Filmmaterial, DDR Filmmaterial, Politik, Politiker, Militär, Militärische Aufnahmen, Armee Filmmaterial, Soldat Filmmaterial, 40 Jahre DDR, Militärparade, 40. Jahrestag der DDR, Jaruzelski, Gorbatschow, Willi Stoph, Erich Honecker, Fackel Reise, DDR, Ostberlin, ,

Greek :

Έριχ Χόνεκερ, Μήκος σε πόδηα Χόνεκερ, GDR, Πλάνα της ΟΔΓ, DDR πλάνα, πολιτικής, πολιτικός, στρατιωτικό, στρατιωτικές σκηνές, στρατός σκηνές, στρατιώτης πλάνα, 40 χρόνια της ΟΔΓ, στρατιωτική παρέλαση, 40ή επέτειο της ΟΔΓ, Γιαρουζέλσκι, Γκορμπατσώφ, ο Βίλλυ Στοφ, Erich Honecker, δάδα ταξίδι, Ανατολή-Γερμανία, Ανατολή-Βερολίνο, ,

Haitian Creole :

Honecker, Erich, Honecker, métrage, REPIBLIK DEMOKRATIK ALMAN, Repiblik Demokratik ALMAN métrage, DDR, métrage, politik yo, politisyen, militè yo, militè métrage, lame métrage, sòlda métrage, de 40 ane Repiblik Demokratik ALMAN, parad militè, 40e anivèsè a Repiblik Demokratik ALMAN, Jaruzelski, Mikayèl Gòbatchèv, Willi Stoph, Erich Honecker, bwadife pou mache, Almay de lès, bò solèy leve nan Berlin, ,

Hebrew :

. אריך הונקר הונקר מדה. GDR, GDR צילומים, צילומים DDR, פוליטיקה, פוליטיקאי, צבא, מדה צבא, הצבא מדה, חייל מדה, 40 שנה של GDR, במצעד צבאי, יום השנה ה-40 של GDR, ירוזלסקי, גורבצ'וב, ווילי Stoph, אריך הונקר, הלפיד המסע, מזרח-גרמניה, ברלין המזרחית, ,

Latvian :

Honecker Erich, Honecker kadrus VDR, VDR kadrus, DDR kadrus politika, politiķis, rais, Vācijas austrumu, East Berlin, militāros kadrus, armijas kadrus, karavīrs kadrus, 40 gadu laikā VDR, militārā parāde, 40 Gadadiena no VDR, Jaruzeļskis, Gorbačovs, Willi Stoph, Erich Honecker, lodlampa brauciens,

Portuguese :

Honecker Erich, Filmagens de Honecker, GDR, Filmagem do GDR, filmagens DDR, política, político, militar, jornada de cenas militares, exército filmagem, filmagem de soldado, 40 anos da RDA, desfile militar, 40º aniversário da RDA, Jaruzelski, Gorbachev, Willi Stoph, Erich Honecker, tocha, leste-Alemanha, Berlim-Leste, ,

Slovenian :

Honecker Erich, Honecker posnetkov, NDR, NDR posnetkov, DDR posnetkov, politiki, politik, vojaške, vojaške posnetkov, posnetkov vojske, vojak posnetkov, 40 let, NDR, vojaško parado, mineva 40 let, NDR, Jaruzelski, Gorbačov, Willi Stoph, Erich Honecker, baklo poti, Vzhodni Nemčiji, vzhodni Berlin, ,




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