Russian winter: Frost in Moscow, winter 2012 - Kremlin, people, dog, homeless, protest, Car, snow, cold, dog sled (00:02:35)
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Russian winter: Frost in Moscow, winter 2012 - Kremlin, people, dog, homeless, protest, Car, snow, cold, dog sled

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Location and time:

Russia, Moscow, 2012


Moscow's strong grip of frost does not weaken. More than two hundred Muscovites sought medical help for hypothermia and frostbite in past month, five of them died. Most of all, homeless people suffer from frost. Perhaps, in the capital it’s easier for them to find at least temporary refuge, where they can warm up. During severe frosts Muscovites also exhibit more tolerance to the unpleasant neighbors in public places. Here, homeless goes neither more nor less - in the main public library. Nobody kicks off the vagrants, warming up in the subway. But when the metro closes at night, the tramp will be on the street again. Or, if he’s lucky, he could get a warm spot in a special bus for the homeless.

Homeless speech: «They let me in. The guys are kind when I feel bad or temperature is low, they let me in.»

Special buses of "Mercy" fund patrol Moscow for 24 hours, and get the homeless off the streets - to warm and feed.

Life with workman from fund "Mercy": “Water and pills, please”.

Every night the bus team can save from the death of cold up to 30 people. However, neither frost nor the piercing cold wind couldn’t cool the political heat on the streets of Moscow. Tens of thousands of Muscovites, almost certainly two hundred thousand people, came to the meetings, ones to protest, others to support, but still - for "fair elections".

Life from meetings.

On the one hand, it turned out to almost a carnival, on the other - to Russian folk festival: warming up with tea and dancing. It is interesting to mention that after few hours spent at these demonstrations there was not a single frostbiten.

Life from meetings.

Frost is not so bad, but what if snow begins to fall, then hold on! Cars that have been being out for a night, don’t start. And those which were warmed up and finally started, stand still in traffic jam. Collapse! It was better not to go out.

Moscow officials after hard thinking decided to use dog sled with real Huskies. Now, inspectors of the Department of Conservation of Natural resourses will inspect the metropolitan parks on dog sleds.

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Arabic :

روسيا فصل الشتاء، الصقيع، لقطات روسيا، الطقس، درجة الحرارة، everydays، الفقر، لقطات الفقر، الشتاء الروسي، فروست في موسكو، في فصل الشتاء 2012، موسكو، الكرملين، الناس، الكلب، والذين لا مأوى لهم، والاحتجاج، سيارات، الثلج، البرد، الكلب مزلقة،,

Bulgarian :

Русия зима, скреж, Русия кадри, време, температура, everydays, бедността, бедността кадри, руски зима, скреж в Москва, зима 2012, Москва, Кремъл, хора, кучета, бездомни, протест, кола, сняг, студ, кучешки впряг, ,

Catalan :

Rússia, l'hivern, gelades, seqüències de Rússia, temps, temperatura, everydays, pobresa, imatges de la pobresa, l'hivern rus, Frost a Moscou, l'hivern 2012, Moscou, Kremlin, gent, gos, sense llar, protestar, cotxes, neu, fred, trineu de gossos, ,

Chinese Simplified :

俄罗斯冬天,弗罗斯特,俄罗斯的镜头,天气,温度,生活用品,贫穷,贫穷的镜头,俄罗斯冬季,弗罗斯特在莫斯科,冬天 2012 年,莫斯科,克里姆林宫的人,狗,无家可归,抗议,汽车、 雪、 冷、 狗拉雪橇,,

Chinese Traditional :

俄羅斯冬天,弗羅斯特,俄羅斯的鏡頭,天氣,溫度,生活用品,貧窮,貧窮的鏡頭,俄羅斯冬季,弗羅斯特在莫斯科,冬天 2012 年,莫斯科,克里姆林宮的人,狗,無家可歸,抗議,汽車、 雪、 冷、 狗拉雪橇,,

Czech :

Rusko zima, mráz, Rusko záběry, počasí, teplota, everydays, chudoba, Chudoba záběry, Ruská zima, mráz v Moskvě, zima 2012, Moskva, Kreml, lidi, pes, bezdomovci, protestovat, auto, sníh, chlad, psí spřežení, ,

Danish :

Rusland vinter, frost, Rusland optagelser, vejr, temperatur, dagligdags, fattigdom, fattigdom optagelser, russiske vinter, Frost i Moskva, vinter 2012, Moskva, Kreml, mennesker, hund, hjemløse, protest, bil, sne, kulde, hundeslæde, ,

Dutch :

Rusland winter frost, Rusland beeldmateriaal, voorspelling, temperatuur, Everydays, armoede, armoede beeldmateriaal, Russische winter, Frost in Moskou, de winter 2012, Moskou, Kremlin, mensen, hond, daklozen, protest, auto, sneeuw, koude, hond slee, ,

Estonian :

Venemaa Talv, külma vastu Venemaa filmimaterjali, ilm, temperatuur, everydays, vaesuse, vaesuse filmimaterjali, vene talv, külma Moskvas, talv 2012, Moskva, Kreml, inimestele, koer, kodutud, protest, auto, lumi, külm, koer Kelk,

Finnish :

Venäjä talvi, pakkanen, Venäjän materiaalia, Sää, lämpötila, everydays, köyhyys, köyhyyden materiaalia, Venäjän talvi, pakkanen Moskovassa, talvi 2012, Moskova, Kreml, ihmiset, koira, kodittomia, protesti, auto, lumi, kylmä, koiravaljakolla, ,

French :

Russie hiver, givre, images de Russie, météo, température, tous les jours, pauvreté, des images de la pauvreté, l'hiver russe, Frost dans Moscou, hiver 2012, Moscou, Kremlin, gens, chien, sans-abri, protester, voiture, froid, neige, traîneau à chiens, ,

German :

Russland Winter, Frost, Russland-Filmmaterial, Wetter, Temperatur, täglichen, Armut, Armut Filmmaterial, russischer Winter, Frost in Moskau, winter 2012, Moskau, Kreml, Menschen, Hund, Obdachlose, protest, Auto, Schnee, Kälte, Hundeschlitten, ,

Greek :

Ρωσία χειμώνα, παγετός, Ρωσία πλάνα, καιρικές συνθήκες, θερμοκρασία, everydays, φτώχεια, μήκος σε πόδηα της φτώχειας, ρωσικός χειμώνας, παγετού στη Μόσχα, Χειμώνας 2012, Μόσχα, Κρεμλίνο, άνθρωποι, σκύλος, άστεγοι, διαμαρτυρία, αυτοκίνητο, χιόνι, κρύα, έλκηθρο σκύλων, ,

Haitian Creole :

Lawisi, sezon lapli, glas, Lawisi, métrage, tan an, tanperati a, everydays, povwete, métrage povwete, Russe D', Frost nan Moskou, D' 2012, Moscow, Kremlin, moun, chen, sans, pwotèste, machin, lanèj, Froid, treno chen, ,

Hebrew :

רוסיה החורף, פרוסט, רוסיה מדה, מזג האוויר, טמפרטורה, everydays, עוני, עוני מדה, החורף הרוסי, פרוסט במוסקבה, חורף 2012, מוסקבה, הקרמלין, אנשים, כלב, חסרי בית, למחות, רכב, שלג, קור, מזחלות כלבים, ,

Hindi :

रूस सर्दी, फ्रॉस्ट, रूस फुटेज, मौसम, तापमान, everydays, गरीबी, गरीबी फुटेज, फ्रॉस्ट, रूसी सर्दी में मास्को, शीतकालीन 2012, मास्को, क्रेमलिन, लोगों को, कुत्ता, बेघर, विरोध, कार, हिमपात, ठंड, डॉग स्लेज, ,

Hungarian :

Oroszország tél, fagy, Oroszország felvételeket, időjárás, hőmérséklet, hétköznapok, a szegénység, felvétel a szegénység, az orosz tél, fagy Moszkvában, téli 2012, Moszkva, Kreml, az emberek, kutya, hajléktalan, tiltakozás, autó, , hideg, kutyaszán, ,

Indonesian :

Rusia musim dingin, es, rekaman Rusia, cuaca, suhu, everydays, kemiskinan, rekaman kemiskinan, winter Rusia, embun beku di Moskow, musim dingin 2012, Moskow, Kremlin, orang-orang, anjing, tunawisma, protes, Mobil, salju, dingin kereta luncur anjing, ,

Italian :

Russia inverno, gelo, filmati di Russia, Meteo, temperatura, Everydays, povertà, filmati di povertà, inverno russo, gelo in Mosca, inverno 2012, Mosca, Cremlino, persone, cane, senzatetto, protestare, auto, neve, freddo, cani da slitta, ,

Japanese :

ロシア冬、霜、ロシアの映像温度、天気日々、貧困、貧困の映像、ロシアの冬、霜冬のモスクワでは、2012 年、モスクワ、クレムリン、人々、ホームレスの犬は、抗議、車、雪、寒さ、犬そり,

Korean :

러시아 겨울, 서 리, 러시아 영상 날씨, 온도, everydays, 빈곤, 빈곤 장면, 러시아 겨울, 프 로스트 겨울 모스크바, 2012, 모스크바, 크렘린, 사람, , 집 없는, 항의 자동차, , 추위, 개 썰매, ,

Latvian :

Krievija ziemas sals, Krievija kadrus laika, temperatūras, everydays, nabadzība, nabadzības kadrus, krievu ziemas sals Maskavā, ziemas 2012, Maskava, Kremlis, cilvēki, suns, bezpajumtnieki, protests, automašīnas, sniega, aukstā, ragavas suns, ,

Lithuanian :

Rusija žiema, šaltis, Rusija filmuotą medžiagą, Orai, temperatūra, everydays, skurdo, skurdo filmuotą medžiagą, Rusijos žiemos, šalnų Maskvoje, žiema 2012, Maskva, Kremlius, žmonės, šuo, benamiai, protestas, automobilių, sniegas, šaltis, šunų kinkiniais, ,

Norwegian :

Russland, vinteren, frost, Russland opptak, været, temperatur, Everydays, fattigdom, fattigdom opptakene, russisk vinter Frost i Moskva, vinter 2012, Moskva, Kreml, folk, hunden, hjemløse, protest, bil, snø, kaldt, hundespann, ,

Polish :

Rosja zima, mróz, Rosja materiału, Pogoda, temperatury, everydays, ubóstwa, materiał ubóstwa, Rosyjska zima, mróz w Moskwie, zima 2012, Moskwa, Kreml, ludzie, pies, bezdomnych, protestować, samochód, śnieg, zimno, psich zaprzęgów, ,

Portuguese :

Rússia Inverno, geada, imagens da Rússia, tempo, temperatura, diária, pobreza, imagens de pobreza, o inverno russo, Frost em Moscou, inverno 2012, Moscou, Kremlin, pessoas, cachorro, sem teto, protesto, carro, frio, neve, trenós puxados por cachorros, ,

Romanian :

Rusia iarnă, ger, picior de Rusia, vreme, temperatura, rutina, sărăciei, picior de sărăcie, iarnă rusă, îngheţ în Moscova, iarna 2012, Moscova, Kremlin, oameni, câine, fără adăpost, de protest, auto, zapada, frig, câine sanie, ,

Russian :

Россия Зима, Мороз, Россия кадры, Погода, температуры, будни, нищета, бедность кадры, Русская зима, морозы в Москве, зима 2012, Москва, Кремль, люди, собаки, бездомных, протест, автомобиль, снег, холод, собачьих упряжках, ,

Slovak :

Rusko zima, mráz, Rusko zábery, počasie, teplota, nevzniknú, chudoby, chudoba zábery, Ruská zima, mráz v Moskve, Zima 2012, Moskva, Kremeľ, ľudí, pes, bezdomovci, protest, auto, snehu, chladu, psích záprahov, ,

Slovenian :

Rusija zima, mraz, Rusija posnetkov, vreme, temperatura, everydays, revščine, Revščina posnetkov, Russian winter zmrzal v Moskvi, zima 2012, Moskve, Kremelj, ljudje, pes, brezdomci, protest, avto, sneg, mraz, pes sled, ,

Spanish :

Rusia invierno, helada, imágenes de Rusia, clima, temperatura, todos los días, pobreza, imágenes de la pobreza, invierno ruso, helada en Moscú, invierno 2012, Moscú, el Kremlin, people, perro, sin hogar, protest, auto, frío, nieve, trineo de perros, ,

Swedish :

Ryssland vintern, frost, Ryssland footage, väder, temperatur, everydays, fattigdom, fattigdom footage, ryska vintern, Frost i Moskva, vinter 2012, Moskva, Kreml, människor, hund, hemlösa, protest, bil, snö, kallt, hundspann, ,

Thai :

รัสเซีย หนาว น้ำแข็ง รัสเซียฟุต สภาพอากาศ อุณหภูมิ everydays ความยากจน ภาพความยากจน รัสเซียหนาว น้ำค้างแข็งในมอสโก ฤดูหนาว 2012 มอสโก เครมลิน คน สุนัขจรจัด ประท้วง รถยนต์ หิมะ เย็น สุนัขลาก เลื่อน,

Turkish :

Rusya kış, buz, Rusya görüntüleri, Hava sıcaklığı, birimimiz, yoksulluk, yoksulluk görüntüleri, Rus kış, Buz Moskova, kış 2012, Moskova, Kremlin, millet, köpek, evsiz, protesto, Araba, köpek kızağı, kar, soğuk,

Ukrainian :

Росія Зимові морози, Росія кадри, погода, температура, everydays, бідності, бідність кадри, Російська зима, Мороз в Москві, зима 2012, Москва, Кремль, люди, собак, бездомні, протест, автомобіль, сніг, холод, собачих упряжках, ,

Vietnamese :

Liên bang Nga, mùa đông, frost, Nga cảnh, thời tiết, nhiệt độ, Everydays, đói nghèo, cảnh đói nghèo, mùa đông Nga, Frost tại Moscow, mùa đông 2012, Moscow, Kremlin, con người, con chó, vô gia cư, kháng nghị, xe hơi, tuyết, lạnh, chó kéo xe, ,




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