Moscow Metro: Metro train, passengers (00:01:14)
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Moscow Metro: Metro train, passengers

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Soviet Union, Moscow, 1940s


The Moscow Metro is a rapid transit system serving Moscow and the neighbouring town of Krasnogorsk. Opened in 1935 with one 11-kilometre line and 13 stations, it was the first underground railway system in the Soviet Union. As of 2011, the Moscow Metro has 185 stations and its route length is 305.7 kilometres. The system is mostly underground, with the deepest section 84 metres below ground at the Park Pobedy station. The Moscow Metro is the world's second-most-heavily-used rapid transit system, after Tokyo's twin subway.

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Hungarian :

vasúti, vasúti felvételeket, vonat felvételeket, forgalom, forgalom felvételeket, technológia, technológia felvételeket, moszkvai metró, metró, gyors árutovábbítási rendszerben, Metro vonat, az utasok, a Szovjetunió, Moszkva, ,

Indonesian :

kereta api, kereta api rekaman, rekaman kereta, lalu lintas, rekaman lalu lintas, teknologi, teknologi rekaman, Metro Moskow, kereta bawah tanah, sistem angkutan cepat, kereta Metro, penumpang, Uni Soviet, Moskow, ,

Korean :

철도, 철도 영상, 기차 장면 교통, 교통 영상, 기술, 기술 영상, 모스크바 지하철, 지하철, 철도 시스템, 지하철 기차, 승객, 소련, 모스크바, ,

Norwegian :

jernbanen jernbanen opptak, tog opptak, trafikk, trafikk opptak, teknologi, teknologi opptak, Moskva Metro, t, raske transportsystem, Metro-tog, passasjerer, Sovjetunionen, Moskva,

Romanian :

calea ferată, cale ferată picior, picior de tren, trafic, picior de trafic, tehnologie, picior de tehnologie, metrou Moscova, metrou, sistem de tranzit rapid, tren de metrou, pasageri, Uniunea Sovietică, Moscova, ,

Slovenian :

železniških, železniška posnetkov, posnetkov vlaka, prometa, prometa posnetkov, tehnologije, tehnologija posnetkov, Metro Moskvi subway, hiter tranzitni sistem, Metro železniška, potnikov, Sovjetske zveze, Moskva, ,

Spanish :

ferrocarril, imágenes de tren, tren tomas, tráfico, imágenes de tráfico, tecnología, imágenes de tecnología, Metro de Moscú, metro, sistema de tránsito rápido, Metro tren pasajeros, Unión Soviética, Moscú, ,

Swedish :

järnväg, järnvägen filmen, tåg film, trafik, trafik footage, teknik, teknik footage, Moskvas tunnelbana, tunnelbanan, rapid transit-systemet, Metro tåg, passagerare, Sovjetunionen, Moskva, ,




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