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Luxury for Dogs

Rights-Managed, Footage

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Hungary, 16-05-2011


Luxury for Dogs

Spoiling your dog with luxury items like fancy dog accessories, designer carriers, exclusive clothing, strollers, dog spa products and duxury dog beds may be a common thing for celebrities. However, this kind of dog pampering is not as rare as you would think: some people spare no effort to spend a vast amount of money to please their dogs, for instance they buy a dog house for over 3500 EUR.

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Arabic :

الحيوانات، لقطات الحيوانات، الأزياء، والوضع، الكلب، الفاخرة،,

Bulgarian :

животни, животни кадри, мода, режим, куче, лукс, ,

Catalan :

animals, imatges d'animals, moda, mode, gos, luxe, ,

Chinese Simplified :

动物,动物素材时尚、 模式,狗,豪华,,

Chinese Traditional :

動物,動物素材時尚、 模式,狗,豪華,,

Czech :

zvířata, zvířata záběry, móda, režim, pes, luxus, ,

Danish :

dyr, dyr optagelser, mode, mode, hund, luksus, ,

Dutch :

dieren, dieren beeldmateriaal, mode, mode, hond, luxe, ,

Estonian :

loomad, loomade kaadrid mood, režiim, koer, luksus, ,

Finnish :

eläimet, eläinten materiaalia, muoti, tila, koira, ylellisyyttä, ,

French :

animaux, images d'animaux, Fashion, mode, chien, luxe, ,

German :

Tiere, Tiere-Filmmaterial, Mode, Mode, Hund, Luxus, ,

Greek :

ζώα, μήκος σε πόδηα ζώα, μόδα, λειτουργία, σκύλος, πολυτέλεια, ,

Haitian Creole :

bèt yo, bèt yo, métrage, mode, mòd, chen, luxe, ,

Hebrew :

בעלי חיים, צילומי חיות, אופנה, מצב, כלב, יוקרה, ,

Hindi :

पशु, जानवरों के फुटेज, फैशन, मोड, कुत्ता, विलासिता, ,

Hungarian :

állatok, állatokat footage, divat, mód, kutya, luxus, ,

Indonesian :

hewan, rekaman hewan, Fashion, mode, anjing, mewah, ,

Italian :

animali, filmati di animali, moda, mode, cane, lusso, ,

Japanese :


Korean :

동물, 동물 영상 패션, 모드, , 럭셔리, ,

Latvian :

dzīvnieki, dzīvnieki kadrus modes, režīma, suns, greznība, ,

Lithuanian :

gyvūnai, gyvūnų filmuotą medžiagą, mados, režimas, šuo, prabanga, ,

Norwegian :

dyr, dyr opptak, mote, modus, hunden, luksus, ,

Polish :

zwierząt, Zdjęcia zwierząt, moda, tryb, pies, luksusowy, ,

Portuguese :

animais, imagens de animais, moda, modo, cão, luxo, ,

Romanian :

animale, imagini de animale, moda, modul, câine, de lux, ,

Russian :

животных, кадры животных, Мода, режим, собака, роскошь, ,

Slovak :

zvierat, zábery zvierat, móda, režim, pes, luxus, ,

Slovenian :

živali, živali posnetkov, moda, mode, pes, Luksuzni, ,

Spanish :

animales, imágenes de animales, moda, mode, perro, lujo, ,

Swedish :

djur, djur bilder, mode, mode, hund, lyx, ,

Thai :

สัตว์ ภาพสัตว์ แฟชั่น โหมด สุนัข หรู,

Turkish :

hayvanlar, hayvan görüntüleri, moda, tarz, köpek, lüks, ,

Ukrainian :

тварин, тварин кадри, мода, режим, собака, Розкішний, ,

Vietnamese :

động vật, động vật cảnh, thời trang, chế độ, chó, sang trọng, ,




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