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Lifelike Baby Dolls

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Hungary, 09-06-2010


Lifelike Baby Dolls

Realistic baby dolls, also known as ‘real babies’ have taken the doll industry by storm since their introduction onto the market. They will steal your heart the moment you see them. Do you think they can help mourning mothers ease their pain from losing a child? Or does the nursing of an artificial baby cause morbid attachment?

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Arabic :

المجر لقطات هنغاريا، هواية، لقطات هواية، نابض بالحياة، دمى،,

Bulgarian :

Унгария Унгария кадри, хоби, хоби кадри, реалистична, кукли, ,

Catalan :

Hongria, imatges d'Hongria, afició, imatges de l'afició, natural, nines, ,

Chinese Simplified :

匈牙利 匈牙利的镜头, 爱好, 爱好的镜头, 栩栩如生, 娃娃,,

Chinese Traditional :

匈牙利 匈牙利的鏡頭, 愛好, 愛好的鏡頭, 栩栩如生, 娃娃,,

Danish :

Ungarn Ungarn optagelser, hobby, hobby optagelser, naturtro, dukker, ,

Estonian :

Ungari Ungari filmid, hobi, hobi kaadrid, elutruu, nukud, ,

Greek :

Ουγγαρία πλάνα της Ουγγαρίας, χόμπι, μήκος σε πόδηα χόμπι, ρεαλιστικά, κούκλες, ,

Hebrew :

הונגריה הונגריה מדה. תחביב. מדה התחביב, מציאותיות בובות, ,

Hindi :

हंगरी हंगरी फुटेज, शौक, शौक फुटेज, lifelike, गुड़िया, ,

Hungarian :

Magyarország Magyarország felvételeket, hobbi, hobbi felvételeket, életszerű, babák, ,

Italian :

Ungheria filmati di Ungheria, Hobby, metraggio Hobby, realistiche, bambole, ,

Latvian :

Ungārija Ungārija kadrus hobijs, hobijs kadrus dzīvīgas, lelles, ,

Portuguese :

Hungria filmagens de Hungria, passatempo, filmagens de passatempo, realista, Bonecas, ,

Swedish :

Ungern Ungern footage, hobby, Hobby material, verklighetstrogna, dockor, ,

Vietnamese :

Hungary, Hungary cảnh, sở thích, sở thích cảnh, sống động như thật, búp bê, ,




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