Wooden Car: The unique car uses solar energy (00:03:23)

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Wooden Car: The unique car uses solar energy

Rights-Managed, Editorial

Location and time:

Hungary, Szombathely, 29-07-2011


Wooden Car

This cool car is completely made of wood and it is operable. Its creator, Sandor Kovacs Arhitect from Szombathely, Hungary had worked on his wooden car for almost a year. The unique car uses solar energy and can hit 30 km/h in sunny weather. Steering the car is not an easy job: you should use the pedal instead of the steering wheel.

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Arabic :

سيارة، هواية، والطاقة الشمسية، والخشب,

Bulgarian :

кола, хоби, слънчева енергия, дърво,

Catalan :

cotxes, afició, energia solar, fusta,

Chinese Simplified :

汽车、 爱好、 太阳能能源、 木材,

Chinese Traditional :

汽車、 愛好、 太陽能能源、 木材,

Czech :

auto, koníček, solární energii, dřevo,

Danish :

bil, hobby, solenergi, træ,

Dutch :

auto, hobby, zonne-energie, hout,

Estonian :

auto, hobi, päikeseenergia, puidust,

Finnish :

auto, hobby, aurinkoenergia, puu,

French :

voiture, hobby, énergie solaire, bois,

German :

Auto, Hobby, Solarenergie, Holz,

Greek :

αυτοκίνητο, χόμπι, ηλιακή ενέργεια, ξύλο,

Haitian Creole :

machin, lwazi, solè, bwa,

Hebrew :

המכונית, תחביב, אנרגיה סולארית, עץ,

Hindi :

कार, शौक, सौर ऊर्जा, लकड़ी,

Hungarian :

autó, hobbi, napenergia, fa,

Indonesian :

Mobil, hobi, energi surya, kayu,

Italian :

auto, hobby, energia solare, legno,

Japanese :


Korean :

자동차, 취미, 태양 에너지, 목재,

Latvian :

automašīna, hobijs, saules enerģija, koksnes,

Lithuanian :

automobilis, hobis, saulės energijos, medienos,

Norwegian :

bil, hobby, solenergi, tre,

Polish :

samochód, hobby, energia słoneczna, drewno,

Portuguese :

carro, passatempo, energia solar, madeira,

Romanian :

masina, pasiune, energie solara, lemn,

Russian :

автомобиль, Хобби, солнечная энергия, дерево,

Slovak :

auto, hobby, Solárna energia, drevo,

Slovenian :

avto, hobi, sončna energija, les,

Spanish :

auto, hobby, energía solar, madera,

Swedish :

bil, hobby, solenergi, trä,

Thai :

รถยนต์ งานอดิเรก พลังงานแสงอาทิตย์ ไม้,

Turkish :

Araba, hobi, güneş enerjisi, ahşap,

Ukrainian :

автомобіль, хобі, сонячної енергії, деревини,

Vietnamese :

xe, sở thích, năng lượng mặt trời, gỗ,




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