History of the II. World War: events of 1940 (00:06:13)
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History of the II. World War: events of 1940

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Location and time:

Romania, 1940


History of the II. World War : events of 1940

In October 1940, Italy started the Greco-Italian War due to Mussolini's jealousy of Hitler's success but within days was repulsed and pushed back into Albania, where a stalemate soon occurred. The United Kingdom responded to Greek requests for assistance by sending troops to Crete and providing air support to Greece. Hitler decided to take action against Greece when the weather improved to assist the Italians and prevent the British from gaining a foothold in the Balkans, to strike against the British naval dominance of the Mediterranean, and to secure his hold on Romanian oil.

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Arabic :

1940، الجيش، الحشد، اليابان، الغواصة، الحرب العالمية الثانية,

Bulgarian :

1940, армия, тълпата, Япония, подводница, Втората световна война,

Chinese Simplified :

1940 年,军队,人群,日本,潜艇,二次世界大战,

Chinese Traditional :

1940 年,軍隊,人群,日本,潛艇,二次世界大戰,

Danish :

1940, hær, crowd, Japan, ubåd, anden verdenskrig,

Dutch :

1940, leger, menigte, Japan, onderzeese, tweede Wereldoorlog,

Estonian :

1940 Punaarmee peletada, Jaapan, veealune, teine maailmasõda,

French :

1940, armée, la foule, Japon, sous-marin, la seconde guerre mondiale,

German :

1940, Heer, Menge, Japan, u-Boot, dem zweiten Weltkrieg,

Greek :

1940, στρατός, πλήθος, Ιαπωνία, υποβρύχιο, τον δεύτερο παγκόσμιο πόλεμο,

Haitian Creole :

de lane 1940, lame, foule, Japon, soumarin, gè MONDYAL,

Hebrew :

1940, צבא, קהל, צוללת, יפן במלחמת העולם השנייה,

Hindi :

1940, सेना, भीड़, जापान, पनडुब्बी, द्वितीय विश्व युद्ध,

Indonesian :

1940, tentara, kerumunan, Jepang, kapal selam, Perang Dunia II,

Korean :

1940 년, 군대, 군중, 일본, 잠수함, 제 2 차 세계 대전,

Latvian :

1940, armija, pūlis, Japāna, zemūdens, II pasaules kara,

Lithuanian :

1940 m., armijos, minios, Japonija, povandeninis, II pasaulinio karo,

Norwegian :

1940 hæren, publikum, Japan, ubåt, andre VERDENSKRIG,

Polish :

1940, armia, tłum, Japonia, okręt podwodny, II wojny światowej,

Portuguese :

1940, exército, multidão, Japão, submarino, segunda guerra mundial,

Romanian :

1940, armata, mulţimea, Japonia, submarin, al doilea război mondial,

Slovak :

1940, armáda, dav, Japonsko, ponorka, svetovej vojny,

Slovenian :

1940, vojska, množice, Japonska, podmornica, World War II,

Spanish :

1940, ejército, muchedumbre, Japón, submarino, II Guerra Mundial,

Swedish :

1940, armén, publiken, Japan, ubåt, andra världskriget,

Vietnamese :

năm 1940, quân đội, đám đông, Nhật bản, tàu ngầm, chiến tranh,




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