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Kremlin: Church of the Twelve Apostles

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Russia, Moscow, 2010


Kremlin: Church of the Twelve Apostles

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Bulgarian :

Московски Кремъл кадри, Кремъл, Москва, архитектура, архитектура кадри, ЮНЕСКО Световно наследство, църквата на дванадесетте апостоли, Русия, ,

Chinese Simplified :


Czech :

Moskevský Kreml záběry, Kreml, Moskva, architektura, Architektura záběry, Seznam světového dědictví UNESCO, kostel dvanácti apoštolů, Rusko, ,

Danish :

Kreml optagelser, Kreml, Moskva, arkitektur, arkitektur optagelser, UNESCO World Heritage, Kirke af de tolv apostle, Rusland, ,

Dutch :

Kremlin van Moskou beeldmateriaal, Kremlin, Moskou, architectuur, het platform beeldmateriaal, UNESCO-werelderfgoed, kerk van de twaalf apostelen, Rusland, ,

Estonian :

Kremli filmimaterjali, Kreml, Moskva, arhitektuur, arhitektuuri filmimaterjali, UNESCO World Heritage, kiriku kaheteistkümne Apostli, Venemaa, ,

Finnish :

Moskovan Kreml materiaalia, Kreml, Moskova, arkkitehtuuri, arkkitehtuuri materiaalia, Unescon maailmanperintöluetteloon, kirkon kahdentoista apostolin Venäjä, ,

French :

Images de Kremlin de Moscou, Kremlin, Moscou, architecture, images d'architecture, Patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO, église des douze apôtres, Russie, ,

Haitian Creole :

Moskou Kremlin métrage, Kremlin, Moscow, Achitekti, Achitekti, métrage, INESKO Monde du, manm legliz nan douz apòt, Lawisi, ,

Hindi :

मास्को क्रेमलिन फुटेज, क्रेमलिन, मॉस्को, वास्तुकला, वास्तुकला फुटेज, यूनेस्को विश्व धरोहर, बारह प्रेरितों, रूस के चर्च, ,

Hungarian :

Kreml (Moszkva) felvételeket, Kreml, Moszkva, építészet, építészet felvételeket, UNESCO-Világörökség, a templom a tizenkét apostol, Oroszország, ,

Indonesian :

Moscow Kremlin rekaman, Kremlin, Moskow, arsitektur, rekaman arsitektur, Warisan Dunia UNESCO, Gereja dua belas rasul, Rusia, ,

Japanese :

モスクワ、クレムリン、モスクワ クレムリン映像建築学建築の映像ユネスコの世界遺産、ロシア、十二使徒の教会,

Norwegian :

Kreml opptak, Kreml, Moskva arkitektur, arkitektur opptakene, UNESCOs, kirken tolv apostler, Russland,

Romanian :

Picior de Kremlinul din Moscova, Kremlin, Moscova, arhitectura, picior de arhitectura, Lista patrimoniului mondial UNESCO, Biserica celor doisprezece apostoli, Rusia, ,

Spanish :

Imágenes de Kremlin de Moscú, el Kremlin, Moscú, arquitectura, imágenes de arquitectura, Patrimonio Mundial, Iglesia de los doce apóstoles, Rusia, ,

Swedish :

Kreml footage, Kreml, Moskva, arkitektur, arkitekturen footage, Unescos världsarv, kyrkan av de tolv apostlarna, Ryssland, ,

Ukrainian :

Московський кремль кадри, Кремль, Москва, Архітектура, Архітектура кадри, Храм дванадцяти апостолів, Росія, Всесвітньої спадщини ЮНЕСКО,

Vietnamese :

Điện Kremlin Moscow cảnh phim, Kremlin, Moscow, kiến trúc, kiến trúc cảnh, Di sản thế giới UNESCO, giáo hội của các tông đồ mười hai, liên bang Nga, ,

Additional infos:

The Moscow Kremlin sometimes referred to as simply The Kremlin, is a historic fortified complex at the heart of Moscow, overlooking the Moskva River, Saint Basil's Cathedral and Red Square and the Alexander Garden. It is the best known of kremlins and includes four palaces, four cathedrals and the enclosing Kremlin Wall with Kremlin towers. The complex serves as the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation.

The name The Kremlin is often used as a metonym to refer to the government of the Soviet Union (1922–1991) and its highest members, in the same way that the metonym Élysée Palace refers to the President of the French Republic, the White House refers to the Executive Office of the President of the United States and Number 10 Downing Street or Whitehall refers to the Offices of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the British Government. It is still used in reference to the government of the Russian Federation and even the Russian President's.




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Original video: Kremlin: part 2
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