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Mind your species: Dani and the sharks

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Hungary, Budapest, 2010



Luckily there are people all around the world who devote their lives for the protection of endangered animals, plants and habitats. Mind Your Species is a short-docu series featuring remarkable people and the interesting species they are dealing with. The 5 minute long episodes answer fundamental questions like is it possible to save a single species, or only with the ecosystem they belong to: how can nature conservation experts can cooperate with native people: and how technology can come to the rescue of ancient species.

This episode is hosted by: Daniel Selmeczi
The species that needs protection: Shark

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Finnish :

koulutus, koulutus video Arkistokuvia eläimet, eläinten varastossa videomateriaalia, luonto, Hai, Predator, meri, Punaisenmeren vedenalainen Sukellus, sukeltaa, vedenalainen valokuvaaja luontoa, vaara, sinihai, Apex predator, avovedessä, meressä, ,

Greek :

εκπαίδευση, εκπαίδευση βίντεο υλικό, ζώα, ζώα απόθεμα μαγνητοταινίες, φύση, καρχαρίας, Predator, θάλασσα, Ερυθρά θάλασσα, υποβρύχια καταδύσεις, βουτιά, υποβρύχιος φωτογράφος, άγριας ζωής, κίνδυνος, καρχαρίας ο γλαυκός, αρπακτικό ζώο κορυφών, ανοίξουν το νερό, Ωκεανός, ,

Haitian Creole :

edikasyon, edikasyon valè vidéo métrage, bèt yo, animaux valè vidéo métrage, nati, Reken, prédateurs, lanmè, lanmè Wouj la, anba dlo Plonjon, plonje yo, se anba dlo fotograf, animo sovaj yo pè, danje rèkin ble, tèt triyang prédateurs, louvri dlo, Oseyan, ,

Korean :

교육, 교육 주식 영상, 동물, 동물 재고 영상, 자연, 상어, 프레데터, 바다, 홍 해 수 중 다이빙, 다이빙, 수 중 사진, 야생 동물, 위험, 청 새 리 상어, 에 팩스 육 식 동물, 오픈 워터, 바다, ,

Lithuanian :

švietimo, švietimo pradinio vaizdo medžiagą, gyvūnai, gyvūnų išteklių vaizdo medžiagą, pobūdį, ryklys, plėšrūnas, jūros, Raudonosios jūros, Povandeninis nardymas, neria, Povandeninis fotografas, laukinės gamtos, pavojus, mėlynuosius ryklius, paprastuosius APEX plėšrūnas, Atidarykite vandens, vandenyno, ,




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27-03-2012 14:35:14

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