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Mind your species: Kaaneli and the weavers

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Location and time:

Hungary, Budapest, 2010



Luckily there are people all around the world who devote their lives for the protection of endangered animals, plants and habitats. Mind Your Species is a short-docu series featuring remarkable people and the interesting species they are dealing with. The 5 minute long episodes answer fundamental questions like is it possible to save a single species, or only with the ecosystem they belong to: how can nature conservation experts can cooperate with native people: and how technology can come to the rescue of ancient species.

This episode is hosted by: Kaaneli Kanuya
The species that needs protection: white browed sparrow weaver

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Estonian :

haridus, hariduse stock videomaterjali loomad, loomade stock videomaterjali, laadi, Kesk-Aafrika Lõuna-Aafrika Weaver, valge browed varblane weaver, varblane, Põhja-tansania trekking guide metsa, Aafrika, heli, juht, gnou, sebrad, elevant, lõvi, eggsm Nest, juhend, Safari, elusloodus, Wildpark, rahvuspark, , ,

Hebrew :

חינוך, קטעי וידאו מניות חינוך, בעלי חיים, בעלי חיים מלאי קטעי וידאו, טבע, ממרכז אפריקה. דרום אפריקה ויבר. לבן דרור גבות ויבר. ספארו. tansania בצפון, מדריך טרקים, יער, אפריקה, צליל, נהג, gnou, זברות, פיל, אריה, eggsm קן. מדריך, ספארי, חיות הבר, wildpark, הפארק הלאומי, , ,

Indonesian :

pendidikan, rekaman video saham pendidikan, hewan, hewan saham cuplikan-cuplikan video, alam, Afrika Tengah, Afrika Selatan Weaver, weaver putih browed sparrow, Sparrow, tansania Utara, Pemandu pendakian, hutan, Afrika, Suara, sopir, gnou, Zebra, Gajah, singa, eggsm sarang, Panduan, Safari, satwa liar, Karlsruhe, Taman Nasional, , ,

Lithuanian :

švietimo, švietimo pradinio vaizdo medžiagą, gyvūnai, gyvūnų išteklių vaizdo medžiagą, pobūdį, Centrinės Afrikos, Pietų Afrika Weaver, balta browed žvirblis weaver, Žvirblis, Šiaurės tansania, kelionių vadovas, miško, Afrika, garsas, vairuotojas, gnou, zebrai, dramblys, Liūtas, eggsm lizdą, vadovas, Safari, laukinės gamtos, Wildpark, nacionalinis parkas, , ,




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