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Ants know it all: Good parents, bad parents

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Worldwide, 2010


Ants have been around for the last few hundred millions of years. They spent this considerable amount of time being out on the field, observing and collecting everything they've bumped into. No wonder that by now, ants became true experts in every field of natural history. Their knowledge on physics, biology, chemistry, ecology is immense - but no one has ever listened to their words. Until now. 'ANTS KNOW IT AL'most' is a brand new television series that is showing the natural world through the compound-eyes of ants. It takes you away into the most remote corners of the planet, and shows wildlife from a unique and unprecedented point of view. Because Ants Know it All. Almost.


Bringing up a baby is not always easy. Especially, if there are thousands of them.

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Hebrew :

גילוי. גילוי מדה, טבע, ביצים, פינגווינים, שרץ הפארק הלאומי Ferto-Hansag, פפואה גינאה החדשה, ים ביסמרק, ראשן. תת מימי, וולף, זאבים, התינוק זאבים, ציד, דייג, נמיביה, אפריקה, חותמות, כן. פיל זכר, דרום אפריקה cerkof, נמלים, leafcutter נמלים, פיל, דגי ים, חותם, דרום-אפריקה, צלילה, גורילות, סטינסון, הגענו להחלטה אוגנדה, פינגווין, הפארק הלאומי, אנטארקטיקה, בעלי חיים, צילומי חיות, חינוך, קטעי וידאו מניות חינוך, חרק, חרקים צילומי וידאו, אקולוגיה, קטעי וידאו מניות אקולוגיה, ,

Italian :

scoperta, filmati di scoperta, natura, uova, pinguini, depongono le uova, Parco nazionale di ferto-Hansag, Papua Nuova Guinea, Mare di Bismark, girino, subacquea, lupo, lupi, lupi di bambino, caccia, pesca, Namibia, Africa, Guarnizioni, Foca, elefante maschio, Sud Africa cerkof, formiche, formiche tagliafoglie, elefante, pesce di mare, sigillo, sud-africa, immersioni, Gorilla, scuba diver, Uganda, pinguino, Parco nazionale, Antartide, animali, filmati di animali, educazione, riprese video stock di istruzione, insetto, riprese video stock dell'insetto, ecologia, riprese video stock di ecologia, ,

Japanese :

発見、発見映像自然、卵、ペンギン、スポーン、Ferto Hansag 国立公園パプア ニューギニアビスマルク海おたまじゃくし、水中では、オオカミ、オオカミ、赤ちゃんのオオカミ狩猟、釣り、ナミビア、アフリカ、シール、アザラシの赤ちゃん男性の象南アフリカcerkof、アリ、ハキリバチ蟻象は、海の魚シール、南アフリカ共和国ダイビング, ゴリラ、スキューバ ダイビングウガンダ、ペンギン、国立公園南極動物、動物の映像教育、教育映像素材、昆虫、昆虫のストック ビデオ映像生態学、生態学映像素材、,

Norwegian :

oppdagelse, Discovery opptak, natur, egg, pingviner, gyte, Ferto-Hansag National Park, Papua Ny-Guinea, Bismark sjøen, rumpetroll, under vann, Wolf, ulv, Baby ulver, jakt, fiske, Namibia, Afrika, Sel, Baby sel, mannlige elefant, Sør-Afrika cerkof, maur, leafcutter maur, elefant, sjøen fisk segl, Sør-Afrika, dykking, Gorillaer, dykker, Uganda, Penguin, nasjonalpark Antarktis, dyr, dyr opptak, utdanning, utdanning lager videoopptak, insekt, insekt lager videoopptak, økologi, økologi lager videoopptak, ,

Additional infos:

genre: wildlife-nature shorts
format: SD, 16:9
duration: 10X12 mins.
target: family audience, teenagers
produced by: Dávid Attila Molnár, Zsolt Marcell Tóth, Filmjungle.eu Productions
commissioned by: Marianna Vincze, Katalin Radóczy, Spektrum Television
premiere: July, 2010 on Spektrum Television, www.spektrumtv.hu




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