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Ants know it all: Figures from the darkness

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Worldwide, 2010


Ants have been around for the last few hundred millions of years. They spent this considerable amount of time being out on the field, observing and collecting everything they've bumped into. No wonder that by now, ants became true experts in every field of natural history. Their knowledge on physics, biology, chemistry, ecology is immense - but no one has ever listened to their words. Until now. 'ANTS KNOW IT AL'most' is a brand new television series that is showing the natural world through the compound-eyes of ants. It takes you away into the most remote corners of the planet, and shows wildlife from a unique and unprecedented point of view. Because Ants Know it All. Almost.

Life forms that emerge only at the darkest of nights. Wildlife from sunset till dawn.

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Romanian :

descoperirea, picior de descoperire, natura, faunei sălbatice, elefant, Zambia, luna, Namibia, subacvatice, furnici, Furnicile care, Africa, peşte de mare, africa de Sud, scufundări, acul, Leu, seasnake, Leopard, Coral, polip, mare, Papua Noua Guinee, metoda cataneză la scufundări apă, Parcul Naţional, şarpe, animale, imagini de animale, educaţie, imagini video stoc de educaţie, insecte, imagini video de stoc insecte, Ecologie, Ecologie stoc material video, ,

Russian :

Открытие, Открытие кадры, Природа, дикой природы, Слон, Замбия, Луна, Намибия, под водой, муравьи, родов муравьёв, Африка, Морские рыбы, Южная Африка, Дайвинг, жала, Лев, seasnake, Леопард, Коралл, полип, море, Папуа-Новая Гвинея, подводное плавание, вода, Национальный парк, змея, Животные, видео животных, образование, образование видео кадры запаса, насекомое, насекомых Фондовый видеоматериалы, Экология, Экология Фондовый видеоматериалы, ,

Slovak :

objav, objav zábery, charakter, voľne žijúce živočíchy, slon, Zambia, mesiac, Namíbia, pod vodou, mravce, leafcutter mravcov, Afrika, morské ryby, Južná Afrika, Potápanie, strely, Lev, seasnake, Leopard, koraly, polip, more, Papua-Nová Guinea, Potápanie, vody, Národný park, had, zvierat, zábery zvierat, vzdelávania, vzdelávanie populácie videozáznamu, hmyzu, hmyzie populácie videozáznamu Ekológia, Ekológia akcie videozáznamu, ,

Turkish :

keşif, keşif görüntüleri, doğa, yaban hayatı, fil, Zambiya, ay, Namibya, Sualtı, karıncalar, leafcutter karıncalar, Afrika, Deniz balığı, Güney Afrika, Dalış, Stingerleri, Aslan, seasnake, leopar, mercan, iden, Deniz, Papua Yeni Gine, Scuba diving, su, Milli Parkı, Yılan, hayvanlar, hayvan görüntüleri, Eğitim, Eğitim stok video görüntüleri, böcek, böcek stok video görüntüleri, Ekoloji, Ekoloji stok video görüntüleri, ,

Additional infos:

genre: wildlife-nature shorts
format: SD, 16:9
duration: 10X12 mins.
target: family audience, teenagers
produced by: Dávid Attila Molnár, Zsolt Marcell Tóth, Filmjungle.eu Productions
commissioned by: Marianna Vincze, Katalin Radóczy, Spektrum Television
premiere: July, 2010 on Spektrum Television, www.spektrumtv.hu




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