1926 - Josephine Baker: The black Venus (00:08:18)
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1926 - Josephine Baker: The black Venus

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France, Paris, 1926


On October 2, 1925, she opened in Paris at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, where she became an instant success for her erotic dancing and for appearing practically nude on stage. After a successful tour of Europe, she reneged on her contract and returned to France to star at the Folies Bergères, setting the standard for her future acts. She performed the Danse sauvage, wearing a costume consisting of a skirt made of a string of artificial bananas.

Baker's success coincided (1925) with the Exposition des Arts Décoratifs, which gave birth to the term "Art Deco", and also with a renewal of interest in ethnic forms of art, including African. Baker represented one aspect of this fashion.

In later shows in Paris she was often accompanied on stage by her pet cheetah, Chiquita, who was adorned with a diamond collar. The cheetah frequently escaped into the orchestra pit, where it terrorized the musicians, adding another element of excitement to the show.

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Arabic :

القرن 20، الأفرو الأمريكية، زي الموز، رقصالموز، اللؤلؤة السوداء، الزهرة البرونزية، ملهى، تشارلستون، الأطفال، آلهة Créole، الرقص، فريدا جوزفين ماكدونالد، الجاز الفرنسي، البوب الفرنسية، جنازة، الهدايا، هامبورغ، جوزفين بيكر، لو ريفو Nègre، ميزوري مولان روج، قاعة الموسيقى، الأيتام، باريس، قوس قزح الأسرة، المغني، سانت لويس، عاريات,

Bulgarian :

20 век, афро-американец, бананов костюм, бананов танц, черна перла, бронзова Венера, кабарето, Чарлстън, деца, богиня, танц, Фрийда йолийн Макдоналд, френски джаз, френски поп, погребение, подаръци, Хамбург, Жинолентийн Бейкър, Le Revue Nègre, Мисури , Мулен Руж, музикална зала, сираци, Париж, дъга семейство, певец, Сейнт Луис, без горнище,




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