Meeting of the opposites "March of millions": Police brutality against the demonstratives (00:05:16)
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Meeting of the opposites "March of millions": Police brutality against the demonstratives

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Russia, Moscow, 06-05-2012


Meeting of the opposites "March of millions": Police brutality against the demonstratives

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Arabic :

سياسي، السياسة، مظاهرة، والانتخابات، واحتجاج المعارضة,

Bulgarian :

политик, политика, демонстрация, избори, протест опозиция,

Chinese Simplified :

政客、 政治、 示范、 选举、 抗议反对派,

Chinese Traditional :

政客、 政治、 示範、 選舉、 抗議反對派,

Czech :

politik, politika, demonstrace, volby, opozice Protest,

Danish :

politiker, politik, demonstration, valg, Protest modstand,

Dutch :

politicus, politiek, demonstratie, verkiezingen, Protest oppositie,

Estonian :

poliitik, poliitika, demonstratsioon, valimised, protesti opositsiooni,

Finnish :

poliitikko, politiikka, esittely, vaalit, protesti opposition,

French :

homme politique, politique, manifestation, élections, opposition de protestation,

German :

Protest-Widerstand, Politiker, Wahlen, Politik, demonstration,

Greek :

πολιτικός, πολιτική, διαδήλωση, εκλογές, διαμαρτυρία αντιπολίτευσης,

Haitian Creole :

politisyen, politik yo, demonstrasyon, eleksyon yo, opozisyon pwotèstasyon,

Hebrew :

פוליטיקאי, פוליטיקה, הפגנה, בחירות, האופוזיציה מחאה,

Hindi :

राजनेता, राजनीति, प्रदर्शन, चुनाव, विरोध विपक्षी,

Hungarian :

politikus, politika, tüntetés, választások, ellenzéki tüntetés,

Indonesian :

politikus, politik, demonstrasi, pemilu, protes oposisi,

Italian :

politico, dimostrazione, elezioni, politica, opposizione protesta,

Japanese :


Latvian :

politiķis, politikā, demonstrējumu, vēlēšanas, opozīcijas protesta,

Norwegian :

politiker, politikk, demonstrasjon, valg, Protest motstand,

Portuguese :

político, política, demonstração, eleições, oposição de protesto,

Russian :

политик, политика, демонстрации, выборы, протест оппозиции,

Slovak :

politik, politika, demonštrácie, voľby, Protest opozície,

Slovenian :

politik, politika, predstavitev, volitve, Protest opozicije,

Spanish :

político, política, elecciones, demostración, oposición protesta,

Swedish :

politiker, politik, demonstration, val, Protest oppositionen,

Turkish :

siyasetçi, siyaset, gösteri, seçimler, protesto muhalefet,

Ukrainian :

політик, політика, демонстрація, вибори, протесту опозиції,




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08-05-2012 15:34:21

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