1909 - Suffragette Demonstrations: Women battle for equal rights (00:08:12)
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1909 - Suffragette Demonstrations: Women battle for equal rights

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Location and time:

United Kingdom, London, 21-07-1909


The campaign for women"s suffrage was intensified by the founding of the Women"s Social and Political Union. The WSPU - associated particularly with Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters, Christabel and Sylvia - was far more militant than the National Union of Women"s Suffrage Societies, led by Milicent Garrett Fawcett. WSPU members, known as "suffragettes", became increasingly violent in the years before World War One, as successive governments failed to reform the voting laws. The harsh manner in which imprisoned suffragettes were treated, including forcible feeding of women on hunger strike, contributed to the growing public sympathy for the cause of women"s suffrage (in tandem with imaginative - and legal - campaigning of the moderate NUWSS).

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Arabic :

الجنازة، والسياسة، والثورة، والاحتجاج، والتحرر، والمساواة، اقتراع، تلوينه، بانكهورست اميليني، ديفيدسون إميلي، سباق الخيل، أبسون، القوات المرأة، الصناعات، أنا ستوت، كاثلين هيلبين، أليس شوارزر، مناصرة لحقوق المرأة، والحقوق الاجتماعية للمرأة، السياسية، وسبو، حق الاقتراع، والتصويت، والملصقات، المملكة المتحدة، لندن، معركة، المرأة، برلين، القبض، القرن الحادي والعشرين، سوفراجيست، مظاهرة، والحركة النسائية، أزياء، ملابس، دراجات، الشرطة البريطانية، "بوابة براندنبورغ"، تعمل المرأة، قصف، 1 وزن رطب، والأسلحة، والانتخابات,

Bulgarian :

погребение, политика, революция, протест, еманципация, равенство, суфражетка, Оцвети, Емелин Панкхърст, Емили Дейвидсън, конни надбягвания, Epson, жените войници, индустрии, Анна Stott, Катлийн Helpen, Алис Шварцер, феминистка, права, на жените в социалната, Политически, използвана, избирателно право, гласуване, плакат, Обединено кралство, Лондон, бой, жени, Берлин, арест, 20-ти век, suffragist, демонстрация, феминизъм, мода, бански, Колела, британската полиция, Бранденбургската врата, работи жена, бомбардировките, WW 1, оръжие, избори,

Catalan :

funeral, política, revolució, protesta, l'emancipació, la igualtat, sufragistes, acolorida, Emmeline Pankhurst, Emily Davidson, carreres de cavalls, Epson, les tropes de les dones, indústries, Anna Stott, Kathleen Helpen, Alice Schwarzer, feminista, drets, Social de la dona, Política, WSPU, sufragi, vot, cartell, Regne Unit, Londres, batalla, dones, Berlín, detenció, segle 20, sufragista, demostració, feminisme, moda, vestits de bany, bicicleta, policia britànic, la porta de Brandenburg, treballant dona, bombes, WW 1, braços, eleccions,

Chinese Traditional :

葬禮, 政治, 革命, 抗議, 解放, 平等, 參政, 彩色, 米琳潘克赫斯特, 艾米莉大衛森, 賽馬, 愛普生, 婦女部隊, 工業, 安娜斯托特, 凱薩琳 Helpen, 愛麗絲施瓦澤, 女權主義, 權利, 婦女的社會, 政治, WSPU, 選舉權, 投票, 海報, 聯合 Kingdom, London, battle, women, Berlin, arrest, 20th 世紀, 婦女, 示範, 女權主義, 時尚, 泳裝, 自行車, 英國員警, 勃蘭登堡門, 工作婦女, 轟炸, WW 1, 武器, 選舉,

Danish :

begravelse, politik, revolution, Protest, frigørelse og ligestilling suffragette, farvelagt, Emmeline Pankhurst, Emily Davidson, Horse Racing, Epson, kvinder tropper, industrier, Anna Stott, Kathleen Helpen, Alice Schwarzer, kvindesagsforkæmper, rettigheder, kvinders sociale, Politisk, WSPU, valgret, afstemning, plakat, Storbritannien, London, kamp, kvinder, Berlin, anholdelse, 20. århundrede, kvindesagsforkæmperen, demonstration, feminisme, mode, badetøj, cykel, britisk politi, Brandenburger Tor, arbejder kvinde, bombning, WW 1, våben, valg,

Italian :

funerale, politica, rivoluzione, emancipazione, l'uguaglianza, protesta, suffragette, colorato, Emmeline Pankhurst, Emily Davidson, corse di cavalli, Epson, le truppe di donne, industrie, Anna Stott, Kathleen Helpen, Alice Schwarzer, femminista, diritti, sociale delle donne, Politiche, disgregazione, suffragio, voto, poster, Regno Unito, Londra, battaglia, donna, Berlino, arresto, 20th century, suffragetta, dimostrazione, femminismo, moda, costumi da bagno, biciclette, polizia britannica, porta di Brandeburgo, donna, lavorante Bombing, WW 1, braccia, elezione,

Norwegian :

begravelsen, politikk, revolusjon, Protest, frigjøring, likestilling, suffragette, fargelegges, Emmeline Pankhurst, Emily Davidson, hesteveddeløp, Epson, kvinner tropper, industri, Anna Stott, Kathleen Helpen, Alice Schwarzer, feminist, rettigheter, kvinners sosiale, Politisk, WSPUS, stemmerett, stemme, plakat, Storbritannia, London, kamp, kvinner, Berlin, arrestasjon, 20, suffragist, demonstrasjon, feminisme, mote, badetøy, sykkel, britiske politiet, Brandenburger Tor, arbeider kvinne, Bombing, WW 1, armer, valget,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Stott, Anna

(suffragette, the women battle for equal rights) , speaking English:
-  "You cannot imagine how awful it is when they look at you as lower status than your brother or husband only because you are a woman. Not because you are silly, maybe lazy or something. No, only because you are a woman do they deny definite possibilities and respect"

Schwarzer, Alice

(feminist, chief editor of the newspaper "Emma") , speaking German:
-  "The female activists were more beautiful than the average, and I have my own opinion about it: if someone limps, she should shut up – this is life. Rosa Luxemburg could not contribute to the topic of women’s rights because people would point a finger of scorn at her: „look at her…” The Pankhurst family again consisted of attractive female phenomenon."

Helpen, Kathleen

(suffragette, the women battle for equal rights) , speaking English:
-  "The followers of Pankhurst used military – as we called them – methods. For example they rolled barriers the horses in Hyde Park or smashed in windows. They were only violent until they got their voting rights."

Schwarzer, Alice

(feminist, chief editor of the newspaper "Emma") , speaking German:
-  "It seemed that at the beginning of the century they used the most innovative methods for resistance, with the bravest and the most unconventional ideas. Possibly they created the demonstration method of the century that was used by left-wing protestors all over the world, but no-one would admit this. So they did not recognize the efforts of women in struggles and therefore the deserved respect toward women was hurt again."

Stott, Anna

(suffragette, the women battle for equal rights) , speaking English:
-  "It was Emily Davidson who threw herself in front of the King’s horse at the Epson Racetrack. Yes, I think it was the King’s horse – to call attention to the Sufragette Movement."

Schwarzer, Alice

(feminist, chief editor of the newspaper "Emma") , speaking German:
-  "They imprisoned them,beat them, force-fed them during their hunger strikes. These women were from the upper classes, meaning that their fathers, brothers and husbands enjoyed privileges, yet this still didn’t help them. Men could take their rights for granted – the state took these rights away from women."

Helpen, Kathleen

(suffragette, the women battle for equal rights) , speaking English:
-  "At first women over 30 had the right to vote – who were 30 years old or more – or who had their own land."




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