Comecom: conference in Comecom building Moscow (00:01:18)

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Comecom: conference in Comecom building Moscow

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Soviet Union, Moscow, 1980s


Comecom: conference in Comecom building Moscow

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Arabic :

الكوميكون، الكوميكون بناء، "مؤتمر الكوميكون"، الاقتصاد، موسكو، الاتحاد السوفياتي,

Czech :

RVHP, RVHP, budování, RVHP konference, ekonomiky, Moskva, Sovětský svaz,

Danish :

COMECON, Comecon bygning, COMECON konference, økonomi, Moskva, Sovjetunionen,

Dutch :

Comecon, Comecon gebouw, COMECON conferentie, economie, Moskou, Sovjet-Unie,

Estonian :

VMNi, VMNi hoone, VMNI konverents, majanduse, poksitreener,

French :

COMECON, Comecon bâtir, Conférence du COMECON, économie, Moscou, Union soviétique,

German :

RGW, Comecon Aufbau, RGW-Konferenz, Wirtschaft, Moskau, Sowjetunion,

Greek :

COMECON, Comecon κτίριο, COMECON διάσκεψη, οικονομία, Μόσχα, ΕΣΣΔ,

Haitian Creole :

COMECON, Comecon bati COMECON konferans, ekonomi, Moscow, Inyon Sovyetik,

Indonesian :

Comecon, Comecon bangunan, konferensi COMECON, ekonomi, Moskwa, Uni Soviet,

Italian :

Comecon, Comecon costruzione, conferenza del COMECON, economia, Mosca, Unione Sovietica,

Japanese :


Korean :

Comecon, Comecon 경제를 구축, COMECON 회의 모스크바, 소 연방,

Latvian :

Sepp, Sepp ēka, Sepp konference ekonomikā, Maskava, PSRS,

Norwegian :

Atomenergi, atomenergi bygning, ATOMENERGI konferansen, økonomi, Moskva,

Polish :

RWPG, budynek, Konferencja RWPG, gospodarka RWPG w Moskwie, ZSRR,

Portuguese :

COMECON, Comecon, construção, conferência do COMECON, economia, Moscou, União Soviética,

Russian :

СЭВ, СЭВ, строительство, СЭВ конференции, экономики, Москва, СССР,

Slovak :

RVHP, RVHP budovy, konferencie RVHP, ekonomika, Moskva, Sovietsky zväz,

Spanish :

El COMECON, construcción, conferencia del COMECON, economía el Comecon, Moscú, Unión Soviética,

Thai :

Comecon อาคาร COMECON ประชุม เศรษฐกิจ Comecon มอสโก สหภาพโซเวียต,

Ukrainian :

Рада економічної взаємодопомоги, рев, будівництво, рев конференції, економіка, Москва, СРСР,

Vietnamese :

Comecon, xây dựng, hội nghị COMECON, nền kinh tế Comecon, Moskva, Liên Xô,




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