Goal Line Technology (GLT): The Maruzsi System - Ukraine Goal Dissallowed against England (00:02:54)

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Goal Line Technology (GLT): The Maruzsi System - Ukraine Goal Dissallowed against England

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Hungary, 2010


Hungarian invention aims to solve football refereeing problems.

This technology is able to help referees and linesmen make decisions. The inventor is a hungarian businessman, Laszlo Maruzsi. According to his sytem, the so called "Maruzsi system", following the size of the play field 8-12 cameras record the event, the data served by them are analyzed by a software program, and the result is immediately forwarded through a radio transmitter-receiver to the handle of the linesman’s flag rod. It eliminates the major mistakes that can affect the result of the game, and contributes to correct decisions by the referee. The play speeds up, more goals occur and football becomes more continuous and spectacular. The referee can concentrate on other events on the field, and monitor the players by running shorter distances. Its use eliminates corruption, even the probability thereof. The display balls in the stadium can work according to their function. Events organized in stadiums become safer.
The invention has won a lot of prizes all over the world. (31st International Exhibition of Invention Geneva– Gold medal and Russian extra prize; 5th International Exhibition of Invention Gdansk– Gold medal; 50th World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technology Brussels EUREKA – Bronze medal; IENA Nuremberg – Gold medal…etc) .




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