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1946 - The Nuremberg Trials

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Location and time:

Germany, Nuremberg, 16-10-1946


The Nuremberg Trials is the general name for two sets of trials of Nazis involved in World War II and the Holocaust. The trials were held in the German city of Nuremberg from 1945 to 1949 at the Nuremberg Palace of Justice (which was specifically built for the trials by architect Dan Kiley). The first and most famous of these trials was the Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal or IMT, which tried twenty-four of the most important captured (or still believed to be alive) leaders of Nazi Germany. It was held from November 20, 1945 to October 1, 1946. The second set of trials of lesser war criminals was conducted under Control Council Law No. 10 at the U.S. Nuremberg Military Tribunals (NMT), including the famous Doctors

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Russian :

1946, Нюрнбергский процесс, нацистской, третьего рейха, военных преступлений, Нюрнберг, Отто фон Kranzbuhler, Мальта Джозеф, Роберт Джексон, Хильда Hänichen, Вольф Рудигер Гесс, Lio Le Tanson, Смит, Говард, Джон E Dolibois, Рейнхард Spitzy, Erich Topp, Гита Sereny, Кастнер Klaus, США военные аресты, Геринг, зала, судья, Гесс, Шпеер, трупы, концентрационного лагеря Бухенвальд, трудящихся столбцы, Гитлер, Оберзальцберге, Гитлер и Speer, Эйфелева башня, Триумфальная арка Arques , Privataufnahmen Speer, трупы en виновным, суд, Политика кадры, известные люди кадры, Известные люди, известные личности, II мировой войны кадры, II мировой войны видео кадры, 2 мировой войны, второй мировой войны, WW 2, второй мировой войны, ,

Swedish :

1946, Nürnbergrättegången, Nazi, tredje riket, krigsförbrytelser, Nürnberg, Otto von Kranzbuhler, Joseph Malta, Robert Jackson, Hilda Hänichen, Wolf Rudiger Hess, Lio Le Tanson, Howard Smith, John E Dolibois, Reinhard Spitzy, Erich Topp, Gitta Sereny, Klaus Kastner, amerikanska militära arresteringar, Göring, rättssalen, domare, Hess, Speer, liken, koncentrationslägret Buchenwald, arbetstagarnas kolumner, Hitler, Obersalzberg, Hitler och Speer, Eiffeltornet, Arques de Triomphe , Privataufnahmen Speer, lik sv dömd, domstol, politik footage, kända personer footage, Kända personer, berömda personlighet, andra världskriget film, Andra världskriget videofilmer, World War 2, WW II, WW 2, andra världskriget, ,

Thai :

1946 ทดลองนูเรมเบิร์ก นาซี เบิร์ตรี คสาม สงครามอาชญากรรม นูเรมเบิร์ก ออตโตฟอน Kranzbuhler โจเซฟมอลตา โรเบิร์ตแจ็คสัน Hilda Hänichen หมาป่า Rudiger Hess ลิโอเลอ Tanson ฮาวเวิร์ดสมิธ จอห์นอี Dolibois, Reinhard Spitzy ริชหมู Gitta Sereny, Klaus Kastner จับ กุมทหารสหรัฐฯ วาทศิลป์ Courtroom ตัดสิน Hess, Speer ศพ ค่ายกักกัน Buchenwald คอลัมน์ของผู้ปฏิบัติงาน ฮิตเลอร์ Obersalzberg ฮิตเลอร์ และ Speer หอไอเฟล Arques เดอทริออมพ์ , Privataufnahmen Speer, en ศพตัดสิน ศาล ภาพการเมือง ภาพคนดัง คนดัง บุคลิกภาพที่มีชื่อเสียง ภาพยนตร์สงครามโลก ภาพวิดีโอสงครามโลก สงครามโลกครั้งที่ 2, WW II, WW 2 สงครามโลก,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Spitzy, Reinhard

(Hitler’s rapporteur) , speaking German:
-  "Hess was always a bit crazy, a bit of a day-dreamer. Everybody knew that."

Jackson, William

(son of the main judge) , speaking English:
-  "The material proof against Hess was obvious. The orders he had signed, the meetings, the conferences in which he had participated were damning evidence. "

Jackson, William

(son of the main judge) , speaking English:
-  "When the lights were switched on again after the projection, some of the accused had eyes suffused with tears – probably the tears of shame."

Serény, Gitta

(observer and Speer biographer) , speaking German:
-  "So many of the accused tried to certify – almost in an aggressive way that they had nothing to do with the whole thing Speer did just the opposite…"

Spitzy, Reinhard

(Hitler’s rapporteur) , speaking German:
-  "Every time he arrived, Hitler was delighted… As if his lover had come. They usually started to draw, to make plans, to build models. It was a pleasure to see them. They were as thick as thieves."

Serény, Gitta

(observer and Speer biographer) , speaking German:
-  "He kept secret his highest crime - the affirmation of the murder of hundreds of thousands of Jews…….. If he had professed this in Nürnberg, he would have been hanged"

Jackson, William

(son of the main judge) , speaking English:
-  "Looking back, the judgement for Hess perhaps seemed too severe."

Malta, Joseph

(executioner, Nurnberg) , speaking English:
-  "Göring told me that by the time he should go for hanging he would already be dead. And he kept his promise. When all of us were waiting for him, for the number one accused- he should have been hanged first- we went to his cell and found him dead"

Jackson, William

(son of the main judge) , speaking English:
-  "He was a really tricky and mercurial person. He could present his point of view very well. To tell the truth he was a real character."

Jackson, William

(son of the main judge) , speaking English:
-  "When he was caught by the American troops, he was allowed to talk with the media. He had big publicity. At least because of that he believed he was not an ordinary war prisoner, moreover, he was not a war criminal at all"




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