1939 - The Border Violation: Hitler attacks Poland (00:09:24)
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1939 - The Border Violation: Hitler attacks Poland

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Location and time:

Poland, Gleiwitz, 01-09-1939


The Polish September Campaign (alternatively referred to as the German plan Fall Weiss) refers to the conquest of Poland by the armies of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union and a small contingent of Slovak forces. The campaign began on 1 September 1939 and ended on 6 October 1939 with Germany and the Soviet Union occupying Poland. This military operation marks the start of the Second World War within the European theatre. It was one of the first campaigns featuring the use of blitzkrieg tactics. Polish government and remaining forces evacuated to Romania and later, France and United Kingdom. Polish territories were completely occupied by Germany and the Soviet Union. Soviet territories were later captured by Germany as well. Poland managed to create a strong resistance movement and to contribute military forces to the Allies through the remainder of World War II.

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Bulgarian :

1 септември 1939 г. на 20 век, Адолф Хитлер, Адолф Хитлер кадри, въздушно нападение, бариера, battleship, граница, граница нарушение, Бранденбургската врата, нарушение, парене, канцлер на Германия, унищожени Варшава, диктатор, Führer, Германска империя, германската инвазия на Полша, Германската работническа партия, Глайвицкия, Глайвицкия инцидент, Гливице радио кула, Холокоста, евреи, военни, Молотов, Пакт Рибентроп-Молотов, моята борба, национално социалист, нацистки, нацистката партия, Obersalzberg, професия, Полша атака, Полша кампания, Полски кавалерия, райх канцлерство, Reichsheer, от райхсканцлера, Рибентроп в Москва, Шлезвиг Холщайн, войници, Съветския съюз, буря, резервоари, войски, Варшава, Втората световна война кадри,

Catalan :

1 de setembre de 1939, del segle XX, Adolf Hitler, imatges d'Adolf Hitler, air raid, barrera, cuirassat, frontera, violació de la frontera, la porta de Brandenburg, violació, la crema, Canceller d'Alemanya, destruït Varsòvia, dictador, Führer, Imperi alemany, la invasió alemanya de Polònia, partit alemany dels treballadors, Gleiwitz, Gleiwitz incidència, Gliwice ràdio torre, Holocaust, jueus, militar, Molotov, Pacte Mólotov-Ribbentrop, la meva lluita, nacional-socialista, nazi, Nazi Party, Obersalzberg, ocupació, atac de Polònia, la campanya de Polònia, Polonès cavalleria, Cancelleria del Reich, Reichsheer, Reichskanzler, Ribbentrop a Moscou, Schleswig Holstein, soldats, Unió Soviètica, tempesta, tancs, soldats, Varsòvia, WW II seqüències,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Spilmann, Wladyslav

(pianist in 1939 when Hitler attacks Poland) , speaking German:
-  "We had a beautiful Steinway, a huge, fantastic instrument. I was playing a concert. Suddenly the noise of bombing trickles in. I thought that it must be military practice. Unfortunately it wasn’t. It was the war. "

Bartoszewski, Wladyslav

(publicist in 1939 about Hitler attacks Poland) , speaking German:
-  "Before that, days and weeks before, we had followed Hitler’s threats with attention and published everything in our media. "

Roberts, Sir Frank

(British Foreign Ministry) , speaking English:
-  "We had no idea that Ribbentrop was travelling to Moscow. We knew about the relation, but only on the lowest level. "

Thimm, Werner

(Polish soldier when Hitler attacks Poland, 1939) , speaking German:
-  "On the order of the party, we had to break the barrier. It had been pre-sawed and prepared. We pretended to make big efforts to break it in two "

Schmidt, Paul

(witness when Hitler attacks Poland, 1939) , speaking German:
-  "Hitler stared straight ahead, a little bit anxious. Finally the silence was broken by an aggressive question to the Foreign Minister: „What shall we do now?“ "

Zysek, Richard

(Polish soldier when Hitler attacks Poland, 1939) , speaking Polish:
-  "How could a cavalry fight against tanks? Against the guns and cannons of the Germans, we had no chance at all. The German soldiers were taken to the front by lorries; we had to go on foot. "

Reklajtis, Wladzimiers

(witness when Hitler attacks Poland, 1939) , speaking Polish:
-  "We saw that a lot of civilians had been arrested.. Driven on the roads; civilians, free troops and even soldiers. This could have been done only by the Wehrmacht "

Thimm, Werner

(Polish soldier when Hitler attacks Poland, 1939) , speaking German:
-  "We never doubted that Poland was on its last legs. "

Herwarth, Hans von

(german diplomat) , speaking German:
-  "We drank to the German-Soviet war-brotherhood and we said, “we hope that you will win over the British and French soon as well”. "

Bartoszewski, Wladyslav

(publicist in 1939 about Hitler attacks Poland) , speaking German:
-  "Suddenly Stukas appeared .... bombs, machine guns, corpses, and they disappeared. "

Spilmann, Wladyslav

(pianist in 1939 when Hitler attacks Poland) , speaking German:
-  "My friend, who was an audio engineer, listened to my performance. Chopin for about half an hour. I told him from a bit further from the window that it might be dangerous there. He answered that if the bomb falls there, it doesn’t matter where he stands. And suddenly there was a big bang. "




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