1977 - Martin Schleyer: palestinian terrorists hitchhike a german airplane (00:08:20)
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1977 - Martin Schleyer: palestinian terrorists hitchhike a german airplane

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Location and time:

Germany, Landshut, 05-09-1977


Hanns Martin Schleyer was a german manager and employer representative. Schleyer was abducted on September 5, 1977 by the Red Army Faction (RAF) in Cologne. The purpose of this was to blackmail the German government to release imprisoned members of the RAF. Three police officers and Schleyer"s driver Heinz Marcicz were killed in the act of the abduction. Schleyer was hidden in a highrise in Erftstadt (Liblar) near Cologne. Later he was brought over the border to the Netherlands. The failure to find Schleyer was one of the biggest blunders in the history of the German police. Several local police officers were convinced that Schleyer was held in the mentioned highrise close to the Autobahn. One investigator had even rang the bell of the apartment in question, but nobody had conveyed this information to the crisis center of the federal police. After 43 days, the kidnapping ended with the execution of Schleyer. The German government had not given in regarding the demands of the kidnappers. T he day after the hijacking of the Lufthansa airplane was ended by the German anti-terror unit GSG 9, the imprisoned RAF terrorists Andreas Baader, Gudrun Ensslin and Jan-Carl Raspe were found dead in their prison cells. Irmgard Möller was found seriously injured. After Schleyer"s kidnappers got the news of the death of their imprisoned comrades, Schleyer was found shot in Mulhouse, France on October 19, 1977.

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Greek :

1977, Φράξια Κόκκινος στρατός, Χανς Μάρτιν Σλέϋερ, η τρομοκρατία, Λάντσχουτ, Μογκαντίσου, απαγωγή, Lufthansa, Κολωνία, αστυνομία, Στάμχαϊμ, έρευνα Σλέϋερ, Schmidt, Βόννη, GSG-9, κάνω ωτοστόπ κηδεία Χανς-Μάρτιν Σλέϋερ, αεροπλάνο, παλαιστίνιοι τρομοκράτες ένα Γερμανικό αεροπλάνο, Γερμανία, Βιντεοσκοπημένα στιγμιότυπα της τρομοκρατίας, τρομοκρατικές του μαγνητοταινίες, πλάνα βίντεο τρόμου, έγκλημα, Helmut Schmidt, Peter Jurgen Boock, Ferdinand Schmitt, H-E Σλέϋερ, απορρίπτονται ως απόβλητα Diana, Rhett Waida, ,

Indonesian :

1977, faksi pasukan merah, Hans Martin Schleyer, terorisme, Landshut, Mogadishu, penculikan, Lufthansa, Cologne, polisi, Stammheim, Schleyer penyelidikan, Schmidt, Bonn, GSG-9, pemakaman Hans-Martin Schleyer, pesawat, teroris Palestina menumpang pesawat Jerman, Jerman cuplikan-cuplikan video terorisme, rekaman video teroris, teror cuplikan-cuplikan video, kejahatan, Helmut Schmidt, Peter Jurgen Boock, Ferdinand Schmitt, Schleyer H-E, Diana Müll, Rhett Waida, ,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Wegener, Ulrich

(officer when the attack on Israeli sportsman in Munich was) , speaking German:
-  "I said, Mr chancellor, it is absolutely not sure that we can rescue the hostages. It can also happen that they will lose some of my people. He replied: yes I know but I’m convinced that you’ll do your best."

Müll, Diana

(hostage in the plane, 1977) , speaking German:
-  "I had to go to the front to the open door, facing outside, so that I could see everything, and then he squeezed his gun to my temple and started to talk to the tower. He said the following: here is Diana, 19 years old, from Gießen and we are going to shoot her, if the plane is not refuelled until ten o‘clock. Then he started to count."

Vietor, Jürgen

(Co-pilot of the Landshut) , speaking German:
-  "He said: you are the first, you the second and you the third, and you’ll be executed tomorrow morning at 9. You can imagine how the people slept after that.."

Boock, Peter Jurgen

(Then member of RAF) , speaking German:
-  "He told us once, that one of the options to enforce our demands was the occupation of the German embassy in Kuwait, and the other one was to hijack one of the scheduled flights of Lufthansa."

Schleyer, Hanns-Eberhard

(son of Schleyer) , speaking German:
-  "It was difficult for a relative to realise, taking into consideration what we know about the case today, that there would have been a chance to find the hiding place of the terrorists in a very short while and even to rescue him."

Schmitt, Ferdinand

(Police Commissioner) , speaking German:
-  "I thought they would come with specially trained units, and we could finish off the case quickly. Not at all! They did not do anything!"

Schmitt, Ferdinand

(Police Commissioner) , speaking German:
-  "Mr Schleyer…probably he could still be alive. He could have been rescued."

Schmitt, Ferdinand

(Police Commissioner) , speaking German:
-  "She told me that the woman had taken out a large sum of money and I said to myself, for sure, this is it! Sure, she is one of them!"

Vogel, Hans-Jochen

(Vice President of the organising committee ) , speaking German:
-  "The plan, which we were working on, sounded like this: to use every opportunity to find the whereabouts of Hans Martin Schleyer, and if this happened, we would try to rescue him!"

Boock, Peter Jurgen

(Then member of RAF) , speaking German:
-  "We thought – very unashamedly - that the exchange of the prisoners would be an easy issue."

Schmidt, Helmut

(Successor of Brandt) , speaking German:
-  "Maybe the feeling of power overcame the assassins in those minutes, but they should not fool themselves because terrorism does not have a chance in the long term. "

Vietor, Jürgen

(Co-pilot of the Landshut) , speaking German:
-  "There was a horrible noise! They shot, yelled…"

Boock, Peter Jurgen

(Then member of RAF) , speaking German:
-  "“Back then, I was for shooting Hans Martin Schleyer!”"




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