1985 - Rock Hudson: becomes the first famous AIDS Victim (00:08:27)
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1985 - Rock Hudson: becomes the first famous AIDS Victim

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United States, Los Angeles, 25-07-1985


AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, sometimes written Aids) is a human disease characterized by progressive destruction of the bodys immune system. AIDS is caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection. To date, there are no cures for either HIV infection nor AIDS, which are chronic medical conditions, but which are treatable by a variety of antiretroviral drugs. This treatment delays the progression of HIV infection to AIDS, and reduces the rates of morbidity and mortality attributable to the disease. Rock Hudson (November 17, 1925 - October 2, 1985) was an American actor, famous for his rugged good looks. The first major American celebrity to admit that he had AIDS, his announcement of and subsequent death from the disease at the age of fifty-nine brought it to wider public attention in the United States .

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Arabic :

1985،الإيدز،فيروس نقص المناعة البشرية،روك هدسون،المرض،المرض،المثلية الجنسية،شون أوبراين ستروب،بيل دارو،دون فرانسيس،مايكل غوتليب،روبرت غالو،مؤتمر هادسون الصحفي،هدسون في سيارة الإسعاف، وكالة المخابرات المركزية ولمخابرات السوفياتية مثلي الجنس،الهيموفيلياوس،الأطفال المرضى،المثبت،عينات الدم،روك هدسون يصبح أول ضحية الإيدز الشهيرة، الولايات المتحدة، لوس انجليس، الطب الطب لقطات الفيديو، فيديو الطبيب لقطات الفيديو، الناس الشهيرة، شخصية مشهورة، المشاهير، vip،,

Bulgarian :

1985, СПИН, ХИВ, Рок Хъдсън, болест, заболяване, хомосексуалност, Шон О'Брайън Щруб, Бил Дароу, Дон Франсис, Майкъл Готлиб, Робърт Гало, Хъдсън пресконференция, Хъдсън в линейката, ЦРУ и хемофилия, болни деца, Fixer, кръвни проби, Рок Хъдсън става първата жертва на СПИН, САЩ, Лос Анджелис, Медицина видеозаписи от медицината, видеозаписи на доктор, известни личности, известна личност, знаменитости, vip, ,

Catalan :

1985, SIDA, VIH, roca de Hudson, malaltia, malaltia, homosexualitat, Sean o'Brien Strub, Bill Darrow, Don Francis, Michael Gottlieb, Robert Gallo, conferència de premsa Hudson, Hudson a l'ambulància, la CIA i el KGB gai, hemophiliacs, nens malalts, Fixer, mostres de sang, roca Hudson es converteix en la primera víctima de SIDA famosa, Medicina Medicina de vídeo, imatges de vídeo doctor, famosa gent, famosa personalitat, celebritats, VIP, ,

Chinese Simplified :

1985年,艾滋病,艾滋病毒,罗克哈德森,疾病,疾病,同性恋,肖恩·奥布赖恩·斯特鲁布,比尔·达罗,唐·弗朗西斯,迈克尔·戈特利布,罗伯特·加洛,哈德森新闻发布会,哈德森在救护车,CIA和克格勃的同性恋,血友病,生病的儿童,修复器,血液样本,罗克·哈德森成为第一位著名的艾滋病患者,美国,洛杉矶, 医学 医学视频片段 医生录像, 名人,名人, 名人,维普,,

Chinese Traditional :

1985年, 愛滋病, 愛滋病毒, 羅克哈德森, 疾病, 疾病, 同性戀, 肖恩·奧布賴恩·斯特魯布, 比爾·達羅, 唐·弗朗西斯, 邁克爾·戈特利布, 羅伯特·加洛, 哈德森新聞發佈會, 哈德森在救護車, CIA和克格勃的同性戀, 血友病, 生病的兒童, 修復器, 血液樣本, 羅克·哈德森成為第一位著名的愛滋病患者, 美國, 洛杉磯, 醫學 醫學視頻片段 醫生錄像, 名人, 名人, 名人, 維普, ,

Sound Bite and conversation:

O´Brian, Sean Strub

(Publisher of the „POZ“ homosexual magazine) , speaking English:
-  "If the Reagan government had had an appropriate reaction, as it was claimed by the medical professionals, the disease could never have spread to such an extent. The legacy of this government is a fatal one, because they did nothing to prevent it."

Darrow, Bill

(Commissionar that time to hunt up the 0th patient ) , speaking English:
-  "When I told him, he might have spread the AIDS, he became really angry, and asked me whether I thought it was his fault for spreading the disease. I tried to calm him down so I said that he did not do it intentionally. It did not help. As we got to know later, he continued everything like before."

Francis, Don

(the Atlanta Center for Disease Control) , speaking English:
-  "I was so disappointed, that I hit the desks with both my fists: tell me, how many more infected do you need before doing something? Tell me! Ten, fifteen, hundred, tell me, and we fulfil your conditions. Then finally we can maybe sit down and talk about what needs to be done."

Darrow, Bill

(Commissionar that time to hunt up the 0th patient ) , speaking English:
-  "It was clear for me, that this virus was a time-bomb. Because those three-four men, who got the disease in the beginning of the 80ies, had a relationship with the 0th patient in 1976."

Gottlieb, Michael

(Aids-researcher in the USA, 1985) , speaking English:
-  "Everybody was in danger, because anybody could have been infected by blood dissections. After this, even the people, who felt safe before AIDS, felt that it was a chance to be infected by the disease. People started to be scared. "

Darrow, Bill

(Commissionar that time to hunt up the 0th patient ) , speaking English:
-  "We interrogated as many gay people as it was possible. Then the big day came: three men, living in Los Angeles, and not knowing each other, were talking about an airhost, with whom they had sexual relationship. Maybe he was the source of the disease?"

Francis, Don

(the Atlanta Center for Disease Control) , speaking English:
-  "Thinking back on the beginning of the story, when we faced only with 5-10 cases, we felt instinctively, that it would come to a bad end."

O´Brian, Sean Strub

(Publisher of the „POZ“ homosexual magazine) , speaking English:
-  "Until Hudson‘s death, the public looked at AIDS, as the right punishment for the guilty ones. Like a divine punishment, hitting only the gays. All this changed radically with Hudson‘s death. The population of America finally found out about the disease practically."

Gottlieb, Michael

(Aids-researcher in the USA, 1985) , speaking English:
-  "It showed again, how big the gap was between the rich and the poor countries. We still haven’t found the way, to help to heal the many million infected people in the world. "




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