1968 - The Saigon Execution: General Nguyen Ngoc Loan summarily executes Nguyen Van Lem (00:08:11)
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1968 - The Saigon Execution: General Nguyen Ngoc Loan summarily executes Nguyen Van Lem

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Location and time:

Vietnam, Saigon, 01-02-1968


Execution in broad daylight caught on camera. A police captain from Saigon is seen shooting a Vietcong man in the head right on film. As the bystanders are astounded at the event they are witnessing, the man is shot dead. The film shakes the world as the world is brought face to face with the harsh realities of war. There is a greater momentum to end the hostilities quickly after the event.

Photo: photojournalist Eddie Adams

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German :

1968, USA, Vietnam, Krieg, Vietcong, tödlichen Schuss, Ausführung, Revolution, Diktatur, Kredite, Gene La Rocque, Edward Miles, Eddie Adams, Nguyen Thi Lop, Feierlichkeiten anlässlich des 19. Jahrestages der Unabhängigkeit, Militärparade, Nasser Palace in Kairo, Arabische Demonstranten in Kairo, UN-Truppen, Yitzhak Rabin, Negev-Wüste, israelische Truppen, Kampfflugzeuge, Panzer in der Wüste, Bomben, Soldaten an der Klagemauer Jerusalem , Kriegsgefangene im Gaza-Streifen, König Hussein, UN, Flüchtlinge, orthodoxe Juden an der Klagemauer, Tod von einem Vietcong, Saigon, die Ausführung von Saigon, General Nguyen Ngoc Loan Nguyen Van Lem,

Greek :

1968, ΗΠΑ, Βιετνάμ, πόλεμος, Viet Cong, μοιραία βολή, εκτέλεση, επανάσταση, δικτατορία, Γενικό δάνειο, Rocque Λα Gene, Edward μίλια, Eddie Adams, Nguyen Thi Lop, εορτασμοί για τη 19η επέτειο της ανεξαρτησίας, στρατιωτική παρέλαση, Palace Nasser Κάιρο, Αραβικά διαδηλωτών στο Κάιρο, δυνάμεις του ΟΗΕ, Γιτζάκ Ραμπίν, έρημο Νεγκέβ, τα ισραηλινά στρατεύματα, αεροσκάφη μάχης, άρματα στην έρημο, Ιερουσαλήμ βομβαρδισμούς, στρατιώτες στο τείχος των δακρύων , αιχμαλώτων πολέμου στη λωρίδα της Γάζας, βασιλιάς Χουσεΐν, του ΟΗΕ, πρόσφυγες, ορθόδοξοι Εβραίοι στο τείχος των δακρύων, το θάνατο του ενός Βιετκόνγκ, Saigon, η εκτέλεση Saigon, γενικά Nguyen Ngoc δάνειο, Nguyen Van Lem, ,

Japanese :

1968 年、米国、ベトナム、戦争、ベトコン、致命的なショット、実行、革命、独裁制、一般融資、遺伝子 La Rocque、エドワード マイル、エディ ・ アダムス、グエン ・ ティ ・垂れ、独立、軍事パレード、カイロ、カイロ、国連軍のアラブ デモのリヤド マムーシュの 19 周年記念行事砂漠、エルサレムの嘆きの壁で兵士の爆撃は、イツハク ・ ラビン、ネゲブ砂漠、イスラエル軍、軍用機タンク、ガザ、フセイン国王、国連、難民、嘆きの壁、ベトコンの死で正統派ユダヤ人の戦争捕虜のサイゴン サイゴン実施、一般グエン ・ ゴック ローン、グエン ・ ヴァン ・ レム,

Russian :

1968, США, Вьетнам, война, Вьетконга, роковой выстрел, исполнение, революции, диктатуры, Генеральный кредит, Джин Ла-Рок, Эдвард миль, Эдди Адамс, Нгуен Тхи Lop, празднования 19-летия независимости, военный парад, Насер дворец в Каире, арабских демонстрантов в Каире, силы ООН, Ицхак Рабин, пустыня Негев, израильские войска, боевые самолеты, танки в пустыне, Иерусалим, бомбардировки, солдат у стены плача , военнопленных в секторе Газа, король Хусейн, ООН, беженцы, ортодоксальных евреев на стену плача, смерть vietcong Saigon Saigon исполнения, Генеральный Нгуен Нгок займа, Нгуен Ван лем, ,

Slovenian :

1968, ZDA, Vietnam, vojne, Viet Cong, usoden strel, izvedbo, revolucije, diktatura, splošno posojilo, Gene La Rocque, Edward Miles, Eddie Adams, Nguyen Thi Lop, praznovanja za 19. obletnico neodvisnosti, vojaško parado, Nasser Palace v Kairu, arabski demonstranti v Kairu, sil ZN, Yitzhak Rabin, izraelski vojaki, puščavi Negev, bojna letala, cisterne v puščavi, Jeruzalem, bombni napad, vojaki na zid objokovanja , vojnih ujetnikov v Gazi, kralj Hussein, ZN, begunci, pravoslavnih Judov v zidu objokovanja, smrt vietcong, Saigon, The Saigon izvedbe, splošno Nguyen Ngoc posojilo, Nguyen Van Lem, ,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Adams, Eddie

(photographer in 1968) , speaking English:
-  "The photo ruined two lives. The delinquent’s and the victim’s."

Lop, Nguyen Thi

(Widow of Vietcong) , speaking Vietnamese:
-  "Loan was a Vietnamese just as my husband was. He was one of us. But he took my husband on the street and shot him to death – a compatriot, he simply shot him to death. He caused so much pain for me. I do not know if I’ll ever be able to get over the death of my husband."

Adams, Eddie

(photographer in 1968) , speaking English:
-  "Supposedly Americans cut out the heart of North-Vietnamese soldiers. They decapitated people. Horrible action on both sides."

Rocque, Gene La

(Admiral of the US-Navy) , speaking English:
-  "Every Vietnamese was a potential enemy. The children, the women, young and old – everybody had decided to save his country and was ready to take every risk to kill an American soldier."

Miles, Ed

(Vietnam veteran) , speaking English:
-  "We destroyed Vietnam although we should have saved it. The terrible thing was that the Army had sent us there, as they said, to win the heart and mind of the Vietnamese people. Then we arrived and showed how we interpreted this: we burned down their villages."

Rocque, Gene La

(Admiral of the US-Navy) , speaking English:
-  "General Loan’s action showed how inhuman the Americans and the Vietnamese were. He showed that the war exceeded every human norm; it became a devilish, bloodthirsty play."

Adams, Eddie

(photographer in 1968) , speaking English:
-  "Then we read in press releases that they organised demonstrations in America using this photo."

Lop, Nguyen Thi

(Widow of Vietcong) , speaking Vietnamese:
-  "I did not know that my husband was killed, I did not want to believe it when they told me. Then I saw the photo in several American newspapers..."

Adams, Eddie

(photographer in 1968) , speaking English:
-  "His body fell to ground. The Sheriff turned to us and said: They killed many of your people – and of mine as well."

Adams, Eddie

(photographer in 1968) , speaking English:
-  "The man was caught as he came out from the building next to a pagoda. This was the best material that we had, so we followed them in the streets. Then suddenly a man appeared next to me. I was not further away from the captive than two meters. Then I saw as the man reached for his gun. "

Lop, Nguyen Thi

(Widow of Vietcong) , speaking Vietnamese:
-  "His troop wanted to retreat but they were already surrounded by soldiers. They could only escape through a river. My husband fought on to ensure the retreat of his comrades. Then he was arrested."

Miles, Ed

(Vietnam veteran) , speaking English:
-  "With the Tet attack they showed that they wanted to win the war at any price. After this we had to fight to survive."

Lop, Nguyen Thi

(Widow of Vietcong) , speaking Vietnamese:
-  "I did not know anything about my husband. He only said the he visits a course during the night and after that I did not hear anything from him."

Additional infos:

The Tet Offensive
1st February 1968
South Vietnam

On the last day of January, the Vietnamese pay tribute to their ancestors. Unknown to the Americans, theIr enemy celebrated the Tet New Year Festival two days early. On the 31st January 1968, the offensive began.

Photographer Eddie Adams captures a moment that will win him the Pulitzer prize. Police Chief General Nguyễn Ngọc Loan summarily executes a Vietcong prisoner, Nguyễn Văn Lém.




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