1913 - The last German Kaiser: Emperor Wilhelm II (00:08:14)
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1913 - The last German Kaiser: Emperor Wilhelm II

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Location and time:

Germany, Berlin, 1913


Wilhelm II of Prussia and Germany, Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert von Hohenzollern was the last German Emperor (Kaiser) and the last King (König) of Prussia from 1888 - 1918. His rule was noted for his militaristic push to assert German power. He sought to expand German colonial holdings, finding "a place in the sun." Under the Tirpitz Plan, through the Naval Bills of 1897 and 1900, the German navy was built up to contend with that of the United Kingdom. His personality and policies oscillated between antagonizing and amusing to Britain, France, and Russia. He dismissed Otto von Bismarck in 1890 and abandoned the Chancellor.

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Chinese Traditional :

軍、 奧地利皇帝、 柏林,巡航,紀律,帝國艦隊,工程,葬禮,德國,警衛,霍亨索倫,銀禧,德皇威廉二世,國王,軍事,尼古拉 · 羅曼諾夫,貴族,北海、 幹事、 奧托 · 馮 · 哈布斯堡先驅,王子,秩,國會大廈,版稅,俄羅斯,士兵,制服,戰爭,威廉 · 馮 · 伊爾澤曼,

German :

Armee, österreichische Kaiser, Berlin, Kreuzfahrt, Disziplin, Empire-Flotte, Maschinenbau, Beerdigung, Deutsch, Garde, Hohenzollern, Jubilee, Kaiser Wilhelm II, König, Militär, Nikolai Romanov, Adel, Nordsee, Offizier, Otto von Habsburg, Pionier, Prince, Rang, Reichstag, lizenzfreie, Russland, Soldaten, Uniformen, Krieg, Wilhelm von Ilsemann,

Greek :

στρατού, Αυστριακός αυτοκράτορας, Βερολίνο, κρουαζιέρα, πειθαρχία, αυτοκρατορίας στόλο, μηχανική, κηδεία, γερμανική, φρουρά, Hohenzollern ιωβηλαίο, Κάιζερ Βίλχελμ ΙΙ, βασιλιάς, στρατιωτικός, Νικολάι Ρομανόφ, αρχοντιά, Βόρεια Θάλασσα, αξιωματικός, Otto von Habsburg, πρωτοπόρος, πρίγκιπας, κατάταξη, Reichstag, πνευματικά δικαιώματα, Ρωσία, στρατιώτης, στολές, πόλεμος, Wilhelm von Ilsemann,

Hebrew :

צבא, קיסר אוסטריה, ברלין, קרוז, משמעת, צי האימפריה, הנדסה, הלוויה, גרמני, השומר, הוהנצולרן, יובל, וילהלם השני, מלך, צבא, ניקולאי רומנוב, אצילות, הים הצפוני, שוטר, אוטו פון האבסבורג, חלוץ, הנסיך, דרגה, הרייכסטאג, מלכות, רוסיה, חייל, מדים, מלחמה, וילהלם פון Ilsemann,

Hindi :

सेना, ऑस्ट्रियाई सम्राट, बर्लिन, क्रूज, अनुशासन, साम्राज्य बेड़े, इंजीनियरिंग, अंतिम संस्कार, जर्मन, गार्ड, Hohenzollern, जयंती, कैसर विल्हेम II, राजा, सैन्य, निकोलाई Romanov, बड़प्पन, उत्तरी सागर, अधिकारी, Otto वॉन Habsburg, पायनियर, राजकुमार, रैंक, रैहस्टाग, रॉयल्टी, रूस, सैनिक, वर्दी, युद्ध, विल्हेम वॉन Ilsemann,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Ilsemann, Von Wilhelm

(the emperor’s godson ) , speaking German:
-  "„ In general he filled each day by getting up, saying breakfast prayers with the family and his staff, afterwards chopping wood in the forests of friendly families or in the garden. Around noon my father held a press conference. In the evening some guests would come, after whom the Kaiser would fill some hours reading out of a book which he respected, and this was not always so pleasant for his listeners.”"

Ilsemann, Von Wilhelm

(the emperor’s godson ) , speaking German:
-  "„He used to exercise a deep influence on children, first with his gaze. He had very clear pale blue eyes, which he used to look at people intensely. The other thing was that he had a very deep voice.”"

Mehren, Maria

(witness, saw the last german kaiser, 1913) , speaking German:
-  "„We all got these white and red flags, little paper flags – they were still black, white and red at that time and we waved them at the Kaiser. He waved back from the balcony and we were very proud.”"

Handke, Gertrud

(witness, born in 1905) , speaking German:
-  "„We counted on a short and victorious war. The foot-soldiers laughed and said we would be home by Christmas.”"

Habsburg, Otto von

(The grandchild of the Emperor Franz Josef, former pretender to the Austro-Hungarian throne ) , speaking German:
-  "„Yes, he loved this. Uniforms. He wore a uniform even in everyday life. Hunting outfits and so on. Yet everyone admired his passion.” "

Mehren, Maria

(witness, saw the last german kaiser, 1913) , speaking German:
-  "„The Kaiser is a kind man. He lives in Berlin.”"




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