1987 - The political scandal: Uwe Barschel (00:08:33)
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1987 - The political scandal: Uwe Barschel

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Location and time:

Switzerland, Genf, 11-10-1987


CDU-politician, Uwe Barschel, was, according to ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky, murdered in 1987 by a Mossad hit team in a Swiss Hotel. According to Ostrovsky, Barschel had to die because he disturbed Israeli arms trade with the Iranian regime and an Israeli training programmes for Iranian fighter pilots on the soil of "Schleswig-Hostein" (German state of which Uwe Barschel was Prime Minster, comparable with a US-governor). The murder of Uwe Barschel, despite Ostrovsky”s revelations in his book "The Secret Mossad-File", is still today called "suicide".

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Lithuanian :

1987 m., Uwe Barschel, Ženeva, Beau Rivage, Schleswig-Hollstein, Björn Engholm, Rainer Pfeiffer, Šlėzvigo-Holšteino ministras pirmininkas, politinio skandalo, Barschel, Bahia Feliz, Gran Kanarija, Kiel Marsh, Ženevos oro uosto, Uwe Barschel vonia, Barschel šeima, Hotel Beau rivage, 1987 - politinio skandalo, Šveicarija, Genf, Beau Rivage viešbutis, politika, Įžymūs žmonės, garsi asmenybė, nusikalstamumu, ,

Norwegian :

1987 Uwe Barschel, Genève, Beau Rivage, Schleswig-Hollstein, Björn Engholm, Rainer Pfeiffer, statsminister av Schleswig-Holstein, politisk skandale, Barschel, Bahia Feliz, Gran Canaria, Kiel Marsh, Genève, Uwe Barschel i badekar, Barschel familie, Hotel Beau rivage 1987 - politisk skandale, Sveits, Genf, Beau Rivage Hotel, politikk, kjente personer, berømte personlighet, kriminalitet, ,

Thai :

1987, Uwe Barschel เจนีวา โรงแรมโบริเวจ แห่งชเลสวิก-Hollstein, Björn Engholm, Rainer เชลล์ไฟฟ์เฟอร์ นายกรัฐมนตรีของแห่งชเลสวิกโฮลชไตน์ สแกน ดัลทางการเมือง Barschel, Feliz เฮีย กราน มาร์ช Kiel สนาม บินเจนีวา Uwe Barschel ในอ่างอาบน้ำ Barschel ครอบครัว โรงแรมโบริ เวจ 1987 - การเมืองสแกนดัล สวิตเซอร์แลนด์ Genf มาย การเมือง คนที่มีชื่อเสียง บุคลิกภาพที่มีชื่อเสียง อาชญากรรม,

Sound Bite and conversation:

Wille, Heinrich

(District Attorney) , speaking German:
-  ""When somebody like Uwe Barschel said that he wanted to tell all in front of the Investigation Committee, that could have made some people think and made them nervous. Although it didn’t depend so much on how much he really knew, but more on what they believed he could know.”"

Wille, Heinrich

(District Attorney) , speaking German:
-  "“Without reliable testimonies of witnesses, the happenings cannot be reconstructed. And we don’t have them. But the fact is there are traces that can’t reasonably come from Uwe Barschel alone.”"

Warburg, Justus

(Barschel family lawyer) , speaking German:
-  "“They don’t want the truth. . . They do not want the truth. I’ve always had that impression. But I don’t know why.”"

Samson, Erich

(Barschel’s legal advisor) , speaking German:
-  " “There is a lot that points to suicide. This was true from the very first information. But many doubted that such a strong man that had controlled himself so well to the end had supposedly committed suicide. This was indeed a break and made the case incomprehensible.”"

Engholm, Björn

(german federal minister, 1987) , speaking German:
-  "“I heard the name Pfeiffer the first time on the night of the election and heard about many things only from reading it in ‘Der Spiegel’.”"

Barschel, Uwe

(german president on September 18, 1987) , speaking German:
-  "“These are tremendous accusations. Here in Schleswig Holstein we say: it’s a pack of lies.”"

Samson, Erich

(Barschel’s legal advisor) , speaking German:
-  "“I presume that Barschel made the unsuccessful attempt of escaping from the traces left by Pfeiffer with useless means. This was most certainly legally and politically stupid.” "

Barschel, Uwe

(german president on September 18, 1987) , speaking German:
-  "“Beyond the usual statutory oaths, I give you, the citizens of Schleswig-Holstein and the entire German public, I give yo my word of honour, I repeat my word of honour that the charges against me are unfounded. Thank you”"

Wille, Heinrich

(District Attorney) , speaking German:
-  "“It has sometimes been compared with the murder of John F. Kennedy or Olof Palme. But in these cases, at least we know that guns were used and that it was a murder. There is no such certainty in the case of Uwe Barschel.”"

Pfeiffer, Reiner

(german journalist in Genf, 1987) , speaking German:
-  "„My principal task was . . . to make sure that the SPD candidate Engholm disappear from the political stage before the elections.“"




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