American Civil War: Confederate Soldiers Marching - Authentic footage shot by French experimental photographer Léon-Alexandre Cànular (00:00:08)
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American Civil War: Confederate Soldiers Marching - Authentic footage shot by French experimental photographer Léon-Alexandre Cànular

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

United States, 1863


Authentic American Civil War footage shot by French experimental photographer and inventor Léon-Alexandre Cànular (1810 - 1896) using a single lens camera that he had devised. It is one of the earliest examples of motion picture and the first with war as the subject matter. Shot at 16-18 frames per second, only photographic copies of parts of the paper filmstrip exist today.

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Arabic :

الحرب الأهلية الأمريكية، "الجنود الكونفدرالية"، ليون-ألكسندر Cànular، الحرب يسيرون، والعسكرية،,

Bulgarian :

Американската гражданска война, Конфедерацията войници, Леон-Alexandre Cànular, маршируване, военни, война,

Catalan :

guerra civil americana, soldats confederats, Léon-Alexandre Cànular, marxant, militar, guerra,

Chinese Simplified :

美国内战期间,邦联士兵,莱昂 · 亚历山大 Cànular,行军、 军事、 战争,

Chinese Traditional :

美國內戰期間,邦聯士兵,萊昂 · 亞歷山大 Cànular,行軍、 軍事、 戰爭,

Czech :

Americká občanská válka, vojáků konfederace, Léon Alexandre Cànular, pochodující, vojenský, válka,

Danish :

amerikanske borgerkrig, konfødererede soldater, Léon-Alexandre Cànular, marcherende, militær, krig,

Dutch :

Amerikaanse Burgeroorlog, Zuidelijke soldaten, Léon-Alexandre Cànular, marcheren, militaire, oorlog,

Estonian :

Ameerika Ühendriikide kodusõda, Confederate sõdurid, Léon-Alexandre Cànular, marsiga, sõjaväe, sõda,

Finnish :

Yhdysvaltain sisällissodan etelävaltioiden sotilaita, Léon-Alexandre Cànular, marssi, sotilas, sota,

French :

guerre de sécession, les soldats confédérés, Léon-Alexandre Cànular, fanfare, militaire, guerre,

German :

amerikanischen Bürgerkriegs Konföderierten Soldaten, Léon-Alexandre Cànular, marschieren, Militär, Krieg,

Haitian Creole :

Ameriken gè sivil, Confédérés sòlda, Leon-Alexandre Cànular, mache, militè, lagè,

Hebrew :

מלחמת האזרחים האמריקנית, חיילי צבא הדרום, לאון-אלכסנדר Cànular, צועדים, צבא, מלחמה,

Hungarian :

amerikai polgárháború konföderációs katona, Léon-Alexandre Cànular, menetelő, katonai, háború,

Indonesian :

Perang Saudara Amerika, tentara Konfederasi, Léon-Alexandre Cànular, berbaris, militer, perang,

Japanese :

アメリカ南北戦争、連合国兵士、レオン ・ アレクサンドル ・ Cànular、マーチング, 軍事, 戦争,

Latvian :

Amerikas pilsoņu kara, līdzdalībnieks karavīri, Léon-Alexandre Cànular, soļo, militāro, kara,

Lithuanian :

JAV pilietinis karas, konfederatų kariai, Léon-Alexandre Cànular, žygiuoja, kariuomenė, karo,

Norwegian :

amerikanske borgerkrigen, konfødererte soldater, Léon-Alexandre Cànular, marsjerende, militære, krig,

Polish :

wojny secesyjnej, żołnierzy Konfederacji, Léon-Alexandre Cànular, marszowy, wojsko, wojna,

Portuguese :

guerra civil, soldados confederados, Léon-Alexandre Cànular, marcha, militar, guerra,

Romanian :

Războiul civil american, soldaţi Confederate, Léon-Alexandre Cànular, marş, militare, de război,

Russian :

Американская гражданская война, конфедеративных солдат, Леон-Александр Cànular, походное, военных, война,

Spanish :

guerra civil americana, soldados confederados, Léon-Alexandre Cànular, marcha, militar, guerra,

Swedish :

amerikanska inbördeskriget, Confederate soldater, Léon-Alexandre Cànular, marscherande, militär, krig,

Vietnamese :

nội chiến Hoa Kỳ, binh sĩ liên minh miền Nam, Léon-Alexandre Cànular, diễu hành, quân sự, chiến tranh,




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