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1999 - The Incomparable Century: Flash-back

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Worldwide, 1999


During this century, man discovered the world: the South Pole, Mount Everest, Space. He went to the Moon, invented penicillin which saved hundreds of thousands from death. In spite of these feats, development can be callled into question by such events as Verdun, Stalingrad, Auschwitz, Hiroshima and Omarska: back to barbarism. Tremendous growth coupled with vast destruction: this was the multi-faceted 20th century.

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Catalan :

del segle XX, 1999, Lunar d'aterratge, disparant Westerplatte, escalada, muntanya Everest, Elvis Presley, Brandenburg Gate, Berlín, Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Kim Phuc, atac Olímpic, Chernobyl, obertura de la frontera, coet Lluna, Lluna, collage atacar Polònia, parla de Goebbels al Palau dels esports, Willy Brandt, memorial, Varsòvia, creuar el massís de l'Everest, d'allaus, Elvis Priscilla, jersei de paret, Adenauer, manifestacions, atacar helicòpters, Marina, Vietnam, Viet Cong, Ulrike Meyfarth, salt alt, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, helicòpters, Estadi Olímpic, nuclear reactor, gent fugint, Alemanya Oriental, història, un Flash-back, arreu del món, ,

Chinese Traditional :

20 世紀,1999 年,月球著陸、 射擊半島,攀爬,登上珠穆朗瑪峰,艾維斯普雷斯利、 勃蘭登堡門、 柏林、 甘迺迪、 馬丁 · 路德、 金福緣,奧林匹克的攻擊,切爾諾貝利,邊境開放,月球的火箭,月亮,拼貼進攻波蘭,戈培爾的演講在體育宮、 勃蘭特、 紀念華沙,穿越珠穆朗瑪峰地塊,雪崩,貓王普麗西拉,牆上的跳線,阿登納,示威,攻擊直升機,海洋,越南,越共,Ulrike Meyfarth跳高,漢斯-迪特裡希舍直升機、 奧林匹克體育場、 核反應爐、 逃離,歷史,東德人一閃回,世界各地,,




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