Budapest metro: Incoming metro in the underground of Heroes' Square, walking people (00:01:10)

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Budapest metro: Incoming metro in the underground of Heroes' Square, walking people

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Hungary, Budapest, 2012


Budapest metro: Incoming metro in the underground of Heroes' Square, walking people

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Arabic :

بودابست، مترو بودابست، سيتي سكيب، لقطات، إبطال مترو سكوير، هنغاريا،,

Bulgarian :

Будапеща, Будапеща метро, градски пейзаж, КАДРИ, Heroes Square, Унгария, метро,

Catalan :

Budapest, Budapest metro, paisatge urbà, SEQÜÈNCIES, herois metro Square, Hongria, ,

Chinese Simplified :

布达佩斯,布达佩斯地铁、 城市景观、 进尺、 英雄广场、 匈牙利,地铁,

Chinese Traditional :

布達佩斯,布達佩斯地鐵、 城市景觀、 進尺、 英雄廣場、 匈牙利,地鐵,

Czech :

Budapest, Budapest metro, panoráma, záběry, Heroes Square, Maďarsko, metro,

Danish :

Budapest, Budapest metro, bybilledet, optagelser, Heroes Square, Ungarn, metro,

Dutch :

Boedapest, metro van Boedapest, cityscape, beeldmateriaal, Heroes Square, Hongarije, metro,

Estonian :

Budapest, Budapest metroo, linnaruumi, FOOTAGE, Heroes' Square, Ungari, metro,

Finnish :

Budapest, Budapest metro, kaupunkikuvaan, materiaalia, Heroes Square, Unkari, metro,

French :

Budapest, métro de Budapest, paysage urbain, FOOTAGE, Heroes' métro Square, Hongrie, ,

German :

Budapest, Budapest Metro, Stadtansicht, Filmmaterial, Heroes Square, Ungarn, u-Bahn,

Greek :

Βουδαπέστη, του μετρό της Βουδαπέστης, το τοπίο, ΣΚΗΝΈΣ, ήρωες του μετρό της πλατείας, Ουγγαρία, ,

Haitian Creole :

Budapest, Budapest metro, cityscape, MÉTRAGE, etan ke ewo yo metro kare, Ongri, ,

Hebrew :

בודפשט, בודפשט מטרו, נוף עירוני, מדה, גיבורים של המטרו של כיכר, הונגריה, ,

Hindi :

बुडापेस्ट, बुडापेस्ट मेट्रो, cityscape, फुटेज, नायकों स्क्वायर, हंगरी, मेट्रो,

Hungarian :

Budapest, Budapest metro, városkép, felvétel, Heroes Square, Magyarország, metro,

Indonesian :

Budapest, Budapest metro, cakrawala kota, rekaman, Heroes Square, Hongaria, metro,

Italian :

Budapest, Budapest metro, paesaggio urbano, metraggio, eroi della metropolitana Piazza, Ungheria, ,

Japanese :


Korean :

부다페스트, 부다페스트 지하철, 도시 풍경, 장면, 영웅 광장, 헝가리, 지하철,

Latvian :

Budapest, Budapest metro, cityscape, KADRUS, Heroes Square, Ungārija, metro,

Lithuanian :

Budapest, Budapeštas metro, miesto peizažas, FOOTAGE, Heroes' Square, Vengrija, metro,

Norwegian :

Budapest, Budapest metro, cityscape, opptak, Heroes Square, Ungarn, metro,

Polish :

Budapeszt, Budapeszt metro, gród, nagrania, Heroes Square, Węgry, metra,

Portuguese :

Budapeste, metro de Budapeste, cityscape, filmagens, heróis metro quadrado, Hungria, ,

Romanian :

Budapesta, Budapesta metrou, urbanism, picior, Heroes Square, Ungaria, metrou,

Russian :

Будапешт, Будапешт метро, городской пейзаж, кадры, герои метро Площадь, Венгрия, ,

Slovak :

Budapest, Budapest metro, panorámu, ZÁBERY, Heroes Square, Maďarsko, metro,

Slovenian :

Budapest, Budimpešta metro, cityscape, posnetkov, Heroes Square, Madžarska, metro,

Spanish :

Budapest, Budapest metro, paisaje urbano, FOOTAGE, héroes' metro cuadrado, Hungría, ,

Swedish :

Budapest, Budapest metro, stadsbild, FOOTAGE, Heroes Square, Ungern, metro,

Thai :

บูดาเปสต์ รถไฟใต้ดินบูดาเปส ตระการ วิดีโอ วีรบุรุษของสแควร์ ฮังการี รถไฟใต้ดิน,

Turkish :

Budapest, Budapeşte metro, cityscape, görüntüleri, kahramanlar Meydanı, Macaristan, metro,

Ukrainian :

Будапешт, Метрополітен, міський пейзаж, кадри, герої площі, Угорщина, метро,

Vietnamese :

Budapest, Budapest metro, cảnh quan thành phố, cảnh, Heroes Square, hungary, tàu điện ngầm,




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