Hunting Huskies (00:04:30)

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Hunting Huskies

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Ukraine, 2000s


Huscky dogs training for boar hunt in forestry.

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Bulgarian :

животните, глиган, кучета, куче, куче лайка, куче обучение, КАДРИ, гори, горски рейнджър, горски, лов, ловец, лов, лов животни, huscky, хъски, лайка, капитанът и куче, дива свиня, дива свиня лов,

Danish :

dyr, vildsvin, hunde, hund, hund Laika, hundetræning, optagelser, skov, skovfogeden, skovfoged, jage, jæger, jagt, jagt dyr, huscky, Afskalle, Laika, master og hund, vildsvin, vildsvin jagt,

German :

Tier, Wildschwein, Hunde, Hund, Hündin Laika, Hundetraining, FOOTAGE, Wald, Wald-Ranger, Förster, Jagd, Jäger, Jagd, Jagd Tiere, Huscky, Huskies, Laika, Meister und Hund, Wildschwein, Wildschwein, Jagd,

Romanian :

animal, mistreţ, canin, câine, câine Laika, câine de formare, picior, pădure, padurar, pădurar, vânătoare, vânător, vânătoare, vânătoare animale, huscky, Huskies, Laika, master si caine, mistret, mistret de vânătoare,

Slovak :

zvierat, kanec, psie, pes, psa menom Lajka, Psí výcvik, ZÁBERY lesa, lesa ranger, lesník, lov, lovec, lov, lov zvierat, huscky, Huskies, Laika, majster a pes, diviak, divoké prasa lov,

Slovenian :

živali merjasca, udarci, pes, pes Laika, pes vzgajanje, posnetkov, gozd, Markku, gozdar, lov, lovec, lov, lov živali, huscky, hripav, Laika, master in pes, divje svinje, divjega merjasca lov,




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