Hungarian Revolution of 1956: Hungarian Weekly Newsreel reports - After the Revolution - workers' Militia - János Kádár (00:05:24)
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Hungarian Revolution of 1956: Hungarian Weekly Newsreel reports - After the Revolution - workers' Militia - János Kádár

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Hungary, 1956


Hungarian Revolution of 1956: A German Weekly Newsreel reports - refugees on the Austrian-Hungarian border The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was a spontaneous nationwide revolt against the government of the People's Republic of Hungary and its Soviet-imposed policies, lasting from 23 October until 10 November 1956. The revolt began as a student demonstration which attracted thousands as it marched through central Budapest to the Parliament building. A student delegation entering the radio building in an attempt to broadcast its demands was detained. When the delegation's release was demanded by the demonstrators outside, they were fired upon by the State Security Police (ÁVH) from within the building. The news spread quickly and disorder and violence erupted throughout the capital. The revolt spread quickly across Hungary, and the government fell. Thousands organized into militias, battling the State Security Police (ÁVH) and Soviet troops. Pro-Soviet communists and ÁVH members were often executed or imprisoned, as former prisoners were released and armed. Impromptu councils wrested municipal control from the ruling Hungarian Working People's Party and demanded political changes. The new government formally disbanded the ÁVH, declared its intention to withdraw from the Warsaw Pact and pledged to re-establish free elections. By the end of October, fighting had almost stopped and a sense of normality began to return. After announcing a willingness to negotiate a withdrawal of Soviet forces, the Politburo changed its mind and moved to crush the revolution. On 4 November, a large Soviet force invaded Budapest and other regions of the country. Hungarian resistance continued until 10 November. Over 2,500 Hungarians and 700 Soviet troops were killed in the conflict, and 200,000 Hungarians fled as refugees. Mass arrests and denunciations continued for months thereafter. By January 1957, the new Soviet-installed government had suppressed all public opposition. These Soviet actions alienated many Western Marxists, yet strengthened Soviet control over Central Europe. Public discussion about this revolution was suppressed in Hungary for over 30 years, but since the thaw of the 1980s it has been a subject of intense study and debate. At the inauguration of the Third Hungarian Republic in 1989, October 23 was declared a national holiday.

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Arabic :

الشيوعية، والكتلة الشرقية، والثورة الهنغارية عام 1956، يانوش Kádár، munkásőrség، والثورة، والاشتراكية، والجنود، الستالينية، ميليشيا العمال,

Bulgarian :

комунизъм, Източен блок, Унгарската революция от 1956, Янош Кадар, munkásőrség, революция, социализъм, войници, сталинизма, работниците милиция,

Chinese Traditional :

共產主義、 東方集團、 1956 年的匈牙利革命、 亞諾什 Kádár,munkásőrség,革命,社會主義,士兵,史達林主義,工人民兵,

Czech :

komunismus, východního bloku, Maďarská revoluce 1956, János Kádár, munkásőrség, revoluce, socialismus, vojáci, stalinismu, dělnická milice,

Danish :

kommunisme, Østblokken, ungarske Revolution i 1956, János Kádár, munkásőrség, revolution, socialisme, soldater, stalinismen, arbejdstagernes milits,

Dutch :

communisme, Oostblok, Hongaarse revolutie van 1956, János Kádár, munkásőrség, revolutie, socialisme, soldaten, het stalinisme, werknemers militie,

Estonian :

kommunism, idabloki, 1956. aasta, János Kádári, munkásőrség, revolutsioon, sotsialismi, sõdurid, stalinismi, töötajate miilits,

Finnish :

kommunismi, itäblokin, Unkarin vallankumousta vuonna 1956, János hän, munkásőrség, vallankumous, sosialismi, sotilaita, stalinismi, työntekijöiden miliisi,

French :

communisme, Bloc de l'est, la révolution hongroise de 1956, János Kádár, munkásőrség, révolution, socialisme, soldats, stalinisme, milice ouvrière,

Greek :

ο κομμουνισμός, ανατολικού μπλοκ, την ουγγρική επανάσταση του 1956, János Kádár, munkásőrség, επανάσταση, σοσιαλισμός, στρατιώτες, σταλινισμού, η πολιτοφυλακή των εργαζομένων,

Haitian Creole :

sistèm kominis, blòk lès la, Ongaryen revolisyon. 1956, János Kádár, munkásőrség, revolisyon, sosyalis la, sòlda yo, Stalinism, milis travayè yo,

Hindi :

साम्यवाद, पूर्वी ब्लॉक, 1956 का हंगरियन क्रांति, János Kádár, munkásőrség, क्रांति, समाजवाद, सैनिकों, Stalinism, श्रमिकों मिलिशिया,

Hungarian :

a kommunizmus, a keleti blokk, az 1956-os magyar forradalom, Kádár János, munkásőrség, a forradalom, a szocializmus, a katonák, sztálinizmus, a munkásőrség,

Indonesian :

komunisme, Blok Timur, revolusi Hongaria 1956, János Kádár, munkásőrség, revolusi, sosialisme, tentara, Stalinisme, pekerja milisi,

Italian :

comunismo, blocco orientale, la rivoluzione ungherese del 1956, János Kádár, munkásőrség, rivoluzione, socialismo, soldati, lo stalinismo, la milizia dei lavoratori,

Japanese :

共産主義は、東部、1956 年のハンガリー革命、János Kádár、munkásőrség、革命、社会主義、兵士たちは、スターリン主義、労働者の在郷軍,

Korean :

공산주의 동구권, 1956 년의 헝가리 혁명, 야 노 Kádár, munkásőrség, 혁명, 사회주의 군인, 스탈린 주의 노동자의 민병대,

Latvian :

komunisms, Austrumu bloka, 1956 gada Ungārijas revolūcija, János Kádár, munkásőrség, revolūcija, sociālisms, karavīri, staļinismu, milicijas darbinieku,

Lithuanian :

komunizmas, Rytų bloko, Vengrijos revoliucija, János tarsi, munkásőrség, revoliucija, Socializmas, kareiviai, stalinizmo, darbuotojų milicijos,

Norwegian :

kommunismen, Østblokken, oppstanden i Ungarn, János Kádár, munkásőrség, revolusjon, sosialisme, soldater, stalinismen, arbeidernes milits,

Polish :

komunizm, bloku wschodniego, powstanie węgierskie 1956, János Kádár, munkásőrség, rewolucji, socjalizm, żołnierzy, stalinizmu, Milicja Robotnicza,

Portuguese :

comunismo, bloco do leste, Revolução húngara de 1956, János Kádár, munkásőrség, revolução, socialismo, soldados, stalinismo, a milícia dos trabalhadores,

Romanian :

comunismului, din blocul răsăritean, revoluția maghiară din 1956, János Kádár, munkásőrség, revolutie, socialismul, soldaţi, Stalinismul, lucrătorilor de miliţie,

Russian :

коммунизм, Восточного блока, венгерской революции 1956 года, Янош Кадар, munkásőrség, революция, социализм, солдат, сталинизма, работников милиции,

Slovak :

komunizmus, východného bloku, Maďarskej revolúcie v roku 1956, János Kádár, vojaci, munkásőrség, revolúciu, socializmus stalinizmu, pracovníkov milície,

Slovenian :

komunizem, vzhodnega bloka, Madžarska revolucija leta 1956, János Kádár, munkásőrség, revolution, socializem, vojaki, stalinizma, delavcev milice,

Spanish :

el comunismo, del bloque del este, la revolución húngara de 1956, János Kádár, munkásőrség, revolución, socialismo, soldados, estalinismo, milicias de trabajadores,

Swedish :

kommunism, östblocket, ungerska revolutionen 1956, János Kádár, munkásőrség, revolution, socialism, soldater, Stalinism, arbetarnas milis,

Thai :

คอมมิวนิสต์ ค่ายตะวันออก การ ปฏิวัติฮังการีของ 1956, Kádár János, munkásőrség ปฏิวัติ สังคมนิยม ทหาร ลัทธิสตาลิน ทหารอาสาสมัครแรงงาน,

Turkish :

Komünizm, Doğu bloku, 1956 Macar Devrimi, János Kádár, munkásőrség, devrim, sosyalizm, askerler, Stalinizm, işçi milis,

Ukrainian :

комунізм, Східного блоку, Угорська революція 1956 року, Янош Kádár, munkásőrség, революція, соціалізм, солдати, сталінізму, працівників міліції,

Vietnamese :

chủ nghĩa cộng sản, khối Đông Âu, cuộc cách mạng Hungary năm 1956, Kádár János, munkásőrség, cách mạng, chủ nghĩa xã hội, chiến sĩ, chủ nghĩa Stalin, nhân dân quân,




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