Elbe Day: Soviet and American troops met at the River Elbe, near Torgau in Germany (00:01:38)
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Elbe Day: Soviet and American troops met at the River Elbe, near Torgau in Germany

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Location and time:

Germany, Torgau, 25-04-1945


Elbe Day, April 25, 1945, was the date Soviet and American troops met at the River Elbe, near Torgau in Germany, marking an important step toward the end of World War II in Europe. This contact between the Soviets, advancing from the East, and the Americans, advancing from the West, meant that the two powers had effectively cut Germany in two. The first contact was made between patrols near Strehla, when First Lieutenant Albert Kotzebue, an American soldier, crossed the River Elbe in a boat with three men of an intelligence and reconnaissance platoon. On the east bank, they met forward elements of a Soviet Guards-rifle-regiment of the First Ukrainian Front under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Gardiev. The same day, another patrol under Second Lieutenant William Robertson with Frank Huff, James McDonnell and Paul Staub met Soviet Lieutenant Alexander Silvashko with some soldiers on the destroyed Elbe bridge of Torgau.

On April 26, the commanders of the 69th Infantry Division of the First Army and the 58th Guards Rifle Division of the 5th Guards Army (Soviet Union) met at Torgau, southwest of Berlin. Arrangements were made for the formal "Handshake of Torgau" between Robertson and Silvashko in front of photographers the following day (pictured). Statements were released simultaneously in London, Moscow, and Washington that evening, reaffirming the determination of the three Allied powers to complete the destruction of the Third Reich.

Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunker four days later.

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Arabic :

الحلفاء، الألب اليوم، التاريخ، الاجتماع الألب نهر، "الجيش الأحمر"، الجيش السوفياتي، الحرب العالمية الثانية، الحرب العالمية 2، الحرب العالمية الثانية,

Chinese Simplified :

盟友,易北河的一天,会议易北河流,红军,苏联军队,第二次世界大战 WW 2,第二次世界大战的历史,

Chinese Traditional :

盟友,易北河的一天,會議易北河流,紅軍,蘇聯軍隊,第二次世界大戰 WW 2,第二次世界大戰的歷史,

Czech :

spojenci, den Labe, historie, setkání Labe řeky, Rudé armády, sovětské armády, světová válka II, WW 2, WW II,

Danish :

allierede, Elben dag, historie, møde elbe floden, røde hær, sovjetiske hær, World War II, WW 2, WW II,

German :

Verbündeten, Elbe Day, Geschichte, treffen Elbe River, Rote Armee, sowjetische Armee, Zweiter Weltkrieg, WW 2, WW II,

Greek :

Σύμμαχοι, ημέρα elbe, ιστορία, συνάντηση Έλβα ποταμού, κόκκινος στρατός, σοβιετικός στρατός, παγκόσμιο πόλεμο ΙΙ, WW 2, WW II,

Indonesian :

sekutu, hari elbe, sejarah, pertemuan elbe sungai, tentara merah, tentara Soviet, Perang Dunia II, WW 2, WW II,

Italian :

gli alleati, giorno di Elba, storia, incontro elbe fiume, armata rossa, dell'esercito sovietico, seconda guerra mondiale, 2 WW, WW II,

Latvian :

sabiedrotie, Elbas diena, vēsturi, tiekoties Elbas upes, Sarkanā armija, Padomju armija, pasaules kara II WW 2 WW II,

Polish :

sojuszników, Łódzką, historia, spotkanie elbe river, Armii Czerwonej, Armii Radzieckiej, II, WW 2 WW II wojny światowej,

Slovenian :

zavezniki, dan Labi, zgodovina, srečanje Labe river, rdeče armade sovjetske vojske, World War II, WW 2, WW II,

Thai :

พันธมิตร เอลบ์วัน ประวัติ ศาสตร์ ประชุมเอลบ์น้ำ กองทัพแดง โซเวียตกองทัพ สงครามโลก WW 2, WW II, II,

Ukrainian :

союзники, на Ельбі, історія, зустріч Ельба ріки, Червоної армії, Радянської армії світової війни II, WW 2 світової війни,




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