Arab-Israeli conflict: Reportage about 1977 (00:01:54)
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Arab-Israeli conflict: Reportage about 1977

Rights-Managed, Footage

Location and time:

Palestinian Territory, 1970s


Arab-Israeli conflict: Reportage about the turning point in 1977

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Arabic :

الصراع العربي – الإسرائيلي، "ياسر عرفات"، المنشق، ريبورتاج، الحرب,

Catalan :

Reportatge dissidents, conflicte àrab-israelià, Arafat Yasser, guerra,

Chinese Simplified :

阿拉伯-以色列冲突,亚西尔 · 阿拉法特,持不同政见者,报告文学战争,

Czech :

Arabsko-izraelský konflikt, Jásir Arafat, disident, reportáž, válka,

Danish :

Arabisk-israelske konflikt, Yassir Arafat, systemkritiker, reportage, krig,

Dutch :

Arabisch-Israëlisch conflict, Yasser Arafat, dissident, reportage, oorlog,

German :

Arabisch-israelischen Konflikts, Jassir Arafat, dissidente, Reportage, Krieg,

Greek :

Αραβο-ισραηλινή σύγκρουση, Γιασέρ Αραφάτ, αντιφρονών, ρεπορτάζ, πόλεμος,

Haitian Creole :

Arab-Israéliennes konfli, Arafat Yasser, ke yo te, reportage, lagè,

Hebrew :

לסכסוך הערבי-ישראלי, יאסר ערפאת, מתנגד המשטר, הכתבה, מלחמה,

Hindi :

अरब-इजरायल संघर्ष, यासर अराफात, असंतुष्ट, रिपोर्ताज, युद्ध,

Hungarian :

Arab-izraeli konfliktus, Jasszer Arafat, másként gondolkodó, riport, háború,

Indonesian :

Konflik Arab-Israel, Arafat Yasser, pembangkang, Reportase, perang,

Japanese :

アラブ-イスラエルの対立、ヤシール ・ アラファト、反体制派、ルポルタージュ、戦争,

Latvian :

Arābu-Izraēlas konfliktu, Jasirs Arafats, disidents, reportāža, kara,

Lithuanian :

Arabų-Izraelio konfliktą, Arafat Yasser, disidentas, reportažas, karo,

Norwegian :

Arabisk-israelske konflikten, Yasir Arafat, dissident, reportasjer, krig,

Portuguese :

Reportagem de dissidente, conflito árabe-israelense, Yasser Arafat, guerra,

Romanian :

Conflictul arabo-israelian, Arafat Yasser, disident, reportaj, război,

Russian :

Арабо-израильский конфликт, Ясир Арафат, диссидент, репортаж, война,

Slovak :

Arabsko-izraelského konfliktu, Jásirom Arafat, disident, reportáže, vojna,

Spanish :

Reportaje disidente, el conflicto árabe – israelí, Yasser Arafat, guerra,

Thai :

ความขัดแย้งอาหรับอิสราเอล ยัสเซอร์ Arafat, dissident, reportage สงคราม,

Vietnamese :

Xung đột ả Rập-Israel, Arafat Yasser, bất đồng chính kiến, phóng sự, chiến tranh,




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